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Employees -- Transfer -- Case studies : Thompson Technology : a case study in controlling labor costs. Scenario A, Restructuring after a hiring freeze / Myrna L. Gusdorf  2016 1
Employees -- Transfer -- Law and legislation. : Praxishandbuch auslandseinsatz von mitarbeitern : die optimale  2012 1
Employees -- Transfer -- Law and legislation -- Germany : Praxishandbuch auslandseinsatz von mitarbeitern : die optimale  2012 1

Transfer, Energy -- See Energy Transfer

The transfer of energy of a given form among different scales of motion. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed). It includes the transfer of kinetic energy and the transfer of chemical energy. The transfer of chemical energy from one molecule to another depends on proximity of molecules so it is often used as in techniques to measure distance such as the use of FORSTER RESONANCE ENERGY TRANSFER
Transfer factor (Immunology) -- Therapeutic use -- Congresses. : Transfer factor : basic properties and clinical applications / edited by Michael S. Ascher, A. Arthur Gottlieb, Charles H. Kirkpatrick  1976 1

Transfer Flavoprotein, Electron -- See Electron-Transferring Flavoproteins

Flavoproteins that serve as specific electron acceptors for a variety of DEHYDROGENASES. They participate in the transfer of electrons to a variety of redox acceptors that occur in the respiratory chain
Transfer function : Schaum's Feedback and Control Systems Problem 6.44: Transfer Function Example 1 / Carlotta A. Berry  c2013 1
Transfer function of a system : Schaum's Signals and Systems Supplementary Problem 3.55: Transfer Functions Example 1 / Carlotta A. Berry  c2013 1

Transfer functions -- See Also the narrower term Optical transfer function

Transfer functions.   11
Transfer functions -- Congresses : Characteristic functions, scattering functions and transfer functions : the Moshe Livsic memorial volume / Daniel Alpay, Victor Vinnikov, editors  2010 1

Transfer, Gamete Intrafallopian -- See Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer

A technique that came into use in the mid-1980's for assisted conception in infertile women with normal fallopian tubes. The protocol consists of hormonal stimulation of the ovaries, followed by laparoscopic follicular aspiration of oocytes, and then the transfer of sperm and oocytes by catheterization into the fallopian tubes
Transfer impedance. : Impedance source power electronic converters / authored by Yushan Liu, Texas A & M University at Qatar, Qatar Foundation, Doha, Qatar ; Haitham Abu-Rub, Texas A & M University at Qatar, Qatar Foundation, Doha, Qatar ; Baoming Ge, Texas A & M University, College Station, USA ; Frede Blaabjerg, Aalborg University, Aalborg East, Denmark ; Omar Ellabban, Texas A & M University at Qatar, Qatar Foundation, Doha, Qatar, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt ; Poh Chiang Loh, Aalborg University, Aalborg East, Denmark 0002732136  2016 1

Transfer, Intestinal Microbiota -- See Fecal Microbiota Transplantation

Transfer of GASTROINTESTINAL MICROBIOTA from one individual to another by infusion of donor FECES to the upper or lower GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT of the recipient

Transfer, Language (Language learning) -- See Language transfer (Language learning)

  Transfer (Law) -- 5 Related Subjects   5
Transfer (Law)   22
Transfer (Law) -- Australia. : Alienation of income / Bernard Marks  1978 1
Transfer (Law) -- Australia -- Victoria. : The law relating to the transfer of land, comprising the Transfer of Land Act 1928 (Victoria) and other acts affecting the transfer of land with commentary, notes of Australasian decisions, forms in general use and rulings and practice of the Office of Titles / by H. Dallas Wiseman  1931 1

Transfer (Law) Conflict of laws -- See Conflict of laws Transfer

Transfer (Law) -- Europe   8
Transfer (Law) -- Europe -- Congresses   2
Transfer (Law) -- European Union countries : Acquisition and loss of ownership of goods (PEL Acq. Own.) / prep. by Brigitta Lurger, Wolfgang Faber ; in co-operation with Anastasios Moraitis [and others] ; with advice from the Advisory Council and the Drafting Committee approved by the Co-ordinating Group ; particular advice on the drafting of the articles from Eric Clive  2011 1
Transfer (Law) -- Germany   2
Transfer (Law) -- Great Britain   2
Transfer (Law) -- India : Commentaries on the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 : (Act IV of 1882) amended by Acts III of 1885 and II of 1900 / by Horatio Hale Shephard and Kenworthy Brown  1903 1
Transfer (Law) -- Italy : Della tutela dei diritti / Roberto Triola  2012 1
Transfer learning (Machine learning)   3

Transfer machines -- See Machine-tools


Transfer, Momentum -- See Momentum transfer


Transfer, Nerve -- See Nerve Transfer

Surgical reinnervation of a denervated peripheral target using a healthy donor nerve and/or its proximal stump. The direct connection is usually made to a healthy postlesional distal portion of a non-functioning nerve or implanted directly into denervated muscle or insensitive skin. Nerve sprouts will grow from the transferred nerve into the denervated elements and establish contact between them and the neurons that formerly controlled another area
Nursing home patients -- Transfer.   2
Nursing home patients -- Transfer -- Research -- Case studies. : Mixed methods in action : the dilemma of nursing home residents relocated to hospital / Olivia Kada & Herbert Janig  2016 1
Nursing home residents -- Transfer   2

Transfer of agrotechnology -- See Agriculture Technology transfer


Transfer of cause -- See Also Forum non conveniens

Transfer of cause.   4
Transfer of cause -- European Union countries : CoopĂ©ration entre juges nationaux et Cour de justice de l'UE : Le renvoi prĂ©judiciel  2013 1
Transfer of cause -- Pennsylvania : Violent youth in adult court : the decertification of transferred offenders / Kareem L. Jordan  2006 1
Transfer of cause -- United States.   3
Transfer of cause -- Victoria : Final report on case transfer / Case Transfer Committee ; written for the Committee by J.A. Epstein, E.W. Wright  1990 1

Transfer of copyright -- See Copyright Transfer


Transfer of development rights -- See Development rights transfer


Transfer of embryo -- See Embryo transplantation

--subdivision Embryos--Transplantation under individual animals and groups of animals, e.g. Cattle--Embryos--Transplantation; Livestock--Embryos--Transplantation

Transfer of employees -- See Employees Transfer

Here are entered works on the transfer of employees from one department or position to another within the same company, within the same geographical location. Works on the transfer of employees by their companies to another geographical location are entered under Employees--Relocation

--subdivision Officials and employees--Transfer under names of countries, cities, etc. and under individual government departments, agencies, etc.; and subdivision Transfer under occupational groups and types of employees
Transfer of Hong Kong's Sovereignty (1997) : People and Power : Hong Kong Endgame / Director: Lee, Lynn  2020 1
Victoria. Transfer of Land Act 1890. : The Transfer of Land Act 1890 : with notes thereon and a comparative table of the whole of the Australasian land transfer acts / by F.G. Duffy and J.G. Eagleson  1895 1
Victoria. Transfer of Land Act 1915 : The law relating to contracts and conditions of sale under the Transfer of Land Act, 1915 / by J. McDonald Martin  1922 1
Victoria. Transfer of Land Act 1928   2
Australia. Transfer of Land Act 1958 : Priorities / Law Reform Commission of Victoria  1989 1
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