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Principle (Philosophy)   8
Principle (Philosophy) -- History : Das Prinzipienproblem in der Philosophie des Thomas von Aquin / von Wilfried Kühn  1982 1

Principle, Pleasure-Pain -- See Pleasure-Pain Principle

The psychoanalytic concept that man instinctively seeks to avoid pain and discomfort and strives for gratification and pleasure
Principles.   9
Principles and parameters (Linguistics)   28
Principles and parameters (Linguistics) -- Congresses   2
Principles and parameters (taalkunde)   7

Principles, Double Effect -- See Double Effect Principle

Guideline for determining when it is morally permissible to perform an action to pursue a good end with knowledge that the action will also bring about bad results. It generally states that, in cases where a contemplated action has such double effect, the action is permissible only if: it is not wrong in itself; the bad result is not intended; the good result is not a direct causal result of the bad result; and the good result is "proportionate to" the bad result. (from Solomon, "Double Effect," in Becker, The Encyclopedia of Ethics, 1992)
Principles for Responsible Management Education (Initiative)   4
Snell, Edmund Henry Turner, 1841-1869. Principles of equity. : An analysis of the eighth edition of Snell's Principles of equity : with notes thereon / by E.E. Blyth  1887 1
Jones, William, 1746-1794. Principles of government : The proceedings in the cause the King against the Dean of St. Asaph : on the prosecution of William Jones, Gent., for a libel : at the Great Session held at Wrexham, for the county of Denbigh, on Monday, Sept. 1, 1783, before the Hon. Lloyd Kenyon, Chief Justice, and the Hon. Daines Barrington, the other justice of our Lord the King of his Great Session of the county of Denbigh / taken in short-hand by Joseph Gurney  1783? 1
principles of human knowledge : The Routledge Guidebook to Berkeley's Three Dialogues  2018 1
International Institute for the Unification of Private Law. Principles of international commercial contracts.   5

Principles of Judaism -- See Judaism Creeds

Here are entered works that contain or discuss collections of the various formulations that list systematically the contents of Jewish belief. Works containing individual creeds or discussions of them are entered under the heading for the creed, e.g. Maimonides, Moses, 1135-1204. 13 ʻiḳre ha-emunah
Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970. Principles of mathematics. : The evolution of Principia mathematica : Bertrand Russell's manuscripts and notes for the second edition / Bernard Linsky  2011 1
Paley, William, 1743-1805. Principles of moral and political philosophy. : Analysis of Paley's principles of moral and political philosophy / by C. V. Le Grice  1811 1
Whitehead, Alfred North, 1861-1947. Principles of natural knowledge -- Congresses : Les principes de la connaissance naturelle d'Alfred North Whitehead  2007 1
Davis, Andrew Jackson, 1826-1910. Principles of nature : Modern mysteries explained and exposed / by Rev. A. Mahan  1855 1
Palmer, Elihu, 1764-1806. Principles of nature   2
Malthus, T. R. (Thomas Robert), 1766-1834. Principles of political economy   2
James, William, 1842-1910. Principles of psychology : The Routledge guidebook to James's Principles of psychology / Leary E. David  2018 1
Taylor, Frederick Winslow, 1856-1915. Principles of scientific management : Re-Tayloring management : scientific management a century on / [edited] by Christina Evans and Leonard Holmes  2013 1
Miller, David, 1946- Principles of social justice : Forms of Justice : Critical Perspectives on David Miller's Political Philosophy  2002 1
Miller, David (David Leslie). Principles of social justice : Forms of justice : critical perspectives on David Miller's political philosophy / edited by Daniel A. Bell and Avner de-Shalit  2002 1
Principles on housing and property restitution for refugees and displaced persons.   3

Principles, Pleasure-Pain -- See Pleasure-Pain Principle

The psychoanalytic concept that man instinctively seeks to avoid pain and discomfort and strives for gratification and pleasure

Principlism -- See Principle-Based Ethics

An approach to ethics that focuses on theories of the importance of general principles such as respect for autonomy, beneficence/nonmaleficence, and justice

Princis riekstkodis (Choreographic work) -- See Nutcracker (Choreographic work)


Princlando Liĥtenŝtejno -- See Liechtenstein


Princo Edvardo sala -- See Prince Edward Island

Prindle, Horace G. -- Trials, litigation, etc : Proceedings in the Senate on the investigation of the charges preferred against Horace G. Prindle, county judge and surrogate of Chenango County : in pursuance of a message from His Excellency the Governor, transmitting the charges and recommending his removal  1874 1
Prine, John.   2
Pring, Richard : Education, ethics and experience / Michael Hand and Richard Davies  2016 1

Pringl, Tomas, 1789-1834 -- See Pringle, Thomas, 1789-1834

Pringle, Elizabeth W. Allston (Elizabeth Waties Allston), 1845-1921. : A Woman Rice Planter  2021 1
Pringle, Guy (Fictitious character) -- Fiction : The great fortune / Olivia Manning  1974 1
Pringle, Harriet (Fictitious character) -- Fiction : The great fortune / Olivia Manning  1974 1

Pringle, John, 1897-1936 -- See Gilbert, John, 1897-1936


Pringle, John Douglas -- See Pringle, John Martin Douglas, 1912-

Pringle, John Martin Douglas, 1912- : Have pen : will travel / John Douglas Pringle  1973 1
Pringle, Peter M., 1878-1953. : Peter M. Pringle : master decoy maker / William C. Reeve ; photography by Christopher Kindratsky, Peter M. Pringle, and William C. Reeve  2002 1
Pringle, Ryan, -2012 -- Death and burial : Wild man / [Alecia Simmonds]  2015 1
Pringle, Ryan -- Death : Wild man / [Alecia Simmonds]  2015 1
Pringle, Thomas, 1789-1834.   2
Pringle, Thomas, 1789-1834 -- Criticism and interpretation : Improvisations of empire : Thomas Pringle in Scotland, the Cape Colony and London, 1789-1834 / Matthew Shum  2020 1

Prinkēpato tē Andorras -- See Andorra


Prinkēpato tēs Andorras -- See Andorra


Prinkipato tou Lichtenstain -- See Liechtenstein


Prins-Eduard-Eiland -- See Prince Edward Island


Prins Eduardeiland -- See Prince Edward Island

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