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Flute With Orchestra : Flute adagios  2009 1

Foaf Tales -- See Urban legends

Stories of supposed events in the recent past that may be humorous and/or horrifying and that are popularly believed to be true
Foires Aux Questions   3

Folk Ballads -- See Ballads

European and North American narrative songs that describe a dramatic episode in strophic form, often with a recurrent refrain
Folk Dance Music   24
  Folk Literature -- 3 Related Genre/Forms   3
Folk Literature   8

Folk Lore -- See Folklore

Use for traditional beliefs, legends, and customs of a people; often based on spoken rather than written tradition
  Folk Music -- 4 Related Genre/Forms   4
Folk Music   115
Folk Poetry   2
  Folk Songs -- 2 Related Genre/Forms   2
Folk Songs   108
Folk Songs Breton : Requiem d'Anne de Bretagne / Antoine de Févin  2011 1
Folk Songs Finnish : De angelis  2009 1
Folk Songs Norwegian : Folk songs / Trio Mediaeval  2007 1
Folk Songs Occitan : Kate Royal  2007 1
Folk Songs Papuan : Songs of Papua New Guinea / edited by R. Helfert ; photographs by David Holdsworth  1974 1
  Folk Tales -- 4 Related Genre/Forms   4
Folk Tales   8
Folklore   823
Folklore Texas Juvenile : When the storm god rides : Tejas and other Indian legends / retold by Florence Stratton ; collected by Bessie M. Reid (Mrs. Bruce Reid) ; illustrated by Berniece Burrough  1936 1

Folksongs -- See Folk songs


Folktales -- See Folk tales

Short narratives of uncertain origin that are based on oral tradition

Food Shows Television Programs -- See Television cooking shows

Football Stories   3
For Businesspeople Conversation And Phrase Books   2
For Chinese Speakers Textbooks   3
For Clergy Etc Conversation And Phrase Books : A primer of pastoral Spanish / Michael J. McGrath  2022 1
For Czech Speakers Textbooks   5
For Dutch Speakers Textbooks   2
For English Speakers Films   73
For English Speakers Livres Electronique Textbooks : Composition et grammaire de texte / Dany B. Perramond  1997 1
For English Speakers Sound Recordings   9
For English Speakers Textbooks   403
For Foreign Speakers Films   20
For Foreign Speakers Livres Electronique Textbooks : Apprivoiser l'écrit : techniques de l'écrit et stratégies d'auto-perfectionnement / Christine Besnard et Marie-France Silver  2003 1
For Foreign Speakers Sound Recordings   4
For Foreign Speakers Textbooks   149
For French Speakers Textbooks   2
For German Speakers Textbooks   2
For Italian Speakers Textbooks   2
For Low German Speakers Textbooks : Innovation in Tradition : Tönnies Fonne's Russian-German Phrasebook (Pskov, 1607)  2014 1
For Medical Personnel Conversation And Phrase Books   8
For Merchants Conversation And Phrase Books   4
For Portuguese Speakers Textbooks : Pronunciation instruction for Brazilians : student's book / by Rosane Silveira, Márcia Zimmer and Ubiratã Kickhöfel Alves  2009 1
For Professionals Conversation And Phrase Books : Beginning Japanese for Professionals : Book 3 / Emiko Konomi  2018 1
For Restaurant And Hotel Personnel Conversation And Phrase Books : Atención al cliente de calidad para el área de hospitalidad : más inglés básico para al trabajo / William B. Martin y Stacey Kammerman  2010 1
For Spanish Speakers Textbooks   19
For Tourism Industry Employees Conversation And Phrase Books : Teaching English for tourism : bridging research and praxis / edited by Michael Ennis and Gina Petrie  2019 1
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