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Proposal.   2
The proposal : a comedy in one act   1926 1
Proposal and Demonstration of Equipment Operated by Blinking / / Masaki Kato, Tatsuya Kobori, Takayuki Suzuki, Shigenori Ioroi and Hiroshi Tanaka --  2012 1
Proposal and Evaluation of Integer Inverse Kinematics for Multijoint Small Robot / / Takeshi Morishita and Osamu Tojo --  2012 1
Proposal and Evaluation of the Active Course Classification Support System with Exploitation-Oriented Learning / / Kazuteru Miyazaki and Masaaki Ida  2012 1
proposal as an argument : a genre approach to the proposal -- / 4.  2006 1
Proposal-aware visual saliency detection with semantic attention / / Lu Wang, Tian Song, Takafumi Katayama, and Takashi Shimamoto --  2019 1
Proposal by Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company to Government, relative to Conveyance of Mails between England and Bombay; and Steam Communication with Australia   2006 1
Proposal, debate, and enactment of the AIDS prevention law --   2000 1
The proposal economy : neoliberal citizenship in Ontario's "most historic town"   2015 1
A proposal for a comprehensive development framework : excerpts from a memorandum to the board of executive directors and staff of the World Bank, Washington, D.C. --   2005 1
Proposal for a craft business enterprise for low income citizens of the San Luis Valley, December 1974   1974 1
A proposal for a currency board in a democratic Burma   1999 1
A Proposal for a Discriminant Analysis Based on the Results of a Preliminary Fuzzy Clustering / / Francesco Campobasso, Annarita Fanizzi --  2013 1
Proposal for a draft Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc) Act 2004 (Remedial) Order for 2010. Human Rights Joint Select committee fifth report with formal minutes, evidence and appendi   2012 1
Proposal for a Draft Marriage Act 1949 (Remedial) Order 2006. Human Rights Joint Select Committee sixteenth report with proceedings, evidence and appendices   2006 1
Reflections on translation theory : selected papers 1993-2014 /   2017 1
A proposal for a marine park in South Gippsland   1983 1
Proposal for a microbial semi-commons: perspectives from the international cooperative biodiversity groups --   2011 1
A Proposal for a Mobile Ticketing Solution for Metropolitan Area of Oporto Public Transport / / Marta Campos Ferreira, Maria Henriqueta Nóvoa --  2013 1
A proposal for a narrative schema.   2
The proposal for a narrative story --   2007 1
Proposal for a Nationwide War on the Sources of Poverty / / Lyndon B. Johnson,1964 --  2006 1
Proposal for a new looped architecture: the hybrid structure -- / 6.4.  2012 1
A proposal for a new soccer-specific stadium for the Louisville City FC soccer team   2018 1
A Proposal for a New Vehicle-Based Carbon Tax (V-CART): Vehicle-Based Global Warming Policy and Green Criminology / / Michael J. Lynch and Paul Stretesky  2012 1
Proposal for a photon detector with picosecond time resolution / / R. Carlini /N. Grigoryan /O. Hashimoto /S. Knyazyan /S. Majewski /A. Margaryan /G. Marikyan /L. Parlakyan /V. Popov /L. Tang /H. Vardanyan /C. Yan  2006 1
A Proposal for a Pluralistic Ontology and Soteriology --   2002 1
A Proposal for a Protocol to the Intergovernmental Agreement on the ISS : Private Law Matters /   2006 1
The Proposal for a Reform of German Maritime Law / / Beate Czerwenka --  2012 1
Proposal for a standard for acceptance tests and verification of expoxy bonding agents for segmental construction   1978 1
A Proposal for a Stepwise Fuzzy Regression: An Application to the Italian University System / / Francesco Campobasso and Annarita Fanizzi --  2012 1
A proposal for a storage and packing system for plant fibre objects made of basketry techniques in the non-aboriginal collections of the Museum of Victoria   1993 1
Proposal for a sustainable transportation-traffic system for the City of Buenos Aires / / E. de Freijo and J. M. Boggio Videla --  2000 1
Safeguarding traditional cultures : a global assessment /   2001 1
A Proposal for a Visual Speech Animation System for European Portuguese / / José Serra, Manuel Ribeiro, João Freitas, Verónica Orvalho and Miguel Sales Dias --  2012 1
A proposal for a Wild River National Park, the Franklin-Lower Gordon Rivers : submitted to the Minister for National Parks and Wildlife ...   1979 1
Proposal for Amendment of Law of Bankruptcy and Insolvency   2006 1
Proposal for amendment of the law so as to permit women to serve on juries in Trinidad   1952 1
Proposal for amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act to cover incitement to racial hatred and racial defamation   1984 1
Langston Hughes : a documentary volume /   2005 1
Proposal for an apostolic, biblical, eschatological theology : from a Korean context / / S.G. Lee --  2006 1
Proposal for an Architectural Solution for Economic and Environmental Global Eco-Cost Assessment: Model Combination Analysis   2014 1
The Proposal for an Automatic Calculating Machine --   1999 1
Proposal for an International Equity Panel in WIPO --   2013 1
A Proposal for Axis II: Diagnosing Personality Disorders Using the Five-Factor Model / / Thomas A. Widiger, Paul T. Costa, Jr. and Robert R. McCrae --App. A.  2002 1
proposal for combating acute food shortages based on sub-Saharan African needs / / Kim M. Lind --10.  2006 1
A Proposal for Combination of Category Theory and [lambda]-Calculus in Formalization of Autopoiesis / / Tatsuya Nomura --  2012 1
A proposal for concerted collaboration between critical scholars of intercultural and organizational communication / / Brenda J Allen --pt. 4:  2010 1
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