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Author Gill, Edmund D. (Edmund Dwen), 1908-1986, author

Title Edmund Gill bound volumes of papers / Edmund Gill
Published [Place of publication varies] : [Publisher varies], [1938 - 1986]
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Description 5 volumes of papers
Contents Volume 1. Edmund Gill Papers 1938-1953 -- Volume 2. Edmund Gill Papers 1954-1963 -- Volume 3. Edmund Gill Papers 1964-1971 -- Volume 4. Edmund Gill Papers 1972-1976 -- Volume 5. Edmund Gill Papers 1975-1985
Volume 1. Yeringian trilobites -- Fossil collecting in the Lilydale District -- The Silurian trilobite Lichas Australis -- A new trilobite from Cootamundra NSW -- The Silurian rocks of Melbourne and Lilydale -- The place of the genus Styliolina in the Palaeozoic palaeontology and stratigraphy of Victoria -- Dental caries and genetics -- The thickness and age of the type Yeringian strata, Lilydale -- The bearing of the tertiary sub-basaltic deposits on the palaeogeography of the Lilydale district -- The geology of Warrnambool -- Basalt cave at Panmure -- Trilobita of the family Calymenidae from the Palaeozoic rocks of Victoria -- Fossils from Jerusalem Creek, Eildon district -- Chonetidae from the Palaeozoic rocks of Victoria and their stratigraphical significance -- Unusual pebbles from an ancient river -- Some features of the coastline between Port Fairy and Peterborough -- Ecklin Hill - a volcano in the western district of Victoria -- The study of eustatic changes of sea-level -- A new trilobite from the Yeringian rocks of Kinglake -- Port Phillip Bay from a geologist's point of view -- Geology of the Point Lonsdale-Queenscliff area -- A genus of Dalmanitid trilobites -- Structure and origin of Guano Cave, near Warrnambool -- Eldon Group fossils from the Lyell Hwy Western Tasmania -- History from our harbor floor -- Trans-Tasman Lower Devonian correlation -- Early Tertiary plant beds near Pascoe Vale, Melbourne -- Prosopon, a term proposed to replace the biologically erroneous term ornament -- Description and biological interpretation of some Victorian trilobite hypostomes -- Palaeozoology and taxonomy of some Australian Homalonotid trilobites -- Devonian fossils from Sandy's Creek, Gippsland -- The physiography and palaeogeography of the River Yarra -- Some unusual shore platforms near Gisborne, New Zealand -- Prehistoric Australian aboriginal skull with carious premolar tooth -- Geology of Picnic Point, Port Phillip Bay -- Flowers of thirty millions years ago -- A study of the Palaeozoic genus Hercynella with description of three species from the Yeringian of Victoria -- Palaeontology and palaeoecology of Eldon Group -- Silurian and Devonian stratigraphy of Zeehan area -- Fossil plants in basalt at Maribyrnong -- The biological significance of exoskeletal structures in the Palaeozoic brachiopod genus Chonetes -- An hypothesis relative to the age of some Western District volcanoes -- Nomenclature of certain tertiary sediments near Melbourne -- Two new brachiopod genera from Devonian rocks in Victoria -- Aboriginal kitchen middens and marine shell beds -- Revision of McCoy's 'Prodromus' types from the Lilydale and Killara districts of Victoria -- Further studies in Chonetidae (Palaeozoic brachiopoda) from Victoria -- Eurypterida - scorpions of the sea -- New evidence from Victoria relative to the antiquity of the Australian Aborigines -- Note on the spines of a Tertiary echinoid from Victoria -- Thylacoleo and incised bones -- Tower Hill Source of wealth and wonder -- On the age of the bedrock between Melbourne and Lilydale -- Palaeogeography of the Australian-New Zealand region in Lower Devonian time -- Range in time of the Australian Tertiary flora -- Giant kangaroos lived at Campbellfield -- The age of strata at Yass -- Geological evidence in Western Victoria relative to the antiquity of the Australian aborigines -- Palaeoecological interpretation of some Victorian fossil diatom floras -- Catalogue of Quaternary types and figured specimens in the National Museum, Melbourne -- Fluorine tests relative to the Keilor skull -- Relationship of the Australasian and North African Lower Devonian faunas -- Buckshot gravel as an indicator of time and climate -- Buckshot gravel as a time and climate indicator -- Fluorine test in Australia on the Keilor skull and a tertiary marsupial -- Tasmanian Devil, Tasmanian Wolf and the Dingo -- Research on eustatic sea-levels in Australia and New Zealand -- Catalogue des homes fossils - Australie & Nouvell Guinee -- Australian Tertiary marsupials
