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People With Visual Disabilities Globes For -- See Cartographic materials for people with visual disabilities


People With Visual Disabilities Maps For -- See Cartographic materials for people with visual disabilities

Pepe : Born to a changing world : childbirth in nineteenth-century New Zealand / Alison Clarke  2012 1
Percussion And Celesta With String Orchestra : Concerto for orchestra ; Music for strings, percussion & celesta / Béla Bartók  2009 1
Percussion Instruments   22
Percussion Music   2
Percussion With Orchestra : Concertos / Poul Ruders  2009 1
Performance   19
Performance Art   8
Performance Dance : Moon water / Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan ; RM Associates ; producer, Colin Wilson  2000 1
Performance Dance Television : Road to the stamping ground / Home Vision, a Films Incorporated Company presents ; an RM Arts/Polygon Pictures/NOS-TV Holland production ; in association with Channel Four Television, Great Britain ; produced by Timothy Read and Neil Mundy ; written and directed by David Muir  1984 1

Performance Films -- See Filmed performances


Performance Poetry -- See Spoken word poetry

Poetry that is meant to be performed and that is heavily stressed, metrically regular, and characterized by improvisation, free association, and word play. For poetry meant to be performed that emphasizes sounds instead of the semantic meaning of the words themselves see Sound poetry
Performances   16

Performances Filmed -- See Filmed performances


Performances Televised -- See Televised performances

Performing Arts General : Below the stars : how the labor of working actors and extras shapes media production / Kate Fortmueller  2021 1

Performing Arts Posters -- See Also the narrower term Theatrical posters

Includes posters for plays; minstrel, Lilliputian, burlesque, and vaudeville shows; operas and operettas; revues; musicals; magic; specialty acts, and other stage performancesMain Term

Pericopes -- See Also Sacred works

Works that are considered sacred by a religion, denomination, sect, etc
Periodical   524

Periodical Publications -- See Periodicals

Periodical Publications London   2

Periodicals -- See Also the narrower term Law reviews

Scholarly periodical publications that emanate from law schools
Periodicals   10000
Periodicals Comic Books, Strips, Etc : Fog city comics  1979 1
Periodicals Mesh : Guide to publishing in psychology journals / edited by Robert J. Sternberg  2000 1
Periodicals Scotland 18th Century : Scots magazine (Edinburgh, Scotland : 1739)  1793 1
Periodique Electronique Descripteur De Forme : Isis (Chicago, Ill. : Online)  1913 1
Periodiques   159
Persian Foreign Language Films   2
Persian Language : What the Persian media says : a coursebook / Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi  2015 1
Persian Literature   2
Persona Literature   2

Personal Accounts Narratives -- See Personal narratives

Works which relate eyewitness accounts of events such as wars or disasters

Personal Correspondence -- See Also the narrower term Love letters

Personal Correspondence   2190
Personal Correspondence Electronic Books : The correspondence of Wolfgang Capito / edited and translated by Erika Rummel ; with the assistance of Milton Kooistra  2005- 1

Personal Email -- See Personal correspondence


Personal Films -- See Experimental films

Personal Independent Works : Maya Deren : experimental films  2002? 1

Personal Journals -- See Diaries


Personal Letters -- See Personal correspondence


Personal Mail -- See Personal correspondence


Personal Memoirs -- See Autobiographies

Personal Narrative   137
Personal Narratives   2661
Personal Narratives Albanian   2
Personal Narratives American   368
Personal Narratives Australian   47
Personal Narratives Austrian   3
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