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Description PEP Archive provides full text access to psychoanalytic journals and e-books.
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PEP Archive ebooks Adolescence : talks and papers / by Donald Meltzer and Martha Harris ; edited by Meg Harris Williams
PEP Archive ebooks The aesthetic development : the poetic spirit of psychoanalysis : essays on Bion, Meltzer, Keats / Meg Harris Williams
PEP Archive ebooks The apprehension of beauty : the role of aesthetic conflict in development, art, and violence / Donald Meltzer and Meg Harris Williams
PEP Archive ebooks Attachment and Loss : Volume III: Loss, Sadness and Depression / Bowlby, J
PEP Archive ebooks Attachment and loss. Volume II. Separation, anxiety and anger / John Bowlby ; with additional notes by the author
PEP Archive ebooks Attachment and Loss. Volume I, Attachment / Bowlby, J
PEP Archive ebooks Attention and interpretation : a scientific approach to insight in psycho-analysis and groups / W.R. Bion
PEP Archive ebooks Backwards in time : a study in infant observation by the method of Esther Bick / Alessandra Piontelli
PEP Archive ebooks The basic fault : therapeutic aspects of regression / Michael Balint ; pref. to the 1979 reprint by Enid Balint
PEP Archive ebooks Beyond words : interactive art therapy / Johannes S. Bodtker
PEP Archive ebooks Chamber of Maiden Thought : Literary Origins of the Psychoanalytic Model of the Mind / Meg Harris Williams and Margot Waddell
PEP Archive ebooks Changing ideas in a changing world : the revolution in psychoanalysis : essays in honour of Arnold Cooper / edited by Joseph Sandler, Robert Michels, and Peter Fonagy
PEP Archive ebooks Child and adolescent analysis : its significance for clinical work with adults / edited by Scott Dowling, M.D
PEP Archive ebooks The claustrum : an investigation of claustrophobic phenomena / Donald Meltzer ; with an essay by Meg Harris Williams : Macbeth's equivocation, Shakespeare's ambiguity
PEP Archive ebooks Clinical lectures on Klein and Bion / edited by Robin Anderson ; foreword by Hanna Segal
PEP Archive ebooks Clinical studies / Helmut Thomä, Horst Kächele ; with the collaboration of Stephan Ahrens [and others] ; translated by M. Wilson
PEP Archive ebooks Clinical studies in neuro-psychoanalysis : introduction to a depth neuropsychology / Karen Kaplan-Solms and Mark Solms ; foreword by Arnold Z. Pfeffer
PEP Archive ebooks Collected Papers of Roger Money-Kyrle
PEP Archive ebooks The complete correspondence of Sigmund Freud and Ernest Jones, 1908-1939 / edited by R. Andrew Paskauskas ; introduction by Riccardo Steiner
PEP Archive ebooks The complete correspondence of Sigmund Freud and Karl Abraham, 1907-1925 / transcribed and edited by Ernst Falzeder ; translated by Caroline Schwarzacher with the collaboration of Christine Trollope & Klara King ; introduction by André Haynal & Ernst Falzeder