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BIOSCIENCEnetBASE 100 cases in radiology / Robert Thomas, James Connelly, Christopher Burke
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Adhesion molecules / editor, Victor R. Preedy
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Advances in chromatographic techniques for therapeutic drug monitoring / edited by Amitava Dasgupta
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Artificial muscles : applications of advanced polymeric nanocomposites / Mohsen Shahinpoor, Kwang J. Kim, Mehran Mojarrad
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE 3D cell-based biosensors in drug discovery programs : microtissue engineering for high throughput screening / William S. Kisaalita
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE A laboratory course in biomaterials / Wujing Xian
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE A practical guide to assay development and high-throughput screening in drug discovery / edited by Taosheng Chen
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Absorbable and biodegradable polymers / Shalaby W. Shalaby, Karen J.L. Burg, [editors]
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Acoustic fish reconnaissance / I.L. Kalikhman, K.I. Yudanov
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Adaptive and flexible clinical trials / Richard Chin
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Adaptive design methods in clinical trials / Shein-Chung Chow, Mark Chang
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Adaptive design methods in clinical trials / Shein-Chung Chow, Mark Chang
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Adaptive motion compensation in radiotherapy / editor, Martin Murphy
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Adenosine receptors : therapeutic aspects for inflammatory and immune diseases / edited by György Haskó, Bruce N. Cronstein, Csaba Szabó
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Adipokines / editors, Victor R. Preedy, Ross J. Hunter
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Adrenal toxicology / edited by Philip W. Harvey, David Everett, Christopher J. Springall
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Advances in biopreservation / edited by John G. Baust, John M. Baust
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Advances in the neuroscience of addiction / edited by Cynthia M. Kuhn, George F. Koob
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Advances in spinal fusion : molecular science, biomechanics, and clinical management / edited by Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski [and others]
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Advances in insect control : the role of transgenic plants / edited by Nadine Carozzi and Michael Koziel
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Advances in therapeutic engineering / editors, Wenwei Yue [and others]
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Advances in vagal afferent neurobiology / edited by Bradley J. Undem, Daniel Weinreich
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Advances in forensic taphonomy : method, theory, and archaeological perspectives / edited by William D. Haglund, Marcella H. Sorg
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Advances in numerical heat transfer. Vol. 3 / edited by W.J. Minkowycz, E.M. Sparrow ; guest editor, J.P. Abraham
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Advances in Chromatography. Volume 47 / editors, Eli Grushka, Nelu Grinberg
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Advances in clinical trial biostatistics / edited by Nancy L. Geller
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Advanced methods in cellular immunology / Rafael Fernandez-Botran, Václav Větvička
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Advanced pharmaceutics : physicochemical principles / Cherng-Ju Kim
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Advanced quantitative microbiology for foods and biosystems : models for predicting growth and inactivation / Micha Peleg
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Aflatoxin and Food Safety
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE African palaeoenvironments and geomorphic landscape evolution / editor, J?rgen Runge
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Agricultural acarology : introduction to integrated mite management / Marjorie A. Hoy
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Agronomic handbook : management of crops, soils, and their fertility / J. Benton Jones, Jr
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Air pollution and cultural heritage : proceedings of the International Workshop on Air Pollution and Cultural Heritage, 1-3 December 2003, Seville, Spain / edited by C. Saiz-Jimenez
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Airway chemoreceptors in the vertebrates : structure, evolution and function / editors, Giacomo Zaccone, Ernest Cutz, Dirk Adriaensen, Colin A. Nurse, Angela Mauceri
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE The alga Dunaliella : biodiversity, physiology, genomics and biotechnology / editors, Ami Ben-Amotz, Jürgen E.W. Polle, D.V. Subba Rao
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Algae : anatomy, biochemistry, and biotechnology / by Paolo Gualtieri and Laura Barsanti
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Allelopathy : chemistry and mode of action of allelochemicals / edited by Francisco A. Macías [and others]
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Allogeneic immunotherapy for malignant diseases / edited by John Barrett, Yin-Zhen Jiang
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Aloes : The Genus Aloe
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Alternative toxicological methods / edited by Harry Salem, Sidney A. Katz
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Alzheimer's disease : targets for new clinical diagnostic and therapeutic strategies / edited by Renee D. Wegrzyn, Alan S. Rudolph
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE American beetles / [edited by] Ross H. Arnett, Jr. and Michael C. Thomas
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE American Herbal Pharmacopoeia : botanical pharmacognosy--microscopic characterization of botanical medicines / edited by Roy Upton [and others]
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE American neuroscience in the twentieth century : confluence of the neural, behavioral, and communicative streams / by Horace Winchell Magoun ; edited and annotated by Louise H. Marshall
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Amyloid and Amyloidosis
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Amyloid precursor protein : a practical approach / edited by Weiming Xia, Huaxi Xu
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs / Pat Lenehan
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Analysis and application of analog electronic circuits to biomedical instrumentation / by Robert B. Northrop
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE Analysis of growth factor signaling in embryos / edited by Malcolm Whitman, Amy K. Sater
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