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Sites, Cholinoceptive -- See Receptors, Cholinergic

Cell surface proteins that bind acetylcholine with high affinity and trigger intracellular changes influencing the behavior of cells. Cholinergic receptors are divided into two major classes, muscarinic and nicotinic, based originally on their affinity for nicotine and muscarine. Each group is further subdivided based on pharmacology, location, mode of action, and/or molecular biology

Sites, Chromosome Fragile -- See Chromosome Fragile Sites

Specific loci that show up during KARYOTYPING as a gap (an uncondensed stretch in closer views) on a CHROMATID arm after culturing cells under specific conditions. These sites are associated with an increase in CHROMOSOME FRAGILITY. They are classified as common or rare, and by the specific culture conditions under which they develop. Fragile site loci are named by the letters "FRA" followed by a designation for the specific chromosome, and a letter which refers to which fragile site of that chromosome (e.g. FRAXA refers to fragile site A on the X chromosome. It is a rare, folic acid-sensitive fragile site associated with FRAGILE X SYNDROME.)

Sites, Combining -- See Binding Sites

The parts of a macromolecule that directly participate in its specific combination with another molecule

Sites - Conservation and protection -- See Also the narrower term Sites - Conservation and protection - National Estate Register

Sites - Dreaming tracks   13

Sites, Excavation (Archaeology) -- See Excavations (Archaeology)


Sites, Excavation (Paleontology) -- See Paleontological excavations

Sites -- Excavations   2

Sites, Fossil -- See Paleontological excavations


Sites, Gold mining -- See Gold mines and mining

--subdivision Gold discoveries under names of countries, etc

Sites, Hazardous Waste -- See Hazardous Waste Sites

Sites where HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES are deposited. Some have facilities for safely storing, processing, and recycling these waste products

Sites, Hibernation -- See Hibernacula (Animal habitations)


Sites, Historic -- See Historic sites

Sites -- Historical   2
Sites historiques -- Conservation et restauration. : Archaeology, cultural heritage, and the antiquities trade / edited by Neil Brodie [and others] ; foreword by Paul A. Shackel  2006 1
Sites historiques -- Conservation et restauration -- Aspect économique -- Grande-Bretagne. : Enterprise and heritage : crosscurrents of national culture / edited by John Corner and Sylvia Harvey  1991 1
Sites historiques -- Conservation et restauration -- Aspect moral. : Archaeology, cultural heritage, and the antiquities trade / edited by Neil Brodie [and others] ; foreword by Paul A. Shackel  2006 1
Sites historiques -- États-Unis -- Anecdotes. : American places : encounters with history : a celebration of Sheldon Meyer / edited by William E. Leuchtenburg  2000 1
Sites historiques -- Memoire collective. : Memory and the city in ancient Israel / edited by Diana V. Edelman and Ehud Ben Zvi  2013 1

Sites, Important bird -- See Important bird areas

Sites Internet -- Audience. : Practical Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for developers / Jonathan Weber and the team at LunaMetrics  2015 1

Sites, Job -- See Workplace

Place or physical location of work or employment

Sites, Lunar landing -- See Lunar landing sites

Sites - Middens   4
Sites - Mortuary sites and cemeteries   3

Sites - Mounds -- See Sites - Earth mounds


Sites, Neoplasm -- See Neoplasms by Site

A collective term for precoordinated organ/neoplasm headings locating neoplasms by organ, as BRAIN NEOPLASMS; DUODENAL NEOPLASMS; LIVER NEOPLASMS; etc

Sites of significance -- See Sites - Sites of significance

Topical term modified 13/3/2007
Sites of significance Sites   2
  Sites - Quarries -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Sites - Quarries - Stone : The good country: Cranbourne Shire / With contributions by Leslie M. Key  1968 1

Sites, Sacred -- See Sacred space

Sites - Sacred sites   2
  Sites - Scarred trees -- 2 Related Subjects   2

Sites - Sites of significance -- See Also the narrower term Sites - Sites of significance - Significance values and criteria

Topical term added 13/3/2007
Sites - Sites of significance.   4
Sites - Stone arrangements   3

Sites - Stone quarries -- See Sites - Quarries - Stone

Topical term modified 25/1/2007

Sites, Water-saturated (Archaeology) -- See Water-saturated sites (Archaeology)


Sites, Web -- See Web sites

--names of individual Web sites and subdivision Computer network resources under subjects
Sites Web -- Classement -- Informatique. : Soft computing in Web information retrieval : models and applications / Enrique Herrera-Viedma, Gabriella Pasi, Fabio Crestani (eds.)  2006 1
Sites Web -- Conception.   6
Sites Web -- Conception -- Guides, manuels, etc. : Webmaster in a nutshell / Stephen Spainhour and Robert Eckstein  1999 1
Sites Web -- Création.   2
Sites Web -- Design. : Letting go of the words : writing Web content that works / Janice (Ginny) Redish  2007 1
Sites Web -- Développement.   16
Sites Web -- Gestion. : Beginning Drupal 7 / Todd Tomlinson  2010 1
Sites Web -- Référencement. : SEO warrior / John I. Jerkovic  2010 1
Sites Web -- Répertoires. : International business information on the web : Searcher magazine's guide to sites and strategies for global business research / Sheri R. Lanza ; edited and with a foreword by Barbara Quint  2001 1
Sites Web -- Systèmes-auteur.   4
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