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Ethnological Films -- See Ethnographic films


Ethnological Works -- See Ethnographies

Anthropological studies of people and their culture
Etude Comparee Descripteur De Forme   34
Etude De Cas Descripteur De Forme : Evolving practice in EU enlargement : with case studies in agri-food and environment law / by Kirstyn Inglis  2010 1
Etudes De Cas   1217
Etudes De Concert   79
Etudes Diverses   2
Etudes Ethnographiques   12
Etudes Musique   47

Etudes Studies -- See Studies (Music)

Musical works and exercises designed for practice with the aim of perfecting a facet of performing technique. For instrumental pieces designed for performance in order to exploit a facet of performing technique see Concert etudes
Etudes Transculturelles : The transcultural streams of Chinese Canadian identities / edited by Jessica Tsui-yan Li  2019 1

Eucharist Liturgy Of The -- See Liturgical books

Prescribed forms of religious worship and ritual

Eulogia Eulogies -- See Eulogies

Eulogies   9

Eulogiums -- See Eulogies

European Poetry : After translation : the transfer and circulation of modern poetics across the Atlantic / Ignacio Infante  2013 1

Eurowesterns -- See Spaghetti Westerns

Western films usually produced or co-produced by Italian companies and filmed in Europe
Evaluation Studies   84
Evenements Sportifs Filmes : Wrestling at the New York Athletic Club / restored by LoC  1905 1
Evening Service Music   29
  Event Music -- 6 Related Genre/Forms   6
Event Music   3

Exam Papers -- See Examinations


Exam Questions -- See Examinations

Examens   2

Examination Papers -- See Examinations

Examination Question   481

Examination Questions -- See Examinations

Examination Questions   43
Examination Questions Mesh   4

Examination Study Guides -- See Study guides

Works designed to help prepare for examinations or courses of study. For practice problems and exercises designed to develop and improve skills in an area of study, see Problems and exercises
Examination Study Guides   399
Examinationa Questions : Study guide for the practice of nursing research : conduct, critique, and utilization, fifth edition / Nancy Burns, Susan K. Grove  2005 1
Examinations   1649
Examinations Questions : Handbook of multiple choice questions / [by the Australian Medical Council]  2009 1
Examinations Questions Etc   10
Examinations Questions Etc Mesh : How to pass numerical reasoning tests  2003 1

Exams -- See Examinations


Excerpted Resources -- See Excerpts


Excerptions -- See Excerpts


Excerpts -- See Also the narrower term Film excerpts

Parts, usually complete scenes or sequences, extracted from a complete film. For short segments, usually incomplete scenes, of films see Film clips
Excerpts   5815

Executive Orders -- See Also Administrative regulations

Executive Orders   2
  Exempla -- 2 Related Genre/Forms   2
Exempla   3

Exemplums -- See Exempla

Short narratives intended to illustrate a moral point and that are generally found within a sermon or other didactic work
Exercise Books   290
Exercise Music : Hooah! : music for fitness training  2010 1

Exercises And Problems -- See Problems and exercises

Practice problems and exercises designed to develop and improve skills in an area of study. For works designed to help prepare for examinations or courses of study, see Study guides. For works that consist wholly or chiefly of puzzles, word games, coloring pages, instructions for simple science or craft projects, etc., see Activity books
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