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Trials (Robbery) -- Massachusetts : Narrative of the life of James Allen, alias George Walton, alias Jonas Pierce, alias James H. York, alias Burley Grove, the highwayman : being his death-bed confession, to the Warden of the Massachusetts State Prison  1837 1
Trials (Robbery) -- Massachusetts -- Boston : Trial of the twelve Spanish pirates of the Schooner Panda, a Guinea slaver : consisting of Don Pedro Gibert, captain, Bernardo de Soto, mate, Francisco Ruiz, carpenter, Antonio Ferrer, the tattooed cook, Nicola Costa, Manuel Boyga, Domingo de Guzman, Juan Antonio Portana, Manuel Castillo, Angel Garcia, Jose Velazquez, and Juan Montenegro, seamen, for robbery and piracy, committed on board the Brig Mexican, 20th Sept. 1832  1834 1
Trials (Robbery) -- Massachusetts -- Ipswich : Report of the evidence at the trial of Levi & Laban Kenniston : before Hon. Samuel Putam, for the robbery of Major Elijah P. Goodridge, December 19, 1816  1817 1
Trials (Robbery) -- Massachusetts -- Malden : The life, character, and career of Edward W. Green, postmaster of Malden, the murderer of Frank E. Converse  1864 1
Trials (Robbery) -- Mexico -- Tacubaya : Historia del crimen de Tacubaya : robo en cuadrilla, asalto y heridas perpetrados en la casa del señor don Federico Hube, la noche del 19 al 20 de julio de 1882 / por Hilario S. Gabilondo  1882 1
Trials (Robbery) -- New South Wales : The gold escort robbery trials / Noel Thurgood  1988 1
Trials (Robbery) -- New York (State) -- New York   3
Trials (Robbery) -- Rhode Island : Trial, life and confession of Amos Miner : who was executed on Friday Dec. 27, 1833, for the murder of John Smith, Esq., late town-sergeant of Foster : with his speech under the gallows : also, the trial and sentence of Charles Brown for highway robbery : (one of the most interesting works of the kind)  1834 1
Trials (Robbery) -- Scotland : Trial of Deacon Brodie / edited by William Roughead  1921 1
Trials (Robbery) -- Scotland -- Early works to 1800 : An account of the trial of William Brodie and George Smith, before the High Court of Justiciary, on Wednesday the 27th and Thursday the 28th days of August, 1788, for breaking into, and robbing, the General Excise Office of Scotland, on the 5th day of March last : illustrated with notes and anecdotes : to which is added, an appendix, containing several curious papers relative to the trial / by a Jury man  1788 1
Trials (Robbery) -- Scotland -- Edinburgh : Narrative of some interesting particulars respecting Hugh M'Donald, Neil Sutherland, and Hugh M'Intosh, who were executed at Edinburgh, on the 22nd April, with some remarks by the ministers who attended them : to which is added a letter from Hugh M'Intosh to his parents : an account of the execution : and the pastoral admonition of the presbytery of Edinburgh, read in all the churches on 3d of May  1812 1
Trials -- Rome   5
Trials -- Rome -- Sources : Penal practice and penal policy in ancient Rome / Olivia F. Robinson  2007 1
Trials -- Russia   2
Trials (Sabotage)   3
Trials (Sabotage) -- England : Rex, versus James Mountague, W.L. Newman, John Nelson, and four others : report of the trial on an indictment against the defendants for a nuisance in cutting through a road at Grain Bridge, in the county of Kent, at the summer assizes for the county of Surrey, at Guildford, on the 25th, 26th, and 27th of August, 1824, before Mr. Baron Graham, and a special jury / as taken in short-hand by Mr. W.B. Gurney  1824 1
Trials (Sabotage) -- Great Britain : The trial at large of James Hill, otherwise James Hind, otherwise James Aitken, commonly known by the name of John the Painter : who was tried and convicted at the assizes held at Winchester, on Thursday March 6, 1777, and executed and hung in chains, at Portsmouth, on Monday March 10, for setting fire to the rope-house in his Majesty's dock-yard at Portsmouth, on Saturday the 7th of December, 1776 ; together with the confession he made before magistrates and to Commissioner Gambier ; and an account of his behaviour at the time of his execution ; also, the particulars of his life, previous to his setting fire to the dock-yard, which he gave to Mr. White, Keeper of the Goal at Winchester  1777 1
