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JSTOR Security 1930s or 2020s? : a European growth strategy
JSTOR Security 20 years on : rethinking Schengen
JSTOR Security 2014 presidential and provincial council elections in Afghanistan / Zekria Barakzai
JSTOR Security 2035 air dominance requirements for state-on state conflict / Peter M. Bilodeau
JSTOR Security 20YY : preparing for war in the robotic age / by Robert O. Work and Shawn Brimley
JSTOR Security 21st-century challenges of command : a view from the field / Anna Simons
JSTOR Security A 21st century security architecture for the Americas : multilateral cooperation, liberal peace, and soft power / Joseph R. Núñez
JSTOR Security 25 steps to prevent nuclear terror : a guide for policymakers / Brian D. Finlay and Elisabeth Turpen
JSTOR Security 3D printing and international security : risks and challenges of an emerging technology / Marco Fey
JSTOR Security 3D Printing : Downstream Production Transforming the Supply Chain / Simon Veronneau, Geoffrey Torrington, Jakub Hlavka
JSTOR Security Abolish the Department of Homeland Security / by David Rittgers
JSTOR Security Abrahamic alternatives to war : Jewish, Christian, and Muslim perspectives on just peacemaking / Susan Thistlethwaite and Glen Stassen ; with contributions by Mohammed Abu-Nimer [and others]
JSTOR Security Accelerating combat power in Afghanistan / Lieutenant General James M. Dubik (U.S. Army, Ret.)
JSTOR Security Accelerating global nuclear disarmament : a menu of 16 policy options / Sico van der Meer
JSTOR Security Accessing talent : the foundation of a U.S. Army Officer Corps strategy / Casey Wardynski, David S. Lyle, Michael J. Colarusso
JSTOR Security Accountability, transparency, participation, and inclusion : a new development consensus? / Thomas Carothers and Saskia Brechenmacher
JSTOR Security Achieving international cyber stability / Franklin D. Kramer
JSTOR Security Achieving medical currency via selected staff integration in civilian and veterans administration medical facilities / Thomas W. Harrell
JSTOR Security Achieving post-settlement peace in Mozambique : the role of the international community
JSTOR : Policy brief
JSTOR : Research report
Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Africa : recommendations of the MDG Africa Steering Group
JSTOR Security Acquittal of Gotovina and Haradinaj / Briony Jones ..
JSTOR Security An action plan for US policy in the Americas / by Roger F. Noriega and José R. Cárdenas
JSTOR Security Active cyber defense : a framework for policymakers / Irving Lachow
JSTOR Security Actors of accountability in Africa : ICC, African Union and Nation-States / by Ole Frahm
JSTOR Security Adaptive Command and Control of Theater Airpower
JSTOR Security Adapting to the new national security environment
JSTOR Security Adapting, transforming, and modernizing under fire : the Mexican military, 2006-11 / Inigo Guevara Moyano
JSTOR Security ADB outlook background paper : the evolving post-crisis world / Dr Stephen Grenville AO
JSTOR Security Addicted to oil : strategic implications of American oil policy / Thomas D. Kraemer
JSTOR Security Addressing corruption in Haiti / Robert Klitgaard
JSTOR Security Addressing cyber threats to oil and gas suppliers / Blake Clayton and Adam Segal
JSTOR Security Addressing land conflict in Afghanistan / Erica Gaston and Lillian Dang
JSTOR Security Adedeji at 80 : moving Africa from rhetoric to action / rapporteurs, Dawn Nagar and Elizabeth Otitodun ; editors, Adekeye Adebajo and Mark Paterson
JSTOR Security ADF capability snapshot 2016 : C4ISR, winning in the networked battlespace / Andrew Davies and Malcolm Davis
JSTOR Security ADF capability review : C4ISR(EW) / by Douglas Abdiel and Andrew Davies
JSTOR Security ADF capability review : Royal Australian Air Force / by Andrew Davies
JSTOR Security ADF capability review : Royal Australian Navy / by Andrew Davies
JSTOR Security Adjusting the architecture : arms control, disarmament, and non-proliferation in NATO
JSTOR Security Adopting a movement mindset to address the challenge of fragility / Maria J. Stephan
JSTOR Security Adrift on choppy seas: is regional turmoil likely to result in conflict in Lebanon? / Erwin van Veen & Ana Uzelac
JSTOR Security Advanced biofuels & national security / Andrew Holland
JSTOR Security Advancing human rights and peace in a complex world / prepared by Kathy Ward
JSTOR Security Advancing military professionalism in Africa / by Emile Ouédraogo
JSTOR Security Advancing new media research / Sean Aday [and others]
JSTOR Security Advancing the dialogue : a security system for the two-state solution / Ilan Goldenberg, Gadi Shamni, Nimrod Novik, and Kris Bauman
JSTOR Security Advancing the rule of law agenda at the 67th General Assembly / drafted by Alberto Cutillo
JSTOR Security Advancing U.S.-Malaysia security cooperation in a changing environment / by Alexander Sullivan
JSTOR Security Advancing urban resilience in the face of environmental change / J. Jackson Ewing
JSTOR Security Aerospace Doctrine Matures Through a Storm: An Analysis of the New AFM 1-1
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