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Mark   Year Entries
Readers For New Literates : Worst Date Ever  2017 1
Readers Primary   11
Readers Publications   1673
Reading Dates Provenance : The six systems of Indian philosophy / by F. Max Müller  1899 1
Reading Nook   2839
Readings : Site dance : choreographers and the lure of alternative spaces / edited by Melanie Kloetzel and Carolyn Pavlik  2009 1
Readings With Music   2
Reality   821
Reality Based   21

Reality Based Television Programs -- See Reality television programs

Reality Memoirs : Curtains : adventures of an undertaker-in-training / Tom Jokinen  2010 1

Reality Shows Television Programs -- See Reality television programs

Reality Television Programs   165

Receipts Recipes -- See Recipes

Instructions listing ingredients and procedures to prepare something, especially food. For collections of recipes in book form see Cookbooks
Recensies Vorm   2
Recepten Vorm : America eats / Nelson Algren ; preface by Louis I. Szathmáry II ; foreword by David E. Schoonover ; [edited by David E. Schoonover]  1992 1
Recettes   3
Rechtsvergelijking Vorm   29

Recipe Books -- See Cookbooks

Collections of recipes in book form. For instructions listing ingredients and procedures to prepare something, especially food, see Recipes
Recipes   247

Recitations With Music -- See Monologues (Music)

Musical compositions in which spoken language is an integral part
Recits Bibliques   2
Recits Criminels   28
Recits Daventures : With Byrd at the bottom of the world : the South Pole expedition of 1928-1930 / Norman D. Vaughan with Cecil B. Murphey  2016 1
Recits De Captivite   2
Recits De Voyages   18
Recits Desclaves   3
Recits Enchasses : Frankenstein, or, The modern Prometheus : annotated for scientists, engineers, and creators of all kinds / Mary Shelley ; edited by David H. Guston, Ed Finn, and Jason Scott Robert  2017 1
Recits Personnels   619

Recorded Books -- See Audiobooks

Recordings of oral readings of books

Recordings Sound -- See Sound recordings


Recordings Video -- See Video recordings

Records And Briefs   8
Records And Correspondence   192

Records Burial -- See Death registers


Records Court -- See Records and briefs

Documents representing the arguments of one or more parties and other documents submitted to, or generated by, a court in a particular case

Records Death -- See Death registers

  Records Documents -- 13 Related Genre/Forms   13
Records Documents   11
Records Sports   18

Records Vital Statistics -- See Vital statistics

Official public records of births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and other life events. For official counts of the population of a place or ethnic group, sometimes including data relating to economic and social conditions, see Census data
Recreation : Things That Make White People Uncomfortable  2019 1
Recreational Reading   3
  Recreational Works -- 3 Related Genre/Forms   3
Recueil De Contributions Descripteur De Forme   3
Recueils De Cas   22
Recueils De Jurisprudence Et Dopinions   21
Recurso Electronico De Acceso Libre : La política del ambiente en América Latina : una aproximación desde el cambio ambiental global / Ma. Griselda Günther, Ricardo A. Gutiérrez coordinadores  2017 1
Recursos Energeticos Renovables : Renewable energy resources / John Twidell and Tony Weir  2006 1
Redes : Private law 2.0 : on the role of private actors in a post-national society / Jan M. Smits  2011 1
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