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Mark   Year Entries
Poesie Epistolaire : An essay on man / Alexander Pope ; Tom Jones  2016 1
Poesie Erotique   2
Poesie Experimentale   3
Poesie Historique   2
Poesie Lyrique   7
Poesie Macaronique : American songs  2006 1
Poesie Narrative   3
Poesie Par Ordinateur : Aesthetic animism : digital poetry's ontological implications / David Jhave Johnston  2016 1
Poesie Pastorale : Six eclogues from William Barnes's Poems of rural life in the Dorset dialect (first collection, 1884) : with phonemic transcripts / by T.L. Burton, and an audio recording from the 2010 Adelaide Fringe  2011 1
Poesie Populaire : Get your ass in the water and swim like me : African American narrative poetry from oral tradition / [compiled by] Bruce Jackson  2004 1
Poesie Religieuse   2

Poesie Sonore -- See Sound poetry

Poetry meant to be performed that emphasizes sounds instead of the semantic meaning of the words themselves. For poetry that is meant to be performed and that is heavily stressed, metrically regular, and characterized by improvisation, free association, and word play, see Spoken word poetry

Poetic Drama -- See Verse drama


Poetic Literature -- See Poetry


Poetic Narratives -- See Narrative poetry

Poems that tell a story

Poetical Drama -- See Verse drama

  Poetry -- 31 Related Genre/Forms   31
Poetry   5294
Poetry English Australia 20th Century Texts : Drones and phantoms / Jennifer Maiden    1

Poetry Of Places -- See Topographical poetry

Poetry about specific geographic locations
Poetry Readings Sound Recordings   5
Polemieken Vorm : Four anti-Pelagian writings / Saint Augustine ; translated by John A. Mourant and William J. Collinge ; with introductions and notes by William J. Collinge  1992 1

Police Comics -- See Detective and mystery comics


Police Films -- See Also Detective and mystery films

Police Films   2
Police Films United States : Miami Vice  2008 1

Police Procedurals Television Programs -- See Television cop shows


Police Shows Television Programs -- See Television cop shows


Police Television Programs -- See Television cop shows


Policiers Television Programs -- See Television cop shows

Polish Personal Narratives   13
Political Cartoons   11

Political Drama -- See Political plays

Plays that feature the political milieu
Political Drama : The quiet American / United Artists ; written for the screen and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz  2005 1
Political Fiction   83
Political Fiction Australian : West Block : the hidden world of Canberra's mandarins / Sara Dowse  1983 1
Political Fiction United States 20th Century : The jungle / by Upton Sinclair  1906 1
Political Films   4
Political Platforms   25
Political Plays   14
Political Satire : The border fence  2018 1
Political Satire English : The private history of the court of England (1808) / Sarah Green ; edited by Fiona Price  2011 1
Political Science Public Policy City Planning And Urban Development : Survival of the city : living and thriving in an age of isolation / Edward Glaeser and David Cutler  2021 1
Political Television Programs   4
Political Works : The history of the principal transactions of the Irish Parliament, from the year 1634 to 1666 : containing proceedings of the Lords and Commons, during the Administration of the Earl of Strafford, and of the First Duke of Ormond: with A Narrative of His Crace's Life, collected from the Papers of Sir Robert Southwell, Knt., Secretary of State in Ireland, and President of the Royal Society. To which is Prefixed, A Preliminary Discourse on the Ancient Parliaments of that Kingdom. By the Right Hon. Lord Mountmorres. In two volumes  1792 1
Politics   2
Politics And Current Affairs : Solved! How Other Countries Have Cracked the World's Biggest Problems and We Can Too / Wear, Andrew  2020 1
Politikersprache : The language of modern politics / Kenneth Hudson  1978 1
Polka Mazurkas Music   2
Polkas Mazurkas Musique   2
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