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Indeterminate Music Aleatory Music -- See Aleatory music

Musical compositions created by chance methods or that may be performed in random or indeterminate style
Index   14
Index Descripteur De Forme   2
Index Not Present   21
  Indexes -- 2 Related Genre/Forms   2
Indexes   378

Indexes Death -- See Death registers


Indexes Geographical Gazetteers -- See Gazetteers

Indexes Reference Sources   2
India : Millets value chain for nutritional security : a replicable success model from India / B. Dayakar Rao (Indian Institute of Millets Research (formerly DSR), Hyderabad, India), N.G. Malleshi (Ex-head, Grain Science Technology, Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore, India), George A. Annor (Department of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Ghana, Ghana) and J.V. Patil (Indian Institute of Millets Research (formerly DSR), Hyderabad, India)  2016 1
India Booksellers Advertisements Allahabad 1890 : The story of the Gadsbys : a tale without a plot / by Rudyard Kipling  1890 1

Indian Captivity Narratives -- See Captivity narratives

First-person accounts of European settlers who were kidnapped by American Indians during the colonial period

Indiana Jones Television Programs -- See Historical television programs

Fictional television programs that portray historical events or famous people
Indianapolis In Wiley Pub C2011 : Linux command line and shell scripting bible / Richard Blum, Christine Bresnahan. 9: Regular expressions -- Chapter 20: Advanced sed -- Chapter 21: Advanced gawk -- Chapter 22: Working with alternative shells. Part IV. Advanced Shell Scripting Topics. Chapter 23: Using a database -- Chapter 24: Using the Web -- Chapter 25: Using e-mail -- Chapter 26: Writing script utilities -- Chapter 27: Advanced shell scripts -- Appendix A: Quick guide to bash commands -- Appendix B: Quick guide to sed and gawk -- Index    1

Indices -- See Indexes

Works consisting wholly or chiefly of systematic guides to the content of resources, usually presented as alphabetical lists of names, places, subjects, etc., with references to their locations in the resources

Indie Films -- See Independent films


Indie Music -- See Alternative rock music

Indigenous Collection   12
Indigenous Focus   8
Indigenous Focus This Resource May Contain The Names Voices And Faces Of People Who Are Now Deceased Which May Cause Distress   3
Indigenous Heritage Adult Non Fiction Print   9
Indigenous Heritage Collection Format : Baby business / Jasmine Seymour  2019 1
Indigenous Materials   3
Indigenous Studies   22
Indigenous Studies Collection   5
Indonesia Feature Films : 9 dragons  2009 1
Indonesian Language Material   57
Indonesian Personal Narratives   2
Industrial : Fire Behavior of Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses  2000 1
Industrial Arts : Industrial biography : Iron-workers and tool-makers / by Samuel Smiles  1996? 1
Industrial Business And Economics Chemical And Biochemical : Safety and Security Review for the Process Industries  2011 1
Industrial Electronics Physics : Semiconductor Safety Handbook  1998 1

Industrial Fiction -- See Social problem fiction

Fiction that features a specific social ill, or contemporary political issue, to draw attention to it
Industrial Films   2
Industrial Mechanical : Compressors  2011 1
Information Analyses   3
Information Technology   2
Information Technology Operating Systems Enterprise Applications : Microsoft Project 2007: The Missing Manual  2007 1

Informational Comics -- See Educational comics

Comics that are intended to impart knowledge and information, including those for classroom use. For comics that use a structured format to teach or train the reader see Instructional comics

Informational Films -- See Educational films

Films that are intended to impart knowledge and information, including those for classroom viewing. For films that use a structured format to teach or train the audience see Instructional films

Informational Television Programs -- See Educational television programs

Television programs intended to impart knowledge and information. For television programs that use a structured format to teach or train the audience see Instructional television programs
  Informational Works -- 57 Related Genre/Forms   57
Informational Works   30
Informe De Reunion : Promoting cooperation for safe migration and decent work / International Labour Organization ; ILO Country Office for Bangladesh  2014 1

Infrared Photographs -- See Also the broader term Photographs

The word PHOTOGRAPHS is a general designation for any photographic process. The narrower terms include both physical media and genre categoriesMain Term

Initiation Stories -- See Bildungsromans

Fiction depicting the development of a character from youth to adulthood
Ink Stamps Provenance   2
Inland Waters : The inland waters of tropical Africa : an introduction to tropical limnology / L. C. Beadle  1974 1
Inscriptions : Causing his name to live : studies in Egyptian epigraphy and history in memory of William J. Murnane / edited by Peter J. Brand and Louise Cooper  2009 1

Installation Art -- See Installation works (Art)

Art constructions or assemblages that use the physical space where they are displayed as part of their design
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