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Description Ebook package covering: Architecture, Behavioural science, Biomedical & life science, Business & economics, Chemistry & Materials Science, Computer Science, Earth & environmental science, Engineering, Humanities, social science & law, Medicine and Professional & Applied Computing.
Subject area Multi-disciplinary
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SpringerLink Owned eBooks Advancing digital humanities : research, methods, theories / edited by Katherine Bode (Australian National University, Australia), Paul Longley Arthur (University of Western Sydney, Australia)
SpringerLink Owned eBooks Anime aesthetics : Japanese animation and the 'post-cinematic' imagination / Alistair D. Swale
SpringerLink Owned eBooks Arts management and cultural policy research / Jonathan Paquette, University of Ottawa, Canada and Eleonora Redaelli, University of Oregon, USA
SpringerLink Owned eBooks ASEAN's engagement of civil society : regulating dissent / Kelly Gerard, Assistant Professor in Political Science and International Relations, University of Western Australia
SpringerLink Owned eBooks Asia Pacific in the age of globalization / edited by Robert David Johnson, Professor of History, Brooklyn College, CUNY, USA
SpringerLink Owned eBooks Asian brand strategy : building and sustaining strong global brands in Asia / Martin Roll
SpringerLink Owned eBooks Asian perspectives on the development of public relations : other voices / edited by Tom Watson
SpringerLink Owned eBooks Britain through Muslim eyes : literary representations, 1780-1988 / Claire Chambers
SpringerLink Owned eBooks British women's life writing, 1760-1840 : friendship, community, and collaboration / Amy Culley, Lecturer in English, University of Lincoln, UK
SpringerLink Owned eBooks Building states, building peace : global and regional involvement in Sri Lanka and Myanmar / Amaia Sánchez-Cacicedo
SpringerLink Owned eBooks Child and youth migration : mobility-in-migration in an era of globalization / edited by Angela Veale and Giorgia Donà
SpringerLink Owned eBooks The Chinese constitution of Central Asia : regions and intertwined actors in international relations / Nadine Godehardt
SpringerLink Owned eBooks Cloud systems in supply chains / edited by Fawzy Soliman University of Technology Sydney, Australia
SpringerLink Owned eBooks Colonial Girlhood in Literature, Culture and History, 1840-1950 / edited by Kristine Moruzi and Michelle J. Smith, Deakin University, Australia
SpringerLink Owned eBooks Comparative policy studies : conceptual and methodological challenges / edited by Isabelle Engeli, Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa, Canada and Christine Rothmayr Allison, Assistant Professor, University of Montreal, Canada
SpringerLink Owned eBooks Development in difficult sociopolitical contexts : fragile, failed, pariah / edited by Anthony Ware
SpringerLink Owned eBooks Digital practices : aesthetic and neuroesthetic approaches to performance and technology / Susan Broadhurst
SpringerLink Owned eBooks East central European foreign policy identity in perspective : back to Europe and the EU's neighbourhood / Elsa Tulmets
SpringerLink Owned eBooks Electromechanically active polymers : a concise reference / Federico Carpi, editor
SpringerLink Owned eBooks Encyclopedia of science education / Richard Gunstone, editor