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Sondages Dopinion : Public opinion polling in a globalized world / Marita Carballo, Ulf Hjelmar, editors  2008 1

Song Books -- See Songbooks

Collections of mainly secular vocal music for group singing, often scored on two staves
Song Cycles   20
Songbooks   8
  Songs -- 10 Related Genre/Forms   10
Songs   453
Songs And Music   307
Songs High Voice With Lute : Songs from the labyrinth / music by John Dowland  2006 1
Songs Without Words Instrumental Music   2
Sonnets   6

Sonorist Rhythms Poetry -- See Sound poetry

Poetry meant to be performed that emphasizes sounds instead of the semantic meaning of the words themselves. For poetry that is meant to be performed and that is heavily stressed, metrically regular, and characterized by improvisation, free association, and word play, see Spoken word poetry
Sophia Antipolis 2005 : Implementation and application of automata : 10th international conference, CIAA 2005, Sophia Antipolis, France, June 27-29, 2005 : revised selected papers / Jacques Farré, Igor Litovsky, Sylvain Schmitz (eds.)  2006 1
Sophisticated Picture Books   26
Sorbji Kaikhosru S : Sorabji, a critical celebration / edited by Paul Rapoport ; with contributions by Paul Rapoport, Alistair Hinton, Frank Holliday, Kenneth Derus, Nazlin Bhimani, Michael Habermann, Geoffrey Douglas Madge, Marc-André Roberge  2017 1
Sorrent 2005   2

Sound Art -- See Also the narrower term Soundscapes (Music)

Musical compositions that consist of natural or synthetic sounds from specific locations that are sometimes manipulated electronically
Sound Books   2

Sound Box Books -- See Sound books


Sound Effects Books -- See Sound books

Sound Effects Recordings   2

Sound Recording Lists -- See Discographies

  Sound Recordings -- 9 Related Genre/Forms   9
Sound Recordings   1283

Sound Recordings For Children -- See Children's sound recordings

Sound Recordings For English Speakers   16
Sound Recordings For English Speakers Persian Language : What the Persian media says : a coursebook / Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi  2015 1
Sound Recordings For Foreign Speakers   4

Sound Text Compositions -- See Text-sound compositions

Musical compositions consisting primarily of electronically and/or computer-altered or computer-synthesized spoken words

Soundscapes Music -- See Also Nature sounds

Recordings of the sounds of nature, including animal and plant sounds and the sounds of the wind, rain, oceans, streams, etc
Soundscapes Music   3
Sources   2471
Sources Form   2
South African Drama English : Tin Bucket Drum / Neil Coppen  2016 1

Souvenir Albums -- See Albums (Books)

Books with blank pages that are used to collect, display, and preserve images, text, notated music, keepsakes, etc
Souvenir Programs 1900 : Cartoon animation / by Preston Blair  1994 1
Souvenir Programs New York State New York : Cartoon animation / by Preston Blair  1994 1
Soviet Personal Narratives   2
Soviet Union Experimental Films : Chelovek c kino-apparatom  1929 1
Soviet Union Melodrama : Ashik Kerib / a film by Sergei Paradjanov ; written by Guiya Badridze ; directed by Sergei Paradjanov  2007 1
Sowernam Ester : Defences of women : Jane Anger, Rachel Speght, Ester Sowernam, and Constantia Munda / selected and introduced by Susan Gushee O'Malley  2016 1
Sozialgeschichte 1860 1962 : From the mountains to the bush : Italian migrants write home from Australia, 1860-1962 / Jacqueline Templeton ; edited by John Lack assisted by Gioconda Di Lorenzo  2003 1
Sozialgeschichte 1928 1953 : Stalinist society, 1928-1953 / Mark Edele  2011 1
  Space Flight Fiction -- 2 Related Genre/Forms   2
Space Operas   7
Space Operas Comics : Dune : the graphic novel. Book 1 / adapted by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson ; illustrated by Raúl Allén and Patricia Martín  2020 1
Space Operas Fiction   2

Space Photographs -- See Also the broader term Photographs

The word PHOTOGRAPHS is a general designation for any photographic process. The narrower terms include both physical media and genre categoriesMain Term

Spaghetti Easterns -- See Martial arts films


Spaghetti Western Films -- See Spaghetti Westerns

Western films usually produced or co-produced by Italian companies and filmed in Europe
Spaghetti Westerns : My name is Nobody / International Media Films presents ; a Sergio Leone production ; screenplay by Ernesto Gastaldi ; produced by Fulvio Morsella ; directed by Tonino Valerii  2002 1
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