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Regeneration (Biology) -- Congresses   2
Regeneration (Biology) -- Fiction   2
Regeneration (Biology) -- History : Wound healing, fibrosis, and the myofibroblast : a historical and biological perspective / Giulio Gabbiani, Matteo Coen, Fabio Zampieri  2022 1
Regeneration (Biology) -- Laboratory manuals   3
Regeneration (Biology) -- Periodicals   6
Regeneration (Biology) -- Research : Stem cell and gene-based therapy : frontiers in regenerative medicine / [edited by] Alexander Battler and Jonathan Leor  2006 1

Regeneration, Bone -- See Bone Regeneration

Renewal or repair of lost bone tissue. It excludes BONY CALLUS formed after BONE FRACTURES but not yet replaced by hard bone

Regeneration (Botany) -- See Also the narrower term Trees Wounds and injuries

Regeneration (Botany)   3
Regeneration (Botany) -- Australia. : Bush regeneration : recovering Australian landscapes / Robin A. Buchanan  1989 1
Regeneration (Botany) -- Australia -- Juvenile fiction.   2
Regeneration (Botany) -- Australia -- Lake Mountain (Vic.) : The impact of woodchip mulch on regeneration of cross-country ski trails at Lake Mountain, Victoria / Sally L. Kimber and John F. Jenkin  1996 1
Regeneration (Botany) -- Australia -- Northern Territory -- Ranger Uranium Mine : Effect of vegetation and surface amelioration on simulated landform evolution of the post-mining landscape at ERA Ranger Mine, Northern Territory / Kenneth G. Evans ... [and others]  1998 1
Regeneration (Botany) -- Australia -- Victoria.   3
Regeneration (Botany) -- Australia -- Victoria -- Darebin Parklands : Darebin Parklands : escaping the claws of the machine / Sarah Mirams  2011 1
Regeneration Brain   10
Regeneration Cardiovascular system Japan : Cardiovascular regeneration therapies using tissue engineering approaches / H. Mori, H. Matsuda (eds.)  2005 1
Regeneration Cartilage   3
Regeneration Central nervous system   6
Regeneration Central nervous system Congresses : Opportunities and challenges of the therapies targeting CNS regeneration / H.D. Perez, B. Mitrovic, A. Baron van Evercooren, editors  2005 1
Regeneration Cornea : Corneal regeneration : therapy and surgery / Jorge L. Alió, Jorge L. Alió del Barrio, Francisco Arnalich-Montiel, editors  2019 1
Regeneration Cornea Laboratory manuals : Corneal regenerative medicine : methods and protocols / edited by Bernice Wright, Che J. Connon  2013 1
Regeneration Dental pulp : Regenerative dentistry / Mona K. Marei, editor  2010 1
Regeneration Dentin : Regenerative dentistry / Mona K. Marei, editor  2010 1
Regeneration Elastic tissue : Elastic Fiber Matrices  2016 1
Regeneration Eucalyptus Australia Victoria : Options for seedbed preparation and seed supply for the regeneration of mixed Eucalypt forests in north-eastern Victoria / Julian Di Stefano ... [and others]  2010 1

Regeneration (Forestry) -- See Forest regeneration

Here are entered works on the reproduction of forests by natural processes. Works on artificial reproduction of forests are entered under Reforestation. Works on the process of returning forests to their original structure, productivity, ecological integrity, and species diversity are entered under Forest restoration

Regeneration, Guided Tissue -- See Guided Tissue Regeneration

Procedures for enhancing and directing tissue repair and renewal processes, such as BONE REGENERATION; NERVE REGENERATION; etc. They involve surgically implanting growth conducive tracks or conduits (TISSUE SCAFFOLDING) at the damaged site to stimulate and control the location of cell repopulation. The tracks or conduits are made from synthetic and/or natural materials and may include support cells and induction factors for CELL GROWTH PROCESSES; or CELL MIGRATION
Regeneration Hair cells   2
Regeneration Hair follicles : Hair follicle regeneration / Francisco Jimenez, Claire Higgins, editors  2022 1
Regeneration in literature.   5
Regeneration Intervertebral disk : Cells and biomaterials for intervertebral disc regeneration / Sibylle Grad [and others]  2010 1
Regeneration -- Japan. : Cardiovascular regeneration therapies using tissue engineering approaches / H. Mori, H. Matsuda (eds.)  2005 1
Regeneration Joints : Repair and regeneration of ligaments, tendons, and joint capsule / edited by William R. Walsh  2006 1
Regeneration Kidneys   2
Regeneration Leg : Morphological and cellular aspects of tail and limb regeneration in lizards : a model system with implications for tissue regeneration in mammals / Lorenzo Alibardi  2010 1

Regeneration, Liver -- See Liver Regeneration

Repair or renewal of hepatic tissue
Regeneration Liver   8
Regeneration Liver Congresses : Hepatotrophic Factors  1978 1
Regeneration Muscles   4
Regeneration Muscles Animal models   2
Regeneration Myocardium   18
Regeneration Myocardium Laboratory manuals   3
Regeneration (Mythology) : The two and the one / Mircea Eliade ; translated by J. M. Cohen  1979 1

Regeneration, Nerve -- See Nerve Regeneration

Renewal or physiological repair of damaged nerve tissue
Regeneration Nerves : Tissue and organ regeneration in adults : extension of the paradigm to several organs / Ioannis V. Yannas  2014 1
Regeneration Nerves, Peripheral   2
Régénération nerveuse.   2
Regeneration Nervous system   30
Regeneration Nervous system Periodicals : Neurotoxicity research    1
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