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Author Gulyaev, Yu V

Title Acousto-Optical Laser Systems for the Formation of Television Images
Published Milton : Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2018


Description 1 online resource (274 pages)
Contents Cover; Half Title; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Introduction; 1: Methods of producing laser projection images; 1.1. Development of laser television display devices; 1.2. Pulsed method of forming a television image; 1.3. Pulsed lasers for the television image forming system; 1.3.1. Gas lasers; 1.3.2. Solid-state lasers; 2: Acousto-optical devices for modulation and deflection of the laser light beam for information display systems; 2.1. Comparison of light scattering in optically isotropic and anisotropic media
2.2. Geometry of scattering for various crystallographic planes in uniaxial crystals2.2.1. Anisotropic diffraction in the case of an arbitrary scattering geometry; 2.3. Acousto-optical devices and their manufacturing technology; 2.3.1. Piezotransducer for acousto-optical device; 2.3.2. Coefficient of electromechanical coupling; 2.3.3. Attaching a piezoelectric transducer to a crystalline element; 2.3.4. Cleaning of the surfaces of the piezotransducer and sound pipe before the deposition of binding metals; 2.3.5. Grinding of the piezotransducer after welding to a specified thickness
2.3.6. Orientation and manufacture of acousto-optical cell sound transmission2.3.7. Attachment of the absorber-heat sink; 2.3.8. Sputtering of the upper electrode; 2.4. Acousto-optical modulator for a pulsed television image formation system; 2.5. Devices for the scanning of the light beam; 2.6. Variants of construction of an optical system for an acousto-optical device for the formation of a television image with a pulsed laser; 3: Theoretical consideration of the process of image formation in the acousto-optical system with the pulsed coherent light source
3.1. Diffraction of a plane light wave by ultrasound in a gyrotropic TeO2 crystal3.1.1. Statement of the problem and derivation of the integral equation for the field; 3.1.2. Solution of the integral equation; 3.1.3. Anisotropic diffraction of light by a slow shear wave in a TeO2 crystal at a constant amplitude of an ultrasonic perturbation; 3.1.4. Anisotropic diffraction with amplitude modulation of the ultrasonic signal; 3.2. Forming a line image in an acousto-optical system with a pulsed coherent light source
3.3. Frequency-contrast characteristic and the limiting number of solvable system elements per frame3.3.1. The case of low efficiency of the acousto-optical interaction; 3.3.2. Influence of the nonlinearity of the acousto-optical interaction on the quality of the image being formed. Approximation of the third order of interaction. Limits of applicability of the first order of interaction; 3.3.3. Approximation of the fifth order of interaction. Limits of the applicability of the third-order approximation of the interaction
Summary The book addresses various approaches to television projection imaging on large screens using lasers. Results of theoretical and experimental studies of an acousto-optic projection system operating on the principle of projecting an image of an entire amplitude-modulated television line in a single laser pulse are presented. Characteristic features of image formation and requirements for individual components are discussed. Particular attention is paid to nonlinear distortions of the image signal, which show up most severely at low modulation signal frequencies. The feasibility of improving the process efficiency and image quality using acousto-optic modulators and pulsed lasers is studied
Notes 4: Development and experimental investigations of individual sections and elements of acousto-optical system for the formation of TV images
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Subject Acoustooptics.
Television broadcasting.
television (telecommunication system)
acousto-optical systems.
acousto-optic control device.
copper vapor lasers.
full-color pulsed solid-state lasers.
optical processing.
real-time imaging.
Television broadcasting
Form Electronic book
Author Kazaryan, M. A
Mokrushnin, M
Shatkin, O. V
ISBN 9780429948770