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Underground Comix -- See Underground comics

Comics that depict content forbidden to mainstream publications by the Comics Code Authority, including explicit drug use, sexuality, and violence

Underground Films -- See Experimental films


Underwater Photographs -- See Also the broader term Photographs

The word PHOTOGRAPHS is a general designation for any photographic process. The narrower terms include both physical media and genre categoriesMain Term
Unedited Footage   450
Unexplained Phenomena Supernatural Top Literary Classics : Real Hauntings 4-Book Bundle  2016 1

Uniform Laws -- See Also Model acts

Draft acts that are rarely uniformly adopted in their entirety by state legislatures but are proposed as guideline legislation for the states

Union Agreements -- See Collective labor agreements

Union Catalogs   30

Union Catalogues -- See Union catalogs


Union Contracts -- See Collective labor agreements


Union Finding Lists -- See Union catalogs


Union Lists -- See Union catalogs

United Society For The Propagation Of The Gospel : Three centuries of mission : the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, 1701-2000 / Daniel O'Connor and others  2000 1
United States : Pediatric nutrition / edited by Ronald E. Kleinman ; associate editor, Frank R. Greer  2019 1
United States Comics Graphic Works : Fight Club 2 : the tranquility gambit / story by Chuck Palahniuk ; art by Cameron Stewart ; colors by Dave Stewart ; letters and logo by Nate Piekos of Blambot ; covers and chapter break art by David Mack  2016 1
United States Documentary Films : La sixième face du Pentagone : L'ambassade  2007? 1
United States Fantasy Literature : Zeitgeist / Bruce Sterling  2000 1
United States Feature Films   46
United States Government Publications : The dynamic synapse : molecular methods in ionotropic receptor biology / edited by Josef T. Kittler, Stephen J. Moss  2006 1
United States Graphic Novels   4
United States Maps 19th Century : Stanford's map of the seat of war in America. Sheet 1  1861 1
United States Picture Books For Children : Who took the farmer's hat? / story by Joan L. Nodset; pictures by Fritz Siebel  1963 1
United States Police Films : Miami Vice  2008 1
United States Printed Books New York 20th Century Specimens : The giving tree / by Shel Silverstein  1964 1
United States Short Films   11
United States Television Programs   5
United States War Films : U-571  2008 1
United States Works By Women 20th Century Specimens : Child's play : Dorothy Howard and the folklore of Australian children / edited by Kate Darian-Smith & June Factor  2005 1

University Fiction Campus Fiction -- See Campus fiction

Fiction that is set on and around a college or university campus and focuses on the lives and interactions of students, faculty, administrators, and staff
Uppsala 1991 : Advances in Plant Cold Hardiness / edited by Paul H. Li, Lars Christersson  2018 1
Uppsala 1993 : Rethinking media, religion, and culture / [edited by] Stewart M. Hoover, Knut Lundby  1997 1
Uppsala Kongress 2000 : Indigeneity in India / edited by Bengt G. Karlsson, Tanka B. Subba ; with an afterword by Dipesh Chakrabarty  2006 1
Upside Down Books   2
Urban Fiction   2
Urban Legends   5

Urban Myths -- See Urban legends

Stories of supposed events in the recent past that may be humorous and/or horrifying and that are popularly believed to be true

Urban Sounds -- See City sounds

Urbana Ill 1972 : Diachronic studies in romance linguistics : papers presented at the Conference on Diachronic Romance Linguistics, University of Illinois, April 1972 / edited by Mario Saltarelli and Dieter Wanner  1975 1
Urbino 1979 : Possibilities and limitations of pragmatics : proceedings of the Conference on Pragmatics, Urbino, July 8-14, 1979 / edited by Herman Parret, Marina Sbisà, and Jef Verschueren  1981 1
Uruguay Feature Films : La vida útil = A useful life / Cinekdoque ; una producción de Cinekdoque ; en coproducción con Mediapro y Versátil Cinema ; dirección, Federico Veiroj ; guión, Arauco Hernández, Inés Bortagaray, Gonzalo Delgado, Federico Veiroj ; producción, Laura Gutman, Juan José López  2010 1
Use Studies   19
User Interfaces Interactive And Multimedia Internet Computers Web Programming : Effective UI / Jonathan Anderson, John McRee, Robb Wilson, and the EffectiveUI Team  2010 1

Ushin Renga -- See Renga

Japanese linked verse that is written in alternating two- and three-line stanzas that depict pastoral themes
Utlandsk Skonlitteratur : Frihet  2011 1
  Utopian Fiction -- 2 Related Genre/Forms   2
Utopian Fiction   216

Utopian Science Fiction -- See Utopian fiction

Fiction that depicts an ideal society

Utopic Fiction -- See Utopian fiction

Fiction that depicts an ideal society
Utrecht 2003 : Multidisciplinary economics : the birth of a new economics faculty in the Netherlands / edited by Peter de Gijsel and Hans Schenk  2005 1
Utrecht 2005 : Environments for multi-agent systems II : second international workshop, E4MAS 2005, Utrecht, the Netherlands, July 25, 2005 : selected revised and invited papers / Danny Weyns, H. Van Dyke Parunak, Fabien Michel (eds.)  2006 1
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