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Mark   Year Entries
Polkas Music   32
Polkas Musique   21
Polonaises   2
Polonaises Music   83
Polonaises Musique   47

Poltergeist Films -- See Horror films

Polyglot Dictionaries   32
Polyglot Texts Selections Quotations Etc : Art deco  2004 1
Polyphonic Chansons   26
Polyphonic Lieder : Lieder, chansons, madrigals / Orlando di Lasso  2002 1
Polyphonies   29

Pop Music -- See Popular music

Musical works composed for mass appeal and usually dependent on mass media for transmission to large audiences. For popular music lyrics that appear without a musical setting see Popular music lyrics

Pop Music Alternative -- See Alternative rock music

Pop Up Books   2
Popular Instrumental Music   3
Popular Literature   7
Popular Literature Collection : To gkrizo kaskol / Alekos Angelidēs  2000 1
  Popular Music -- 8 Related Genre/Forms   8
Popular Music   173
Popular Music Sound Recordings : Anxiety / Ladyhawke  2012 1
Popular Work   479
Popular Works   1777

Popular Works Law -- See Law for laypersons

Popular Works Publication Type : Nickel and dimed : on (not) getting by in America / Barbara Ehrenreich  2002 1

Population Health Surveys -- See Health surveys


Population Surveys -- See Demographic surveys

Reports about the social, economic, health, or other characteristics of a population that are generally based on estimates calculated through sampling techniques. For official counts of the population of a place or ethnic group that sometimes include data relating to economic and social conditions, see Census data

Porn Comics -- See Pornographic comics


Porn Films -- See Pornographic films


Pornies Pornographic Films -- See Pornographic films


Porno Comics -- See Pornographic comics


Porno Films -- See Pornographic films


Pornographic Comics -- See Also Erotic comics

Pornographic Comics   3

Pornographic Films -- See Also Erotic films

Pornographic Films : Hard to Swallow : Hard-Core Pornography on Screen  2012 1
Port Macquarie 1986 : Fourth International Symposium on Pre-harvest Sprouting in Cereals / edited by Daryl J. Mares  2018 1

Portions Excerpts -- See Excerpts

Portland Or 2000 : Artificial life VII : proceedings of the seventh International Conference on Artificial Life / edited by Mark A. Bedau [and others]  2000 1

Portmanteau Films -- See Anthology films

Feature-length films made up of various episodes or stories that are usually connected by a theme, event, location or original author and often have a wrap-around tale. For films that are composed of pre-existing published or unpublished films, or portions thereof, see Compilation films
Porto Portugal 2001 : Progress in artificial intelligence : knowledge extraction, multi-agent systems, logic programming, and constraint solving : 10th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence, EPIA 2001, Porto, Portugal, December 17-20, 2001 : proceedings / Pavel Brazdil, Alípio Jorge (eds.)  2001 1
Porto Portugal 2009 : Algorithmic learning theory : 20th International Conference, ALT 2009, Porto, Portugal, October 3-5, 2009 : proceedings / Ricard Gavaldà [and others] (eds.)  2009 1

Portrait Photographs -- See Also the broader term Photographs

The word PHOTOGRAPHS is a general designation for any photographic process. The narrower terms include both physical media and genre categoriesMain Term
Portrait Photographs   2
  Portraits -- 2 Related Genre/Forms   2
Portraits   383

Portraits Biographical Television Programs -- See Biographical television programs

Fiction or nonfiction television programs that depict the lives of real people
Portsmouth Hampshire 1996 : The real life guide to accounting research : a behind-the-scenes view of using qualitative research methods / edited by Christopher Humphrey, Bill Lee  2004 1
Portsmouth Hampshire Kongress 1996 : The real life guide to accounting research : a behind-the-scenes view of using qualitative research methods / edited by Christopher Humphrey, Bill Lee  2004 1

Position Descriptions -- See Job descriptions


Post Apocalyptic Comics -- See Apocalyptic comics

Comics set in a world or civilization after a catastrophic event (e.g., nuclear war, an alien invasion), sometimes also including the period immediately preceding the event. For comics set in an uncertain future, in a society ruled by an ineffectual, corrupt, or oppressive regime or by aliens, robots, etc., see Dystopian comics
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