Volume 2. Extinct giant kangaroo from the Nepean Peninsula -- Ecology and distribution of the extinct giant marsupial "Thylacoleo" -- Keilor Man -- Australasian research on eustatic changes of sea-level -- The validity of the Lower Tertiary possum, Wynyardia bassiana -- Geological story of Safety Cove area -- Darwin built a new avenue of thought -- The problem of extinction with special reference to Australian marsupials -- Fluorine-phosphate ratios in relation to the age of the Keilor Skull, a tertiary marsupial, and other fossils from western Vic. -- The Age of Keilor Man, Australia -- Tertiary fossils at Aberfeldie, Melbourne -- Current Quaternary studies in Victoria, Australia -- The Australian 'arid period' -- Aboriginal midden sites in Western Victoria dated by radiocarbon analysis -- Fossil insects, centipede and spider -- Radiocarbon dates for Australian archaeological and geological samples -- The range and extinction of Diprotodon minor Huxley -- Review of Western Australian ostracod types of Jurassic age in the National Museum of Victoria -- Calcium minerals and fossils -- Simple apparatus for vacuum injection of moulding latex -- Cainozoic history of Mowbray Swamp and other areas of North-Western Tasmania -- Australian & New Zealand research in eustasy - part 1 -- Australocoelia, a new lower Devonian brachiopod from South Africa, South America and Australia -- Radiocarbon dating for glacial varves in Tasmania -- Radiocarbon dating of Late Quaternary shorelines in Australia -- World's biggest marsupial roamed Australia -- Provenance of certain Tasmanian Ordovician corals -- Fossil wood replaced by laumontite near Cape Paterson -- The stratigraphical occurrence and palaeoecology of some Australian tertiary marsupials -- The tertiary rocks of the Snowy Mountains -- Whence Australia's mantle of green -- The ancestors of our marsupials -- The Pliocene-Pleistocene boundary in Australia -- The Australian aborigines and fossils -- Report of the ANZAAS Committee for the investigation of Quaternary strandline changes 1957 -- Pleistocene emerged marine platform, Port Campbell -- Australian Lower Devonian palaeobiology in relation to the concept of continental drift -- The Parwan Caves, Bacchus Marsh district -- Oxygen isotope palaeotemperature measurements on Australian fossils -- Penguins - past and present -- Provenance of fossil penguin from Western Victoria -- Oxygen isotope paleotemperature determinations of Australian Cainozoic fossils -- Tertiary fossil fern from Victoria, Australia -- Carpoid echinoderms from the Silurian and Devonian of Australia -- Observations on the Buchan Caves -- Summary of the report of the ANZAAS for the investigation of Quaternary strandline changes 1959 -- Present and past distribution of the river red gum and related eucalypts -- The climates of Gondwanaland in Cainozoic times -- Scientific societies in Aust. 7, The Royal Society of Victoria -- Changes in the level of the sea relative to the land in Australia during the Quaternary Era -- ANZAAS Committee for the investigation of Quaternary strandline changes 1961 -- The Pliocene-Pleistocene boundary in Australia -- Eustasy and the Yarra delta, Victoria -- Cainozoic climates of Australia -- Darwin and dating the past -- ANZAAS Committee for the investigation of the Quaternary strandline changes 1962 -- Silurian and Devonian systems by M.R. Banks - Eldon Group -- The geology of Tasmania - Cainozoic -- Past and present distribution in Australia of the gasteropod Tylospira -- Catalogue of middle Palaeozoic types and figured specimens in the National Museum of Victoria, Part One -- The age and ecology of fossil mollusca from Red Bluff, Sandringham -- The Australian aborigines and the giant extinct marsupials -- Geological history of shire is fascinating story -- Evolution of the Zenatiinae (Mactridae: Lamellibranchiate)
