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Author Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics (10th : 2010 : Indianapolis, Ind.)

Title Application of imaging techniques to mechanics of materials and structures. Volume 4 : Proceedings of the 2010 Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics / Tom Proulx, editor
Published New York, NY : Springer, ©2013


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Series Conference proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics series, 2191-5644 ; 14
Conference proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics series ; 14.
Contents Identification from full-field measurements: a promising perspective in experimental mechanics / M. Grédiac -- Identification of Cohesive-Zone Laws from Crack-tip Deformation Fields / Soonsung Hong -- Recovery of 3D stress intensity factors from surface full-field measurements / Stéphane Andrieux and Thouraya N. Baranger -- Characterization of aluminum alloys using a 3D full field measurement / Marco Rossi, Gianluca Chiappini and Marco Sasso -- Low Strain Rate Measurements on Explosives Using DIC / Bruce J. Cunningham, Franco J. Gagliardi and Lou Ferranti Jr. -- Investigation on failure mechanisms of composite structures subjected to 3D state of stresses / D. Leveque, F. Laurin, A. Mavel, N. Carrere and J.-M. Laborie, et al. -- Structural damage assessment in fiber reinforced composites using image decomposition / A.S. Patki and E.A. Patterson -- Finite Element Model Matching Based on Optical Measurement Fields on Single Shear Lap Joint / J.S. Dupuy, F. Lachaud, R. Piquet and J. Huet
Interaction between a dynamically growing crack with stiff and compliant inclusions using DIC and high-speed photography / Kailash Jajam and Hareesh Tippur -- Electron Micrographic Digital Image Correlation: Method Optimization and Microstructural banding Case Study / J.P.M. Hoefnagels, B.G. Vossen and C.C. Tasan -- Development of Multi-scale Deformation Measurement System for Solid Materials / T. Arikawa, G. Murasawa, T. Koda, A. Nishioka and K. Miyata, et al. -- An Integrated Tool for Estimation of Material Model Parameters / Sarbajit Ghosal, Narasimha Acharya, T. Eric Abrahamson, La Moyne Porter II and Hubert W. Schreier -- Extended DIC to Measure Stress Intensity Factors from AFM-images / S. Roux, M. Ciccotti and F. Hild -- Characterization of a structural adhesive by Digital Image Correlation / D. Morin, G. Haugou, B. Bennani and F. Lauro -- Measurement of Brain Biomechanics in vivo by Magnetic Resonance Imaging / P.V. Bayly, E.H. Clayton, Y. Feng, T. Abney and R. Namani, et al
Magnetic Resonance Elastography of the Mouse Vitreous Humor In Vivo / E.H. Clayton, Q. Wang, S.K. Song, R.J. Okamoto and P V. Bayly -- Application of the Virtual Fields Method to Magnetic Resonance Elastography data / F. Pierron, P.V. Bayly and R. Namani -- Comparison of Dynamic Mechanical Testing and MR Elastography of Biomaterials / E.H. Clayton, R.J. Okamoto, K.S. Wilson, R. Namani and P.V. Bayly -- Back-directional Gated Spectroscopic Imaging for Nanoscale Deformation Analysis in Bone / Zhengbin Xu, Xuanhao Sun, Jingjing Liu, Qinghai Song and Ozan Akkus, et al. -- Instruments to measure human feet using Reverse Engineering techniques / A. Rao, V. Fontanari, I. Cristofolini and G. De Monte -- Characterization of Mechanochemically Active Polymers Using Combined Photoelasticity and Fluorescence Measurements / Sharlotte Kramer, Brett Beiermann, Douglas Davis, Nancy Sottos and Scott White, et al. -- ESPI Measurements In the Presence of Large Lateral Displacements / Luke Bingleman and Gary S. Schajer
Micron-scale Residual Stress Measurement using Micro-hole Drilling and Digital Image Correlation / B. Winiarski and P.J. Withers -- Studying the Effect of Residual Stresses on Fatigue Cracks through Full-field Methods / David A. Johnson, Dennis J. Buchanan and Reji John -- Rapid Imaging Tool for Residual Stress and Defect Quantification in MEMS and PV Applications / Gavin P. Horn, Jon R. Lesniak, Thomas J. Mackin and Tonio Buonassisi -- Surface Decoration for Improving the Accuracy of Displacement Measurements by Digital Image Correlation in SEM / B. Winiarski, G.S. Schajer and P.J. Withers -- Heat source estimations to study the localized behaviour of superelastic NiTi shape memory alloys / H. Louche, D. Favier, L. Orgéas, V. Delobelle and P. Schlosser -- On The Martensitic Transformation In SMA Under High Strain Rates / D. Saletti, S. Pattofatto and H. Zhao -- Pseudoelastic Shape Memory Alloy Cables / Benjamin Reedlunn, John Shaw and Samantha Daly
