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Reacción en cadena de la polimerasa.   2
Reacciones químicas : Stochastic chemical reaction systems in biology / Hong Qian, Hao Ge  2021 1
Reaccions químiques.   2
REACH : enregistrement, évaluation, autorisation et restriction des produits chimiques. : Participatory governance in the EU : enhancing or endangering democracy and efficiency? / Karl-Oskar Lindgren, Thomas Persson  2011 1
REACH (System)   2
Reacher, Jack (Fictitious character)   3
Reacher, Jack (Fictitious character) -- Fiction.   3
Reaches (Choreographic work : Driver) : Harry dance and other works by Senta Driver  2014 1
Reaching High Inc -- History : Reaching high : a program promoting positive approaches to learning differences / Lyn Loger ... [and others]  2006 1
Reações químicas.   3
Reacoes quimicas (cinetica e mecanismo)   2
React (Computer file) : Beginning React and Firebase : create four beginner-friendly projects using React and Firebase / Nabendu Biswas  2022 1
React (Computer program) : Progressive web apps with React : create lightning fast web apps with native power using React and Firebase / Scott Domes  2017 1
React (Electronic recource) : Springer Nature computing video. Front-end development with iPad pro and Raspberry pi 4 / produced by Apress  2022 1
React (Electronic resource)   13
React (JavaScript library)   2
React Native.   2
  Reactance (Electricity) -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Reactance (Electricity)   2

Reactance (Psychology) -- See Psychological reactance

Réacteurs à eau sous pression. : Thermal analysis of pressurized water reactors / L.S. Tong, Joel Weisman  1996 1
Réacteurs à fusion -- Matériaux. : High temperature superconductors (HTS) for energy applications / edited by Ziad Melhem  2012 1
Réacteurs chimiques. : Organic synthesis engineering / L.K. Doraiswamy  2001 1
Reactiekinetiek. : Femtochemistry and femtobiology : ultrafast dynamics in molecular science : University of Castilla-La Mancha, Toledo, Spain, September 2-6, 2001 / editors, Abderrazzak Douhal, Jesus Santamaria  2002 1
Reactiemechanismen (chemie) : Advanced organic chemistry : reaction mechanisms / Reinhard Bruckner  2002 1

Reaction, Abiotic Stress -- See Stress, Physiological

The unfavorable effect of environmental factors (stressors) on the physiological functions of an organism. Prolonged unresolved physiological stress can affect HOMEOSTASIS of the organism, and may lead to damaging or pathological conditions

Reaction, Acrosome -- See Acrosome reaction

  Reaction, Acute phase -- 2 Related Subjects   2

Reaction, Adverse Drug -- See Drug Toxicity

Manifestations of the adverse effects of drugs administered therapeutically or in the course of diagnostic techniques. It does not include accidental or intentional poisoning for which specific headings are available

Reaction, Allergic -- See Hypersensitivity

Altered reactivity to an antigen, which can result in pathologic reactions upon subsequent exposure to that particular antigen

Reaction, Anaphylactic -- See Anaphylaxis

An acute hypersensitivity reaction due to exposure to a previously encountered ANTIGEN. The reaction may include rapidly progressing URTICARIA, respiratory distress, vascular collapse, systemic SHOCK, and death

Reaction, Anniversary -- See Adjustment Disorders

Maladaptive reactions to identifiable psychosocial stressors occurring within a short time after onset of the stressor. They are manifested by either impairment in social or occupational functioning or by symptoms (depression, anxiety, etc.) that are in excess of a normal and expected reaction to the stressor

Reaction, Antigen-Antibody -- See Antigen-Antibody Reactions

The processes triggered by interactions of ANTIBODIES with their ANTIGENS

Reaction, Autocatalytic -- See Autocatalysis


Reaction, Browning -- See Maillard Reaction

A group of nonenzymatic reactions in which aldehydes, ketones, or reducing sugars react with the amino groups of amino acids, peptides, proteins, lipids, or nucleic acids, ultimately resulting in the irreversible formation of ADVANCED GLYCATION END PRODUCTS. Food browning reactions, such as those that occur with cooking with high heat are attributed to this reaction type. This reaction also occurs in vivo and is accelerated under hyperglycemia, oxidative stress, and inflammatory conditions

Reaction Centers, Photosynthetic -- See Photosynthetic Reaction Center Complex Proteins

Protein complexes that take part in the process of PHOTOSYNTHESIS. They are located within the THYLAKOID MEMBRANES of plant CHLOROPLASTS and a variety of structures in more primitive organisms. There are two major complexes involved in the photosynthetic process called PHOTOSYSTEM I and PHOTOSYSTEM II

Reaction, Conditions and laws of (Chemistry) -- See Chemical reaction, Conditions and laws of


Reaction, Conversion -- See Conversion Disorder

A disorder whose predominant feature is a loss or alteration in physical functioning that suggests a physical disorder but that is actually a direct expression of a psychological conflict or need
Réaction de polymérisation en chaîne -- Méthodes. : PCR strategies / edited by Michael A. Innis, David H. Gelfand, and John J. Sninsky  1995 1
Reaction-diffusion equations.   21
Reaction-diffusion equations -- Congresses : Recent progress on reaction-diffusion systems and viscosity solutions / editors, Yihong Du, Hitoshi Ishii, Wei-Yueh Lin  2009 1
Reaction-diffusion equations -- Numerical solutions.   3
Reaction-diffusion equations -- Textbooks : Stochastic modelling of reaction-diffusion processes / Radek Erban (University of Oxford), S. Jonathan Chapman (University of Oxford)  2020 1

Reaction, Dissociative -- See Dissociative Disorders

Sudden temporary alterations in the normally integrative functions of consciousness
Réaction en chaine de la polymérase.   2
Réaction en chaîne de la polymérase -- Manuels de laboratoire.   2

Reaction, Escape -- See Escape Reaction

Innate response elicited by sensory stimuli associated with a threatening situation, or actual confrontation with an enemy

Reaction, Flight -- See Escape Reaction

Innate response elicited by sensory stimuli associated with a threatening situation, or actual confrontation with an enemy
Reaction forces. : Planar Multibody Dynamics : Formulation, Programming with MATLAB®, and Applications, Second Edition  2018 1
  Reaction, Foreign-body -- 2 Related Subjects   2
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