Trials (Sabotage) -- Zimbabwe. : Sabotage and torture / as told to Barbara Cole  1988 1
Trials -- Scotland   8
Trials -- Scotland -- Early works to 1800 : A collection and abridgement of celebrated criminal trials in Scotland from A.D. 1536 to 1784 : with historical and critical remarks / by Hugo Arnot  1785 1
Trials -- Scotland -- Sources   4
Trials (Sedition)   14
Trials (Sedition) -- Australia -- New South Wales -- Sydney : The trial of L.L. Sharkey : speech to Sharkey Protest Meeting held in Sydney, October 21, 1949 / by R. Dixon  1949 1
Trials (Sedition) -- China -- Beijing : Trial, conviction and imprisonment Wei Jingsheng, how should it affect U.S. policy? : hearing before the Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights of the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourth Congress, first session, December 18, 1995  1996 1
Trials (Sedition) -- England -- London -- Early works to 1800 : The tryal and conviction of Sr. Sam. Bernardiston, bart. : for high-misdemeanor at the session of Nisi Prius : holden at Guild-Hall, London, for His Majesties Court of Kings Bench, before the Right Honorable Sir George Jeffreys, knight and baronet, lord chief justice of England, on Thursday, Feb. 14. 1683  1684 1
Trials (Sedition) -- Great Britain   3
Trials (Sedition) -- Russia (Federation) -- Moscow : Report of court proceedings in the case of the Anti-Soviet Trotskyite Centre : heard before the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the U.S.S.R., Moscow, January 23-30, 1937, in re: Y.L. Pyatakov, K.B. Radek, G.Y. Sokolnikov ... [and 14 others] accused of treason against the country, espionage, acts of diversion, wrecking activities and the preparation of terrorist acts, i.e., of crimes covered by articles 58(1a), 58(8), 58(9) and 58(11) of the Criminal code of the R.S.F.S.R  1937 1
Trials (Sedition) -- Scotland -- Edinburgh : The life of Thomas Muir, Esq. Advocate, younger of Huntershill, near Glasgow, member of the convention of delegates for reform in Scotland, etc., etc : who was tried for sedition before the High Court of Justiciary in Scotland, and sentenced to transportation for fourteen years : with a full report on his trial / by Peter Mackenzie  1831 1
Trials (Sedition) -- United States : The Louise Olivereau case [: trial and speech to the jury in Federal Court of Seattle, Wash., November 1917]  1917 1
Trials (Sedition) -- Washington (D.C.)   2
Trials (Seditious libel)   13
Trials (Seditious libel) -- England -- Early works to 1800 : The proceedings and tryal in the case of the Most Reverend Father in God William, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury : and the Right Reverend Father in God, William Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, Francis Lord Bishop of Ely, John Lord Bishop of Chichester, Thomas Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, Thomas Lord Bishop of Peterborough, and Jonathan Lord Bishop of Bristol : in the Court of Kings-Bench at Westminster, in Trinity-Term in fourth year of the reign of King James the Second, Annoque Dom., 1688  1689 1
Trials (Seditious libel) -- England -- London   2
Trials (Seditious libel) -- England -- London -- Early works to 1800 : The trial of John Peter Zenger, of New-York, printer : who was charged with having printed and published a libel against the government and acquitted : with a narrative of his case : to which is now added, being never printed before, the trial of Mr. William Owen, bookseller, near Temple-Bar, who was also charged with the publication of a libel against the government, of which he was honourably acquitted by a jury of free-born Englishmen, citizens of London  1765 1
Trials (Seditious libel) -- Great Britain   4