Investigating an aluminum multi-crystal with full-field measurement techniques / C. Badulescu, M. Grédiac, J.-D. Mathias, X. Balandraud and H. Haddadi, et al. -- One-shot thermal and kinematic field measurements: Infra-Red Image Correlation / A. Maynadier, M. Poncelet, K. Lavernhe-Taillard and S. Roux -- Investigating the thermo-mechanical behavior of clutch facing materials using image processing techniques / Yicheng Peter Pan, Leonardo Batista Ito, Tsuchin Philip Chu and Peter Filip -- Vibration Excitation Methods Applied to Digital Shearography and ESPI / Dirk Findeis, Jasson Gryzagoridis and Leovigildo Mahon Gerona -- Experimental Studies of Phase Transformation in Shape Memory Alloys / Kyubum Kim and Sam Daly -- Sources of systematic errors in the determination of heterogeneous strain fields obtained via DIC / P. Lava, S. Cooreman, S. Coppieters and D. Debruyne -- Dynamic Response of Curved Beams Using 3D Digital Image Correlation / Adam K. Parks, Thomas G. Eason and Jorge Abanto-Bueno
Application of High Speed Digital Image Correlation for Vibration Mode Shape Analysis / Thorsten Siebert and Matt J. Crompton -- Experimental validation of equations for 2D DIC uncertainty quantification / Phillip L. Reu and Timothy J. Miller -- High Performance Digital Volume Correlation / Mark Gates, John Lambros and Michael T. Health -- Digital X-ray tomography Volume Correlation of Rock Wool During Compression / Eric Maire, Jerome Adrien, Francois Hild, Stephane Roux and Jean-Francois Witz -- Recent progress in digital image correlation / Bing Pan and Zhaoyang Wang -- Analysis of Fractured Samples with Digital Volume Correlation / F. Hild, J-Y. Buffière, A. Gravouil, N. Limodin and J. Réthoré, et al. -- Long term condition monitoring of tapestries using image correlation / J.M. Dulieu-Barton, D. Khennouf, A.R. Chambers, F.J. Lennard and D.D Eastop -- An Inverse Method for Analyzing Defects in Heterogeneous Materials / John M. Considine, David W. Vahey, Don Matthys, Robert E. Rowlands and Kevin T. Turner
Variation of Paper Curl due to Fiber Orientation / J.T. Decker, A.A. Khaja, M.T. Hoang, J.M. Considine and D.W. Vahey, et al. -- A Moiré-deflectometry Based Bulge/Contact Test for Transparent Thin Films / Dewei Xu, Kenneth M. Liechti, Dan Yang and Joshua McNalley -- OOF3D: An Image-Based Finite Element Solver for Materials Science / Valerie R. Coffman, Andrew C.E. Reid, Stephen A. Langer and Gunay Dogan -- Prediction of Landslide by Displacement Measurement using Sampling Moiré Method / Yoshiharu Morimoto, Motoharu Fujigaki, Akihiro Masaya, Yuji Sasatani and Hiroyuki Kondo, et al. -- Investigation of the Coating Parameters for the Luminescent Photoelastic Coating Technique / Ergin Esirgemez, Daniel R. Gerber and James P. Hubner -- Highly Compact and Robust 3D Imaging and Shape Measurement System / Dung A Nguyen, Minh Vo, Zhaoyang Wang and Thang Hoang -- Experimental Limitations of Phase Shifting Interferometry / N. Ansari and W.R. Ashurst
Mechanical Characterization and Modeling of X- and K-cor Composites / C. Sharkey, S.W. Kwon, S.W. Lee, H.A. Bruck and A. Rahman, et al. -- Novel Insert Design for Thick Single Lap Bolted Composite Joints / Brandon Bouchard, Bryon Hall, Gaetano Restivo and Gary Cloud -- Smoothing Measured Displacements and Computing Strains Utilizing Finite Element Method / S. Yoneyama and S. Kobayashi -- Diagnostic Use of Digital Image Correlation in High-Speed, Explosive Experiments / Franco J. Gagliardi, Bruce J. Cunningham and Louis Ferranti Jr. -- Dynamic Deformation of Copper-Jacketed Lead Bullets Captured By High Speed Digital Image Correlation / S.P. Mates and R. Rhorer -- High Speed Imaging in Dynamic Tensile Testing of Fabric-Cement Composites / Deju Zhu, Alva Peled and Barzin Mobasher -- Ultra high speed DIC on a three point bending test mounted on a Hopkinson bar / F. Pierron, M.A. Sutton and V. Tiwari
Summary This the fourth volume of six from the Annual Conference of the Society for Experimental Mechanics, 2010, brings together 58 chapters on Application of Imaging Techniques to Mechanics of Materials and Structure. It presents findings from experimental and computational investigations involving a range of imaging techniques including Recovery of 3D Stress Intensity Factors From Surface Full-field Measurements, Identification of Cohesive-zone Laws From Crack-tip Deformation Fields, Application of High Speed Digital Image Correlation for Vibration Mode Shape Analysis, Characterization of Aluminum Alloys Using a 3D Full Field Measurement, and Low Strain Rate Measurements on Explosives Using DIC
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Author Proulx, Tom (Thomas William)
ISBN 9781441997968