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Title Udder health and communication / edited by H. Hogeveen, T.J.G.M. Lam
Published Wageningen : Wageningen Academic Publishers, 2011
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Description 1 online resource (428 pages)
Contents National mastitis control schemes: experiences from implementation of a nationwide scheme in Great Britain / M.J. Green, J.E. Breen, C. Hudson, H. Black and K. Cross, et al. -- Countdown Downunder: development led innovation in a national mastitis control program / J.F. Penry -- The role of economics in motivating farmers to improve udder health / A.W. Stott -- Effective communication to improve udder health: can social science help? / C.J. Garforth -- Effects of health and welfare planning on the use of antibiotics and udder health in European dairy farms / S. Ivemeyer, G. Smolders, J. Brinkmann, E. Gratzer and B. Hansen, et al. -- The Danish udder health campaign: our milk -- a pure pleasure / J. Katholm and T.W. Bennedsgaard -- 'DEMO project udder health': a first step towards a better udder health and milk quality in Flanders (Belgium) / S. Piepers, K. Lommelen, J. De Meulemeester and S. De Vliegher -- Improvement of udder health following implementation of herd health plans in organic dairy farms: results of a pilot study in Germany / S. March, J. Brinkmann and C. Winckler -- The effect of a national control program on mastitis occurrence in the Netherlands / B.H.P. van den Borne, T.J.G.M. Lam, O.C. Sampimon, J. Jansen and G. van Schaik -- €uroMilk mastitis control programme -- a pilot study / F. Mc Coy and C. Devitt -- CellCheck-a national initiative / F. Mc Coy and J. O'Flaherty -- Preventive animal health concepts in organic dairy farming: results of an interdisciplinary intervention study on mastitis and metabolic disorders in Germany / J. Brinkmann, S. March, K. Barth, C. Drerup and J. Isselstein, et al. -- Online mastitis survey in Flanders, Belgium: first descriptive results / P. Passchyn, S. Piepers and S. De Vliegher -- Bulk milk quality: can it be improved by dairy farm audits? / A.G.J. Velthuis, A. Flores-Miyamoto and M.W. Reij -- Internet data services from maritime quality milk: tools for tracking milk quality / G.P. Keefe -- Systems analysis of high somatic cell counts on dairy farms / Y.H. Schukken, C. Gutierrez, F.L. Welcome and Y.T. Grohn -- A Bayesian approach demonstrating that incorporation of practitioners' clinical beliefs into research design is crucial for effective knowledge transfer / H.M. Higgins, I.L. Dryden and M.J. Green -- Enhancing udder health with clinical communication skills: evidence based communication frameworks for the 22nd century / C.L. Adams and J.J. Coe -- Udder health management improvement: Insights from agent-based modelling / N.I. Valeeva and T. Verwaart -- Usage of milking gloves and teat sealer on German dairy farms / C. Fischer-Tenhagen, S. Bertulat, M. Grau and W. Heuwieser -- Communication research from other healthcare disciplines and its application to udder-health management / J.B. Coe and C.L. Adams -- Attitudes with regard to animal management of farmers with an automatic milking system and their relationship with udder health / H. Hogeveen, W. Dohmen, R.J. Renes and T.J.G.M. Lam
Farmer-veterinarian communication in the new Danish herd health program: changing responsibilities in relation to mastitis treatment and udder health promotion / M. Vaarst and I.C. Klaas -- Dairy farmers' knowledge, attitude and behaviour towards udder health in Switzerland / B.H.P. van den Borne, P. Gordon, A.M. Lokhorst, S. Menéndez González and M.E. Cousin, et al. -- Impact of communication strategies for milkers on udder health program / E. Izak, E. Castello and G. Veneranda -- Potentials and limitations of systematic clinical examinations in farmer-veterinarian collaboration for improved udder health in the new Danish herd health program / I.C. Klaas, M. Vaarst, M. Trinderup, H.L. Martin and C.O. Paulrud -- Veterinary on-farm counselling on dairy farms: the veterinarians' vision / M. Derks, T. van Werven, W.D.J. Kremer and H. Hogeveen -- Organizing external communication in the veterinary practice / J.L. Kleen, O. Atkinson and J.P.T.M. Noordhuizen -- Presenting uncertainty and variability