Trials (Seditious libel) -- Ireland -- Early works to 1800 : Report of the trial of Archibald Hamilton Rowan, Esq. : on an information filed, ex officio, by the Attorney General, for the distribution of a libel : with the subsequent proceedings thereon : containing the arguments of counsel, the opinion of the court, and Mr. Rowan's address to the court at full  1794 1
Trials (Seditious libel) -- New York (State) -- New York : A brief narrative of the case and tryal of John Peter Zenger, printer of the New York weekly journal edited by Paul Finkelman  2000 1
Trials (Seditious libel) -- New York (State) -- New York -- Early works to 1800 : The trial of John Peter Zenger, of New-York, printer : who was charged with having printed and published a libel against the government and acquitted : with a narrative of his case : to which is now added, being never printed before, the trial of Mr. William Owen, bookseller, near Temple-Bar, who was also charged with the publication of a libel against the government, of which he was honourably acquitted by a jury of free-born Englishmen, citizens of London  1765 1
Trials (Seditious libel) -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia : An account of the trial of Thomas Cooper, of Northumberland : on a charge of libel against the President of the United States, taken in short hand with a preface, notes, and appendix / by Thomas Cooper  2003 1
Trials (Seditious libel) -- United States : Repressive jurisprudence in the early American republic : the First amendment and the legacy of English law / Phillip I. Blumberg  2010 1
Trials (Seditious libel) -- Washington (D.C.) : The trial of Reuben Crandall, M.D. : charged with publishing seditious libels by circulating the publications of the American Anti-Slavery Society : before the Circuit Court for the District of Columbia, held at Washington, in April, 1836, occupying the court the period of ten days  1836 1
Trials (Seduction)   8
Trials (Seduction) -- France -- Aix-en-Provence -- History -- 18th century : The wanton Jesuit and the wayward saint : a tale of sex, religion, and politics in eighteenth-century France / Mita Choudhury  2015 1
Trials (Seduction) -- Ireland -- Dublin : A report of the trial of the action in which Bartholomew M'Garahan was the plaintiff, and the Rev. Thomas Maguire was the defendant : tried in the Court of the Exchequer in Ireland, before the Hon. Baron Smith, on Thursday, the 13th, and Friday, the 14th of Dec., 1827 / by James Mongan, Esq. barrister at law  1827 1
Trials (Seduction) -- Ireland -- Ennis : A report of the trial on an action for damages, brought by the Reverend Charles Massy against the most noble, the Marquis of Headfort, for criminal conversation with plaintiff's wife : damages laid at £40,000 / taken in short-hand by an eminent barrister  1804 1
Trials (Seduction) -- New Hampshire : Statement & review of the whole case of the Reverend Joy H. Fairchild : from its commencement to its termination / compiled from original documents by a Member of the Suffolk Bar ; with an appendix containing all the correspondence, and the testimony of the principal witnesses before the Ecclesiastical Council at Exeter, and the Municipal Court at Boston  1845 1
Trials (Seduction) -- New Hampshire -- Exeter : Review of the proceedings and result of the council in the case of Mr. Fairchild  1844 1
Trials (Seduction) -- New York (State) -- Canandaigua : Trial of Rev. Issachar Grosscup, for the seduction of Roxana L. Wheeler : comprising the testimony in the case and also a sketch of the arguments addressed to the jury in behalf of the defense by Lapham, Bowne and Willson, and the reply in behalf of the prosecution by Mark H. Sibley, Esq., at the February Circuit of the Supreme Court, held at Canandaigua, Ontario county, 1848  1848 1
Trials (Seduction) -- New York (State) -- Cases : Chester A. Boyce, pl'ff in error, ag'st the People, def'ts in error  1873? 1
Trials (Seduction) -- New York (State) -- New York : Important trial for seduction in the Superior Court of N. York before Justice Oakley : Nancy Van Haun vs. Silas E. Burrows on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th November, 1833  1833? 1
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