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Mark   Year Entries
Personal Narratives Hungarian   4
Personal Narratives Indonesian   2
Personal Narratives Iraqi   3
Personal Narratives Irish : Dawn of victory - thank you China : star shell reflections 1918-1919 : the illustrated Great War diaries of Jim Maultsaid / Barbara McClune  2017 1
Personal Narratives Israeli   5
Personal Narratives Italian : Partisan diary : a woman's life in the Italian Resistance / Ada Gobetti ; translated and edited by Jomarie Alano  2014 1
Personal Narratives Japanese   21
Personal Narratives Jewish   19
Personal Narratives Korean   5
Personal Narratives Lithuanian   2
Personal Narratives Malayan : My side of history / by Chin Peng ; as told to Ian Ward and Norma Miraflor  2003 1
Personal Narratives New Zealand   5
Personal Narratives Norwegian   2
Personal Narratives Palestinian   2
Personal Narratives Palestinian Arab   5
Personal Narratives Paraguayan : Don't cry! : the Enlhet history of the Chaco War / edited by Hannes Kalisch and Ernesto Unruh ; Spanish translation from the Enlhet and commentary by Hannes Kalisch ; translation from Spanish into English by Nicholas Regan  2022 1
Personal Narratives Polish   7
Personal Narratives Prussian : A Prussian observes the American Civil War : the military studies of Justus Scheibert / translated and edited by Frederic Trautmann  2001 1
Personal Narratives Russian   9
Personal Narratives Slovenian : 365: Every Day Documentaries: It is the Sacred Mountain - Ep 132 / / Director: Morgan, Epiphany  2016 1
Personal Narratives Soviet   2
Personal Narratives Spanish : On captivity : a spanish soldier's experience in a Havana prison, 1896-1898 / Manuel Cignes Aparacio ; translated and edited by D.J. Walker ; with a foreword by Christopher Schmidt-Nowara  2012 1
Personal Narratives Turkish   3
Personal Narratives Ukrainian   3
Personal Narratives Vietnamese   6
Personal Narratives Yugoslav : Ancient furies : a young girl's struggles in the crossfire of World War II / Anastasia V. Saporito with Donald L. Saporito  2014 1
Personal Recordings : Wunderlich privat  2006 1
Personal Views : What is an American? : Abraham Lincoln and "multiculturalism" / Richard Nelson Current  1993 1
Personliga Berattelser : Collected memories : Holocaust history and postwar testimony / Christopher R. Browning  2003 1
Perth Westaustralien Kongress 2000 : Habitus : a sense of place / edited by Jean Hillier, Emma Rooksby  2002 1
Peruvian Poetry : Espléndida iracundia : antología consultada de la poesía peruana, 1968-2008 / [editores] Carlos López Degregori, Luis Fernando Chueca, José Güich Rodríguez, Alejandro Susti Gonzazles  2017 1

Ph D Dissertations -- See Academic theses


Ph D Theses -- See Academic theses

Pharmacology   4
Pharmacology Diseases : Meyler's side effects of antimicrobial drugs / edited by Jeffrey K. Aronson  2010 1
Pharmacopees : Neuroimaging pharmacopoeia / Daniel Thomas Ginat, Juan E. Small, Pamela Whitney Schaefer, editors  2015 1

Pharmacopeias -- See Pharmacopoeias

Pharmacopoeia   7
Pharmacopoeias   14
Phd Thesis : The use of Delft3D to simulate the deposition of cohesive and non-cohesive sediments in irrigation systems / by Shaimaa Abd Al Amear Theol  2020 1
Philadelphia Annotations Provenance Pennsylvania : Proving woman : female spirituality and inquisitional culture in the later Middle Ages / Dyan Elliott  2004 1
Philadelphia Printers Advertisements Pennsylvania : A specimen of the patriotism of the Jacobins in France, or, The trial of Jean Baptiste Lacombe, late president of the military commission at Bordeaux : condemned to death as an exacter, an extortioner, a prevaricator, a corruptor of morality and of the public mind, and, as such, a traitor to his country, on the 27th Thermidor, second year of the French Republic, one and indivisible. / translated from the French  1795 1
Philadelphia Publishers Advertisements Pennsylvania : Trial of Col. Thomas H. Cushing : before a general court martial which sat at Baton-Rouge on charges preferred against him by Brig. Gen. Wade Hampton / reported by the late Judge Advocate  1812 1
Philiscsaba 2009 : The stranger in ancient and mediaeval Jewish tradition : papers read at the first meeting of the JBSCE, Piliscsaba, 2009 / edited by Géza G. Xeravits and Jan Dušek  2010 1
Philoctete : André Gide : homosexual moralist / Patrick Pollard  1991 1

Philosophical And Moral Tales -- See Fables

Stories intended to teach moral lessons, and whose main characters are generally animals or inanimate objects that speak and act like human beings
Philosophy   8
Philosophy Ejournals   2
Philosophy Literary Criticism : Plato's Styles and Characters  2016 1
Philosophy Literary Criticism Ancient : Antike Kritik an der Stoa  2014 1
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