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Prediabetic State -- See Also Hyperglycemia

Abnormally high BLOOD GLUCOSE level
Prediabetic state.   3
Prediabetic State -- diet therapy   3
Prediabetic state -- Popular works. : Diabetes & pre-diabetes handbook : the essential diet and lifestyle guide / Jennie Brand-Miller ... [and others]  2007 1
Prediabetic State -- prevention & control.   3

Prediabetic States -- See Prediabetic State

The time period before the development of symptomatic diabetes. For example, certain risk factors can be observed in subjects who subsequently develop INSULIN RESISTANCE as in type 2 diabetes (DIABETES MELLITUS, TYPE 2)

Predicables (Logic) -- See Predicate (Logic)


Predicadores -- See Dominicans


Predicaments (Categories) -- See Categories (Philosophy)


Predicate and subject (Grammar) -- See Grammar, Comparative and general Topic and comment

Here are entered works on the concept, closely related to that of the traditional notion of subject and predicate, that most sentences consist of two basic elements, the subject that is announced and the statement that is made about it

--subdivision Topic and comment under individual languages and groups of languages, e.g. English language--Topic and comment
Predicate calculus.   10
Predicate calculus -- Problems, exercises, etc : Propositional and predicate calculus : a model of argument / Derek Goldrei  2005 1

Predicate (Grammar) -- See Grammar, Comparative and general Verb phrase

--subdivision Verb phrase under names of languages and groups of languages, e.g. English language--Verb phrase
  Predicate (Logic) -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Predicate (Logic)   12
Predicatenlogica. : Plato on the self-predication of forms : early and middle dialogues / John Malcolm  1991 1
Prédication -- Grande-Bretagne -- Angleterre (GB) -- Moyen âge. : English preaching in the late Middle Ages / H. Leith Spencer  1993 1
Prédication -- Grande-Bretagne -- Histoire. : Lancelot Andrewes the preacher (1555-1626) : the origins of the mystical theology of the Church of England / by Nicholas [sic] Lossky ; foreword by Michael Ramsey ; afterword by A.M. Allchin ; translated from the French by Andrew Louth  1991 1

Predication (Logic) -- See Predicate (Logic)

Predication of occupational success : Modern devil's advocacy : disrupt groupthink build stronger plans, and achieve better results / Robert Koshinskie  2021 1
Predicting products : Supplementary Problem 7.36 / Rebecca B. DeVasher  c2013 1

Prediction -- See Forecasting

Here are entered general works on predictions and conjectures of future trends and occurrences. General works on the concept of the future are entered under Future, The

--subdivision Forecasting under names of countries, cities, etc., and under subjects; also subdivision Forecasts under individual centuries, e.g. Twentieth century--Forecasts; and phrase headings for certain types of forecasting, e.g. Weather forecasting

Prediction, Bayesian -- See Bayes Theorem

A theorem in probability theory named for Thomas Bayes (1702-1761). In epidemiology, it is used to obtain the probability of disease in a group of people with some characteristic on the basis of the overall rate of that disease and of the likelihood of that characteristic in healthy and diseased individuals. The most familiar application is in clinical decision analysis where it is used for estimating the probability of a particular diagnosis given the appearance of some symptoms or test result

Prediction, Earthquake -- See Earthquake prediction


Prediction, Geophysical -- See Geophysical prediction

Prediction (Logic)   10

Prediction of academic success -- See Prediction of scholastic success


Prediction of criminal behavior -- See Criminal behavior, Prediction of

Criminal behavior -- Prediction of : Appearance bias and crime / edited by Bonnie Berry, Social Problems Research Group  2019 1

Prediction of dropout behavior -- See Dropout behavior, Prediction of


Prediction of occupational success -- See Also Success in business

Prediction of occupational success.   16
Prediction of occupational success -- Biographical methods. : Biodata : biographical indicators of business performance / Barrie Gunter, Adrian Furnham, and Russell Drakeley  2016 1
Prediction of occupational success -- Periodicals : International journal of selection and assessment (Online)    1

Prediction of professional success -- See Prediction of occupational success

  Prediction of scholastic success -- 4 Related Subjects   4
Prediction of scholastic success.   14
Prediction of scholastic success -- Congresses. : Teacher and student perceptions : implications for learning / edited by John M. Levine and Margaret C. Wang  1983 1
Prediction of scholastic success -- Great Britain -- Evaluation. : Down Stream  1965 1
Prediction of scholastic success -- Mathematical models. : Predictive modeling of student competency / by Bark-cheung Chiu  1999 1
Prediction of scholastic success -- United States : Supporting students' college success : the role of assessment of intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies / Committee on Assessing Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Competencies ; Joan Herman and Margaret Hilton, editors ; Board on Testing and Assessment, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education  2017 1
Prediction of scholastic success -- United States -- Case studies. : Defining Student Success : the Role of School and Culture  2014 1
Prediction of teacher success.   5
Prediction of teacher success -- Research -- Case studies. : Addressing the Tensions of Longitudinal Case Study Research Into One?s Own Practice : