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JSTOR Open Access 50 Jahre EU : 50 Jahre Rechtsprechung des Europäischen Gerichtshofs zum Arbeits- und Sozialrecht / Franz Müntefering, Ulrich Becker (Hrsg.)
JSTOR Open Access Los '68 latinoamericanos : movimientos estudiantiles, política y cultura en México, Brasil, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina y Colombia / Pablo Bonavena y Mariano Millán [editores] ; Pablo Bonavena [and eleven others]
JSTOR Open Access 9 to 5 : do you know if your boss knows where you are? / Edward Balkovich, Tora K. Bikson, Gordon Bitko
JSTOR Open Access A ciência como profissão : médicos, bacharéis e cientistas no brasil (1895-1935) / Dominichi Miranda de Sá
JSTOR Open Access A Civil Society The Public Space of Freemason Women in France, 1744-1944
A foreign affair : Billy Wilder's American films / Gerd Gemünden
JSTOR Open Access A Global History of Ideas in the Language of Law / Gunnar Folke Schuppert
JSTOR Open Access A la sombra de los libros : lectura, mercado y vida pública / Fernando Escalante Gonzalbo
JSTOR Open Access À l'ombre de l'Inco : étude de la transition d'une communauté canadienne-française de la région de Sudbury, 1890-1972 / Donald Dennie
JSTOR Open Access A modo de silabario : para leer a Michel Foucault / selección y notas de Nelson Minello Martini
JSTOR Open Access "A world-proof life" : Eleanor Dark, a writer in her times, 1901-1985 / by Marivic Wyndham
JSTOR Open Access Aantekeningen bij Tjan Tjoe Siem's vertaling van de lakon Kurupati rabi / door E.M. Uhlenbeck ; met medewerking van J. Soegiarto
JSTOR Open Access Abbott's gambit : the 2013 Australian federal election / editors, Carol Johnson and John Wanna (with Hsu-Ann Lee)
JSTOR Open Access Abe-Kōbō y la narrativa japonesa de posguerra / Guillermo Quartucci
JSTOR Open Access Aberration of mind : suicide and suffering in the Civil War-era South / Diane Miller Sommerville
JSTOR Open Access Ableism in academia : theorising experiences of disabilities and chronic illnesses in higher education / edited by Nicole Brown and Jennifer Leigh
JSTOR Open Access Aboriginal placenames : naming and re-naming the Australian landscape / editors, Luise Hercus, Harold Koch
JSTOR Open Access Aboriginal Population Profiles for Development Planning in the Northern East Kimberley / John Taylor
JSTOR Open Access About Russia, its revolutions, its development and its present / Michal Reiman
JSTOR Open Access Der Abschreckungseffekt auf die Grundrechtsausübung : Strukturen eines verfassungsrechtlichen Arguments / Julian Staben
JSTOR Open Access The Absent presence of the state in large-scale resource extraction projects / edited by Nicholas Bainton and Emilia E. Skrzypek
JSTOR Open Access Absorbing and developing qualified fighter pilots : the role of the advanced simulator / Richard S. Marken [and others]
JSTOR Open Access Abū Zayd al-Balkhī''s Sustenance of the soul : the cognitive behavior therapy of a ninth century physician / translation and annotation of the ninth century manuscript by Malik Badri
JSTOR Open Access Academic ableism : disability and higher education / Jay Timothy Dolmage
JSTOR Open Access Academias asediadas : convicciones y conveniencias ante la precarización / Alain Basail Rodríguez, coordinador ; Sara Victoria Alvarado, prólogo ; Leticia Salomón, epílogo ; Ricardo Pérez Mora, César Guzmán Tovar, Veronika Sieglin, Ramón Abraham Mena Farrera, Alain Basail Rodríguez, Estela Quintar
JSTOR Open Access L'Academie de Lausanne entre humanisme et réforme (ca. 1537-1560) / par Karine Crousaz
JSTOR Open Access Academic E-Books : Publishers, Librarians, and Users / Suzanne M. Ward, Judith M. Nixon, Robert S. Freeman
JSTOR Open Access Academic Pipeline Programs : Diversifying Pathways from the Bachelor's to the Professoriate / Curtis D. Byrd and Rihana S. Mason
JSTOR Open Access Accelerators in Silicon Valley : building successful startups : searching for the next big thing / Peter Ester
JSTOR Open Access Accentuate the positive : Charleston Conference proceedings, 2012 / editors, Beth R. Bernhardt, Leah H. Hinds, Katina P. Strauch
JSTOR Open Access Acceso, democracia y comunidades virtuales : apropiación de tecnologías digitales desde el Cono Sur / Roberto Canales Reyes y Consuelo Herrera Carvajal (coords.)
JSTOR Open Access Accessibilité et offre active. English.
JSTOR Open Access Accessibilité et offre active : santé et services sociaux en contexte linguistique minoritaire / sous la direction de Marie Drolet, Pier Bouchard, Jacinthe Savard ; avec la collaboration de Josée Benoît et de Solange van Kemenade
JSTOR Open Access Access to behavioral health care for geographically remote service members and dependents in the U.S. / Ryan Andrew Brown, Grant N. Marshall, Joshua Breslau, Coreen Farris, Karen Chan Osilla, Harold Alan Pincus, Teague Ruder, Phoenix Voorhies, Dionne Barnes-Proby, Katherine Pfrommer, Lisa Miyashiro, Yashodhara Rana, David M. Adamson
JSTOR Open Access Access to dental providers in Pennsylvania : exploration of the county-level distribution of dental providers and populations in 2013 / Matthew D. Baird, Michelle K. Baird, Joseph V. Vesely
JSTOR Open Access Acción colectiva, vida cotidiana y democracia / Alberto Melucci
JSTOR Open Access Acción Nacional : el apetito y las responsabilidades del triunfo / Soledad Loaeza
JSTOR Open Access La acción obrera en Las Truchas / Ilán Bizberg
JSTOR Open Access Accountability for after-school care : devising standards and measuring adherence to them / Megan Beckett, Angela Hawken, Alison Jacknowitz
JSTOR Open Access Accounting for culture : thinking through cultural citizenship / edited by Caroline Andrew [and others]
JSTOR Open Access Acervo documental sobre sexualidad y salud reproductiva de adolescentes y jóvenes / Claudio Stern, Elizabeth García
JSTOR Open Access Achieving access to justice in a business and human rights context : an assessment of litigation and regulatory responses in Europe / Virginie Rouas
JSTOR Open Access Achieving higher-fidelity conjunction analyses using cryptography to improve information sharing / Brett Hemenway, William Welser IV, Dave Baiocchi
JSTOR Open Access Achieving peace in northern Mali : past agreements, local conflicts, and the prospects for a durable settlement / Stephanie Pezard, Michael Shurkin
JSTOR Open Access Achieving strong teamwork practices in hospital labor and delivery units / Donna O. Farley [and others]
JSTOR Open Access Achieving viability for public service media in challenging settings : a holistic approach / Naomi Sakr (editor)
JSTOR Open Access Acquisition and Loss of Nationality, 2 : Country Analyses - Policies and Trends in 15 European Countries
JSTOR Open Access Across anthropology : troubling colonial legacies, museums, and the curatorial / edited by Margareta von Oswald and Jonas Tinius
JSTOR Open Access Across the Copperbelt : urban & social change in Central Africa's borderland communities / edited by Miles Larmer, Enid Guene, Benoît Henriet, Iva Peša & Rachel Taylor
JSTOR Open Access Acting emotions : shaping emotions on stage / Elly A. Konijn ; translated by Barbara Leach with David Chambers
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