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Spedizione dei Mille, Italy, 1860 -- See Expedition of the Thousand, Italy, 1860


Spedizione Malaspina (1789-1794) -- See Expedición Malaspina (1789-1794)

Spedley Securities Limited : Report of the special investigation into Spedley Securities Limited / Australian Securities & Investments Commission  1998 1
Spee, Maximilian, Graf von, 1861-1914. : The First World War: Global War - Ep 3 of 10 / Director: Sturner, Cornea  2003 1
  Speech -- 16 Related Subjects   16
Speech.   163

Speech Acoustic -- See Speech Acoustics

The acoustic aspects of speech in terms of frequency, intensity, and time
Speech Acoustics   3

Speech act theory (Linguistics) -- See Speech acts (Linguistics)


Speech acts (Linguistics) -- See Also the narrower term Assertion (Linguistics)

Speech acts (Linguistics)   201
Speech acts (Linguistics) -- Case studies.   4
Speech acts (Linguistics) -- Congresses.   6
Speech acts (Linguistics) -- Cross-cultural studies.   2
Speech acts (Linguistics) -- Data processing : How to do corpus pragmatics on pragmatically annotated data : speech acts and beyond / Martin Weisser  2018 1
Speech acts (Linguistics) -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. : The handbook of speech production / edited by Melissa A. Redford  2015 1
Speech acts (Linguistics) -- History : Spoken word and social practice : orality in Europe (1400-1700) / edited by Thomas V. Cohen and Lesley K. Twomey  2015 1
Speech acts (Linguistics) in literature.   2
Speech acts (Linguistics) -- Periodicals : Limbaj și context : revistǎ internaționalǎ de lingvisticǎ, semioticǎ și știința literarǎ  2009- 1
Speech acts (Linguistics) -- Philosophy   3
Speech acts (Linguistics) -- Political aspects : Discursive illusions in public discourse : theory and practice / Aditi Bhatia  2015 1
Speech acts (Linguistics) -- Religious aspects. : The Representation of Speech Events in Chariton's Callirhoe and the Acts of the Apostles  2014 1
Speech acts (Linguistics) -- Religious aspects -- Christianity   5
Speech acts (Linguistics) -- Research. : Research methods in language acquisition : principles, procedures, and practices / Maria Blume, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, and Barbara C. Lust, Cornell University ; collaborators: Yuchin Chien, Department of Psychology, California State University, Cristina D. Dye, Center for Linguistics and Language Sciences, Newcastle University, Claire A. Foley, Department of Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literatures, Boston College, Yarden Kedar, Department of Early Childhood Education, Beit Berl College  2017 1
Speech acts (Linguistics) -- Research -- Case studies. : Video Analysis of Role and Identity in Science Classrooms Through Student and Teacher Pronoun Use / Shanahan  2017 1
Speech acts (Linguistics) -- Research -- Methodology : How to do corpus pragmatics on pragmatically annotated data : speech acts and beyond / Martin Weisser  2018 1
Speech acts (Linguistics) -- Study and teaching   2

Speech, Alaryngeal -- See Also Larynx, Artificial

A device, activated electronically or by expired pulmonary air, which simulates laryngeal activity and enables a laryngectomized person to speak. Examples of the pneumatic mechanical device are the Tokyo and Van Hunen artificial larynges. Electronic devices include the Western Electric electrolarynx, Tait oral vibrator, Cooper-Rand electrolarynx and the Ticchioni pipe
Speech, Alaryngeal. : Head and neck cancer (Ward)  2014 1
COMPUTERS -- Speech & Audio Processing.   110
Speech and gesture.   17
Speech and gesture -- Africa, West : Recurrent gestures of Hausa speakers / by Izabela Will  2021 1
Speech and gesture -- Canada. : Looking Beyond Words : Gestures in the Pedagogy of Second Languages in Multilingual Canada  2015 1
Speech and gesture -- Political aspects -- Israel. : Body, language and meaning in conflict situations : a semiotic analysis of gesture-word mismatches in Israeli-Jewish and Arab discourse / Orit Sônia Waisman  2010 1
Speech and gesture -- Study and teaching : Where do nouns come from? / edited by John B. Haviland, University of California, San Diego  2015 1
Speech and gesture -- Taiwan : Language and gesture in Chinese conversation / Kawai Chui  2022 1
Speech and language. : Developing baseline communication skills : games and activities for 3-5 year olds / Catherine Delamain, Jill Spring  2018 1

Speech And Language Disorder With Orofacial Dyspraxia -- See Apraxias

A group of cognitive disorders characterized by the inability to perform previously learned skills that cannot be attributed to deficits of motor or sensory function. The two major subtypes of this condition are ideomotor (see APRAXIA, IDEOMOTOR) and ideational apraxia, which refers to loss of the ability to mentally formulate the processes involved with performing an action. For example, dressing apraxia may result from an inability to mentally formulate the act of placing clothes on the body. Apraxias are generally associated with lesions of the dominant PARIETAL LOBE and supramarginal gyrus. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp56-7)
Speech & language disorders & therapy.   10

Speech and social classes -- See Speech and social status

Speech and social status.   25
Speech and social status -- Australia. : Language management in education : the Australian context / W.P. Robinson  1978 1
Speech and social status -- Bolivia -- Saipina (Santa Cruz) : Between the Andes and the Amazon : Language and Social Meaning in Bolivia / Anna M. Babel  2018 1
Speech and social status -- Drama : Pygmalion / by George Bernard Shaw  1995 1
Speech and social status -- England : Everyday language & everyday life / Richard Hoggart  2017 1
Speech and social status -- England -- Drama. : Pygmalion / Bernard Shaw ; edited by Leonard Conolly  2013 1
Speech and social status -- England -- History -- 16th century. : The Inarticulate Renaissance : Language Trouble in an Age of Eloquence / Carla Mazzio  2016 1
Speech and social status -- England -- Norwich. : The social differentiation of English in Norwich  1974 1
Speech and social status -- France -- Paris. : A sociolinguistic history of Parisian French / R. Anthony Lodge  2004 1
Speech and social status -- Great Britain -- History. : 'Talking proper' : the rise of accent as social symbol / Lynda Mugglestone  2007 1
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