Volume 3. Quarternary shorelines in Australia -- Rocks contiguous with the basaltic cuirass of Western Victoria -- Terrains and soils of the basaltic plains of far Western Victoria -- The taxonomic status of Dasyurus affinis McCoy [1865] and Hypsiprymnus trisulcatus McCoy [1865], two marsupials from a Holocene cave deposit near Gisborne -- Canning Downs excavation -- Palaeontology of Victoria -- Radio-carbon dating of australite occurrences, microliths, fossil grasstree and humus podsol structures -- Fossil fungus (hypoxylon) from tertiary brown coal, Yallourn -- Quaternary geology, radiocarbon datings and the age of australites -- A unique specimen of Baragwanathia longifolia Lang and Cookson -- The Devonian rocks of Lilydale -- Geological history in a lava vesicle -- Provenance and age of the Keilor cranium -- Aboriginal sitting burial near Swan Reach -- The cultural value of science -- The paleogeography of Australia in relation to the migrations of marsupials and men -- Australasian research in Quaternary shoreline -- Geochronology of Victorian Mallee ridges -- Skenidioides and Leptaenisca in the Lower Devonian of Australia (Vic. & Tas.) and New Zealand -- The brachiopod genus Maoristrophia allan redescribed -- Radiocarbon dates from Narrandera, NSW -- Evolution of the Warrnambool-Port Fairy coast and the Tower Hill eruption -- Australian aboriginal remains - 5,540 years old, from Mitiamo Victoria -- Description of Quaternary shorelines with special reference to the tectonic factor -- Further Australasian research in Quaternary shorelines -- The dynamics of the shore platform process and its relation to changes in sea-level -- Evolution of shoreline barriers -- Significance of Aitape (New Guinea) radiocarbon dates for eustasy and tectonics -- Melbourne before history began -- The Chowilla Project -- Stability of biogenetic opal -- Search for new ideas on museum exhibits -- Aboriginal bone implement from fossil bone bed Tasmania -- Criteria for the description of Quaternary shorelines -- Catalogue of Middle Palaeozoic types and figured specimens in the National Museum of Victoria Pt. 2 -- Ostracods from western district lakes, Victoria -- Palaeoecology of fossil human skeletons -- Ostracoda from the Murray River valley west of Wentworth, NSW -- Radiocarbon dating -- Examination of Harris' Lines in recent and fossil Australian aboriginal bones -- Oxygen isotope palaeotemperature determinations from Victoria -- Quaternary shorelines research in Australia & New Zealand 1968 -- Multiple factors in the description of Quaternary marine shorelines -- Fossil sea lion as a palaeoclimatologic indicator -- Eustasy -- Radiocarbon date for aboriginal remains at Maroona, Victoria -- Radiocarbon date related to vulcanism and lake deposits in Western Victoria -- Notanopliidae, a new family of Palaeozoic bachiopoda from Australia -- On the Keilor Cranium -- Age of australite fall -- Some aspects of prehistory in Victoria -- Current Quaternary shoreline research in Australia 1970 -- The life of the present and the life of the past -- Anthropologic observations in South Africa, France and USA -- Aboriginal antiquities of Victoria -- Review of The Mediterranean Valleys by C. Vita-Finzi -- Latest research on the Quaternary shorelines of Australasia 1971 -- Coast and continental shelf of Australia -- The Aborigines and Lady Julia Percy Island -- Applications of radiocarbon dating in Victoria -- Rivers of history -- The geology of Victoria, Cainozoic chronology and palaeoclimatology -- Rocks plucked by the sea -- The beginnings of science in Victoria -- The far-reaching effects of Quaternary sealevel changes on the flat continent of Australia -- Anadara (Bivalvia) in the Indian and Pacific waters of Australia -- The Paris Symposium on world sealevels of the past 11,000 years -- A new Xiphosuran genus from Lower Cretaceous freshwater sediments at Koonwarra, Victoria -- Review of 'Stratigraphy & paleontology of the marine neogene formations of the Coalinga region, California' by O. Adegoke
