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Motion Picture Reviews   6

Motion Picture Screenplays -- See Screenplays


Motion Picture Scripts -- See Screenplays

Motion Picture Switzerland : Soigne ta droite / Gaumont, JLG Films, Xanadu Films, RTSR French production présentent ; de Monsieur Godard  2013 1
  Motion Pictures -- 47 Related Genre/Forms   47
Motion Pictures   207
Motion Pictures Armenian : The color of pomegranates / Armenfilm ; [director, writer, Sergei Paradjanov]  2001 1
Motion Pictures Australian   23
Motion Pictures British : A night to remember / directed by Roy Baker ; produced by William MacQuitty  2008 1
Motion Pictures Burkinabe : Ouaga saga / Alain Pancrazi & Agnes̀ Datin preśentent ; sceńario, adaptation, dialogues, Michel Mifsud & Jean-Denis Berenbaum ; co-productions, PM Holding, Magic Movies, Sahelis Productions avec la participation du Centre National de la Cineḿatographie ; producteurs, Alain Pancrazi, Agnes̀ Datin, Jacques Innocenti, Odile McDonald, Seḱou Traore ; reálisation, Dani Kouyaté  2006 1

Motion Pictures For The Deaf -- See Films for the hearing impaired


Motion Pictures For The Hearing Impaired -- See Films for the hearing impaired

Motion Pictures France   2
Motion Pictures French   18
Motion Pictures Georgian   2
Motion Pictures German   4
Motion Pictures German Language : Young Dr. Freud / a film by Axel Corti  2004 1
Motion Pictures Great Britain : Maids and madams / an Associates Film production with Sered Films ; producer, Christian Wangler ; written and directed by Mira Hamermesh  2010? 1
Motion Pictures India : Sholay  2001? 1
Motion Pictures Indian : Sholay  2001? 1
Motion Pictures Indic : Bollyworld : popular Indian cinema through a transnational lens / editors, Raminder Kaur, Ajay J. Sinha  2005 1
Motion Pictures Indonesian : Eliana, Eliana / Director, Riri Riza ; writers, Riri Riza and Prima Rusdi ; producers, Riri Riza, Mira Lesmana, B. Toto Prasaetyanto  2002 1
Motion Pictures Italian : The Decameron : (Il Decameron) / a film by Pier Paolo Pasolini  2002 1
Motion Pictures Japan : An = Sweet bean / Comme des Cinemas, Nagoya Broadcasting Network, Twenty Twenty Vision present in coproduction with Aeon Entertainment, Kumie, Poplar Publishing, Hakuhodo, ZDF/Arte, Mam, Elephant House, The Asahi Shimbun Company ; a film by Naomi Kawase ; [produced by Masa Sawada, Koichiro Fukushima & Yoshito Oyama ; written and directed by Naomi Kawase]  2016 1
Motion Pictures Swedish : Persona  2008 1

Motion Study Photographs -- See Also the broader term Photographs

The word PHOTOGRAPHS is a general designation for any photographic process. The narrower terms include both physical media and genre categoriesMain Term
Motorcycle Films : Easy rider  2011 1
Motorcycle Films Drama : Easy rider  2000 1
Mottled Calf Bindings Binding : The history of New-England containing an impartial account of the civil and ecclesiastical affairs of the country to the year of Our Lord, 1700 : to which is added the present state of New-England : with a new and accurate map of the country : and an appendix containing their present charter, their ecclesiastical discipline, and their municipal-laws : in two volumes / by Daniel Neal ..  1720 1

Motu Proprio -- See Papal documents


Movable And Toy Books -- See Toy and movable books


Movable Books -- See Toy and movable books


Moveable Books -- See Toy and movable books


Movie Novelizations -- See Movie novels

Use for fiction based on movies

Movie Novels -- See Also Radio and television novels

Use for fiction based on radio or television programs
Movie Novels   16

Movie Parodies -- See Parody films

Films that comically imitate another work or group of works of a more serious nature. For films that use wit, irony, or sarcasm to hold up human vices or foibles to ridicule or scorn see Satirical films

Movie Scripts -- See Screenplays


Movie Tie Ins -- See Movie novels

Use for fiction based on movies

Movies -- See Motion pictures


Movies Corner Flip -- See Flip books

Books that consist of a series of illustrations bound together in a sequence so that they create an illusion of animation when flipped rapidly
Mp3s : A mindfulness-based stress reduction workbook / Bob Stahl, Elisha Goldstein  2010 1

Multi Author Blogs -- See Blogs

Multi Cultural : Let 'Er Buck! : George Fletcher, the People's Champion  2019 1
Multicultural Literature : Xiang ju Aozhou / zhu bian Zhao Dong  2003 1
Multilingual Dictionaries   80
Multimedia Art : Pause & effect : the art of interactive narrative / Mark Stephen Meadows  2003 1

Multiple Plot Stories -- See Choose-your-own stories

Fiction in which the reader chooses from a number of possible options for developing the story

Multispectral Scanning Images -- See Remote-sensing images

Images of planetary surfaces created by means of reflected or emitted electromagnetic energy
Mumblecore Films : Beeswax / Cinema Guild ; writer, director, editor, Andrew Bujalski ; producers, Dia Sokol, Ethan Vogt  2009 1
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