to the decision maker: A computer program that uses Monte Carlo simulations to improve the management of the dry period / A. Madouasse, J.N. Huxley, B.H.P. Van Den Borne, F Toni and M.J. Green -- Dairy farmer and the veterinarian: an issue of communication / P. Håkansson, Y. Persson and R. Båge -- 191-196 / Bilingual trainings for milkers in New York State: a success for quality milk / C. Gutierrez-Solano, A. Ceballos-Marquez and Y.H. Schukken -- A coordinated udder health training strategy in Quebec, Canada / H. Poirier, J. Durocher, R. Lacroix, J. Carrier and D.T. Scholl -- Focus courses / H. Landin, Y. Persson and J. Waldner -- Ex-ante assessment of profitability of a new control plan for mastitis as a motivation tool for dairy farmers / N. Bareille, P. Roussel, F. Serieys, B. Frappat and H. Seegers -- Costs and benefits of mastitis management measures on individual dairy farms / F. van Soest, K. Huijps, W. Dohmen, R. Olde Riekerink and I. Santman-Berends, et al. -- Estimating the impact of mastitis on the profitability of Irish dairy farms / U. Geary, N. Begley, F. McCoy, B. O'Brien and L. O'Grady, et al. -- The effect of udder health on cow fertility: understanding the costs / C.D. Hudson, A.J. Bradley, J.E. Breen and M.J. Green -- A partial budget analysis to estimate the economics of a mastitis vaccination program / A. Lago, R. Guix, R. March, M. Noguera and A. Foix, et al. -- Determination of economic loss from depressed udder health / M. Behr -- Characterization of MRSA from bulk tank milk of dairy herds using a commercial microarray / K. Kreausukon, A. Fetsch, B. Kraushaar, K. Alt and K. Müller, et al. -- Mastitis diagnostics: qPCR for Staphylococcus aureus genotype B in bulk tank milk / H.U. Graber and R. Boss -- Identification of coagulase-negative Staphylococcus species by gas chromatography / M-È Paradis, D. Haine, S. Messier, J. Middleton and J. Perry, et al. -- Real time PCR values for mastitis pathogens -- relations to milk quality and herd characteristics in Danish dairy herds / T.W. Bennedsgaard and J. Katholm
The use of strain typing as an on farm tool to highight particular points of interest in the control of Staphylococcus aureus mastitis / D.G.J. Prins, A. Smith, D.C. Barrett and K.A. Ellis -- Estimation of the diagnostic accuracy of a multiplex real-time PCR assay and bacteriological culture for four bovine intramammary pathogens / M.-È. Paradis, D. Haine, S.P. Oliver, B. Gillespie and S. Messier, et al. -- Promoting judicious antibiotic use: On-farm culture-based treatment strategies / K. MacDonald, G. Keefe, I. Dohoo, K. Leslie and J.P. Roy -- Efficacy of the selective treatment of clinical mastitis based on on-farm culture results / A. Lago, S.M. Godden, R. Bey, P.L. Ruegg and K. Leslie -- Field study on acute mastitis with SIRS and different treatment regimes / L. Podstatzky, H. Hofrichter, C. Schleicher and P. Winter -- Efficacy of two fresh cow subclinical mastitis treatment programs / A. Lago, S. Godden, R. Bey, K. Leslie and P. Ruegg -- Effect of the combination of Tylan 200® & Penicillin G in the treatment of mastitis caused by Staphylococcus aureus and/or Streptococcus uberis / S. Simjee, J. Amedeo, A.M. Barletta and A. Pridmore -- Use of Tylan 200® for the treatment of mastitis caused by Staphylococcus aureus and/or Streptococcus uberis / S. Simjee, J. Amedeo and A.M. Barletta -- Therapeutic effects of lactation treatment of bovine subclinical Staphylococcus aureus mastitis with penicillin / A.T. Duse, M. Albrechtsen, T.W. Bennedsgaard and I.C. Klaas -- In vitro activity profile of a kanamycin and cefalexin combination against coagulase-negative staphylococci and correlation between MIC and disk zone sizes / C. Pillar and L. Goby -- Monitoring treatment outcomes: understanding and managing expectations / A.J. Bradley, J.E. Breen, C.D. Hudson and M.J. Green -- Use of in-line measurements of somatic cell count to evaluate treatment efficacy of subclinical bovine Staphylococcus aureus mastitis / M. Albrechtsen, A.T. Duse, T.W. Bennedsgaard and I.C. Klaas -- 'Therapy evaluation': a useful tool for practitioners / K. Huijps, J. de Hoog and J. van Hoorne -- Dynamics of udder infection and effect of dry cow therapy validated by test day samples / T.W. Bennedsgaard and J. Katholm -- Subclinical mastitis in Dutch dairy heifers in early lactation and associated risk factors / I.M.G.A. Santman-Berends, O.C. Sampimon, R.G.M. Olde Riekerink, G. van Schaik and T.J.G.M. Lam -- Risk factors associated with bacteriological quality of bulk tank milk in the Netherlands / R.G.M. Olde Riekerink, S. Jansen Venneboer, J.D. Miltenburg and T.J.G.M. Lam -- The efficacy of two iodine teat dips based on naturally occurring new intramammary infections / A. Ceballos-Marquez, B.J. Rauch, M. Lopez-Benavides, T. Hemling and Y.H. Schukken -- Manageable risk factors associated with incidence and elimination of Staphylococcus aureus intramammary infections / S. Dufour, I. Dohoo and D. Scholl -- Factors influencing average herd somatic cell count in France in 2005 and 2006 / D. Raboisson, E. Cahuzac, P. Sans and G. Allaire -- Risk factors associated with intramammary infections caused by the more pathogenic CNSspecies / A. De Visscher, F. Haesebrouck, K. Supré, S. Piepers and S. De Vliegher
Management of udder-thigh dermatitis on dairy cattle: epidemiological and bacteriological data / C. Roy, J.L. Roque, P.M. Francois, A. Ferrieres and D. Raboisson -- Survey of bulk tank milk from all Danish dairy herds in 2009 and 2010 with real-time PCR / J. Katholm and T. Bennedsgaard -- Bedding conditioners for reduction of infectious pressure by mastitis pathogens -- does their use make sense? / S. Ruebcke, A. Haeussermann, E. Hartung and K. Knappstein -- Epidemiological and microbiological characteristics of Streptococcus uberis as mastitis pathogen in Swiss dairy herds / U.K. Berger, C. Haldemann and W. Schaeren -- Immunological response to an experimental intramammary inoculation with a killed Staphylococcus aureus strain in vaccinated and non-vaccinated lactating dairy cows / K. Deberdt, S. Piepers, A. Prenafeta, R. March and A. Foix, et al. -- Feasibility of high immune response (HIR) technology as a health management tool to characterize immune response profiles of dairy cattle / L. Wagter-Lesperance, S. Cartwright, T. Funk, D. Kelton and F. Miglior, et al. -- Polymorphism screening and association study of CXCR1 with udder health in dairy heifers / J. Verbeke, S. Piepers, L. Peelman, M. Van Poucke and S. De Vliegher -- Genomic regions associated with somatic cell score in dairy cattle / S. Wijga, J.W.M. Bastiaansen, E. Wall, E. Strandberg and Y. de Haas, et al. -- Efficacy of a Staphylococcus aureus biofilm-embedded bacterin against coagulase-negative staphylococci intramammary infections in dairy cows / M. Noguera, O. Franquesa, D. Herrera, C. Cifuentes and R. Guix, et al. -- Effect of introducing OrbeSeal into a dry cow management programme and the impact on farm economics / R.E. White, Z. Abdulla, F. Toni, F. Lemarchand and M. Miciletta, et al. -- Udder health in herds with automatic milking / H. Landin, M. Mörk and G. Pettersson -- Alert preferences of dairy farmers working with automatic milking systems / L.J. Rijkaart, H. Mollenhorst and H. Hogeveen -- The role of sensor measurements in treating mastitis on farms with an automatic milking system / W. Steeneveld, C. Kamphuis, H. Mollenhorst, T. van Werven and H. Hogeveen -- Influence of milk yield and take-off settings on milking parlour performance and udder health / R. Ginsberg -- Bacterial migration through teat canal related to liner action / D. Forbes and W. Gehm -- Classification of mouthpiece chamber vacuum records in milking-time tests / O. Rønningen -- Key messages for an efficient udder preparation routine / X. Goossens, M. Gentilini, M.G. Lopez-Benavides and T.C. Hemling -- Effects of material, shape and mouthpiece venting on liner performance / S.A.G. Gomez, D.J.R. Reinemann and P.D.T. Thompson -- Wearing gloves for milking in Western New York: To wear or not to wear? / A. Ceballos-Marquez, C. Gutierrez-Solano and Y.H. Schukken -- New technology for vacuum-logging during milking helps advisor / E. Postma -- The world of post milking teat disinfectants: features, uses and risks / T.C. Hemling, M.G. Lopez-Benavides and X. Goossens
Analysis Life sciences
Notes Includes index
Subject Udder.
Udder -- Microbiology.
Form Electronic book
Author Hogeveen, H. (Hendrik)
Lam, T. J. G. M. (Theo J. G. M.)
ISBN 9789086867424 (electronic bk.)
9086867421 (electronic bk.)