Volume 4. Research on Quaternary shorelines in Australia & New Zealand 1970-71 -- Sanders' wave tank experiments and shore platforms -- Research on Quaternary shorelines in Australia & New Zealand 1971-72 -- Palaeoclimatology and dinosaurs in south-east Australia -- Contribution to Correlation of the Lower Devonian rocks of Australasia -- The relationship of present shore platforms to past sea levels -- Holocene sea levels in eastern Australia - a discussion -- The Dunolly fossil wombat -- Fossil wood from Brighton, Victoria -- Tectonics and landforms of the New Guinea region: Review of a symposium -- Ramparts on shore platforms -- The Pliocene-Pleistocene boundary in Australia: a review -- Eruption date of Tower Hill volcano, western Victoria -- Seaside rocks out of place -- Facts of life -- Emerged marine shell beds near Geelong, Victoria with marine shells bored into freshwater limestone -- The Otway coast of Victoria -- Antipodal distribution of the holotype bones of Thylacoleo carnifex Owen (marsupialia) -- Geology and geomorphology of the Murray River region between Mildura and Renmark -- Palaeopedology of the Murray River region between Mildura and Renmark -- Aboriginal bone fish-hooks with skeletons at Wallpolla Creek, west of Mildura -- Application of recent hypotheses to changes of sealevel in Bass Strait -- Areas of responsibility in radiocarbon assays -- Second list of radiocarbon dates on samples from Victoria -- The geology of Port Fairy, western Victoria -- Prehistoric wildfires in south east Australia -- Loess in south eastern Australia -- Impress of sea on land - present and past -- Rate and mode of retrogradation on rocky coasts in Victoria and their relationship to sea level changes -- The Otway coast of Victoria -- The Murray-Darling river system - Mildura to Renmark -- Fossil penguin bones from Macquarie Island, Southern Ocean - Appendix -- Carbon-14 and uranium/thorium check on suggested interstadial high sea level around 30,000 BP -- The Flandrian Transgression and geological history with special reference to Australia -- Calcrete hardpans and rhizomorphs in Western Victoria -- Evolution of Australia's unique flora and fauna in relation to the plate tectonics theory -- Interpretation of 7.5 and 4 metre last interglacial shore platforms in southeast Australia -- Potassium-argon ages from the Quaternary succession in the Warrnambool-Port Fairy area, Victoria -- Improving the quality of life in cities -- The structure of the Murray, geology and geomorphology -- Australia - Victoria -- Radiocarbon dating of Mount Napier eruption, Western Victoria -- Large waves at Lorne, Victoria -- The aborigines and coastal processes in western Victoria -- Possible dromornithid footprints from Pleistocene dune sands of southern Victoria -- Channels in shore platforms - a world of their own
Volume 5. Coasts of Australia -- Memorial of George Baker October 10, 1908 - August 29, 1975 -- Possible dromornithid footprints from Pleistocene dune sands of southern Victoria -- Time of migration of the mollusc Anadara to south eastern Australia -- Review of Paleobiogeography. Benchmark papers in geology -- Landslip at Lorne -- Constraints imposed by the earth sciences on the interpretation of the Warrnambool 'Mahogany Ship' wreck site -- Quaternary sea levels from standard section in calcarenite, south east Australia -- Separation of tectonic and eustatic factors in Quaternary sea level studies -- Evolution of the Otway coast, Australia from the last interglacial to the present -- Australia and the Neogene/Quaternary boundary -- The Murray-Darling river system -- Quaternary shorelines report -- Estimation of compaction in marine geological formations