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Description SAGE Business Cases is a collection of case studies for use in Business and Management courses at all levels, to help students understand theoretical concepts in practice.
Subject area Accounting
  Human Resource Management


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Sage Business Cases Aava natural mineral water. (A) / Anand Kumar Jaiswal, Harit Palan & Ingita Jain
Sage Business Cases Alchemy: An Internal Auditing Case
Sage Business Cases Alternative costing methods : Precision Paint Shop’s dilemma / Eileen Peacock, Paul Juras
Sage Business Cases The beautiful game - the Qatar World Cup 2022 / John March, Chris Wilson
Sage Business Cases A city's desert : no apples in the Big Apple? (A) / Jamie Jones, Jennifer Rowland
Sage Business Cases Crafting a vision & mission statement for the competition commission of India / Sunil Sharma, Biju Varkkey
Sage Business Cases Creating a culture of empowerment and accountability at St. Martin de Porres High School (B) / Liz Livingston Howard, Sachin Waikar & Gail Berger
Sage Business Cases The demise of the Jane Addams Hull House Association : internal or external factors to blame? / Anne Cohn Donnelly & Charlotte Snyder
Sage Business Cases Dragon Soup and earnings management (B) / Craig J. Chapman
Sage Business Cases Driving strategic change at the Junior League. (B) / Michelle Shumate, Liz Livingston Howard & Sachin Waikar
Sage Business Cases Essential services at risk : how can the Corvallis Crisis Line survive? (B) / Djuna Davidson, Stephen Page
Sage Business Cases Ethics case : what's really going on? (A) / Monika Hudson
Sage Business Cases Facebook Beacon : cool feature or an invasion of privacy? (B) / William R. Borchers, Brett W. Lilley, James S. ORourke
Sage Business Cases Forge Group Ltd : director duties, management compensation and ownership, risk, and ethics (b) / Suzanne Maloney
Sage Business Cases From sparks to fired : ethical and internal control violations surrounding business entertainment expenses / M. Elizabeth Haywood, Marge O'Reilly-Allen
Sage Business Cases Information technology sourcing changes in an SME : Ça Va de Soi in the cloud with diamonds. (A) / Simon Bourdeau, Dragos Vieru
Sage Business Cases KS-KPMG / Michèle Zollinger
Sage Business Cases Leader as coach : restoring employee motivation and performance. (B) / Karen L. Cates, Brenda Ellington Booth
Sage Business Cases Managing talent at Lupin Limited (A) / Kirti Sharda
Sage Business Cases Mercedes and the moose test (B) / Daniel Diermeier