from engineering data commonly available -- Concretions in Otway group sediments -- Comparison of the English and Victorian terrains -- Project 61: sea-level movements during the last Deglacial Hemicycle -- Palaeoecological changes in Victoria and Bass Strait as a backdrop for the marsupial megafauna and aboriginal colonization -- Radiocarbon dating of the volcanoes of Western Victoria -- Quantification of coastal processes as a basis for coastal management and engineering -- Geology of the Late Pleistocene Talgai cranium from S. E. Queensland -- Alcoa Portland aluminium smelter, geology & geomorphology -- The contribution of geology to the search for the 'Mahogany Ship' -- Radiocarbon dating of estuarine shells in the River Yarra, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne -- The separation of progradation due to fall of sea level from progradation due to sand over-supply -- Potassium/argon age of basalt in floor of Hopkins River Allansford, south west Victoria -- Rapid honeycomb weathering (Tafoni Formation) in greywacke south east Australia -- Rates of vadose diagenesis in Quaternary dune and shallow marine calcarenites, Warrnambool -- Geomorphological and geological background to Mr Ian McKiggan's report on Operation Sandfly -- Will the construction of a new harbour at Lorne destroy the beach? -- The peak of the Flandrian Transgression in Victoria - faunas and sea level changes -- Eight coasts of Australia, Technical report No. 119 -- Those keys again -- Aboriginal hatchet from Cape Paterson, South Gippsland -- Hopkins River estuary -- Strata of carbonate loess in south east Australia -- Radiocarbon dating of coastal sand at Thirteenth Beach, west of Barwon Heads -- Loose rock and stone habitat -- Shore platforms -- Micro-erosion meter measurements of rock wear on the Otway coast of southeast Australia -- Note on radiocarbon dating of Archibald's wreck timber -- Radiocarbon date for Geelong keys -- Evolution and sea levels -- Australian sea levels in the last 15,000 years, Victoria -- Ancient seaway between Geelong Harbour and Bass Strait -- Loess environments -- Letter to the editor re Geelong keys site -- Some effects of drought, bushfire and floods on the Otway coast -- Review - International symposium on coastal evolution in the Holocene -- Coastal processes and the sanding of Warrnambool Harbour -- Evolution of the landscape of the south-west Victoria -- The shoreline strip -- Sea levels and Aboriginal oyster midden at Lake Connewarre -- The Murray-Darling river system -- Age and origin of the Talgai Cranium from the Darling Downs of Queensland -- Correction of Table 9.5 Stratigraphy of Quaternary beds, Warrnambool-Port Fairy area -- Clarke's Slip at Eastern View, Otway Coast -- Change from quartz arenite to calcarenite coast at Warrnambool -- Working group on hydroisostasy, Circular 1 -- Coastal erosion, northwest Portland Bay, Victoria -- Research report on sedimentology -- Research on Quaternary shorelines in Australia & New Zealand -- A possible method for measurements of velocities of sediment transport in coastal zones -- The Tyrendarra lava flow, Western Victoria -- Coastal processes and harbour development - an example from Warrnambool -- Report for Australia I.G.C.P. Project No. 61 -- Contribution to science by early geologists of FNCV -- Siderite from the Otway coast of Victoria -- Rate of formation of honeycomb weathering features (small scale tafoni) on the Otway coast -- Pleistocene submerged cliff off the Otway coast of Victoria -- Radiocarbon date for the Colongulac Skeleton, Victoria -- Loess in Western Victoria -- The study of recent small changes of sea level
Summary 5 bound volumes containing all 388 scientific papers that document his research
Notes Title supplied by Cataloguer
This collection was deposited by geologist Edmund Gill in the 1980s
Subject Gill, Edmund D. (Edmund Dwen), 1908-1986 -- Archives
Geology -- Australia -- Western District (Vic.)
Western District (Vic.) -- Maps.
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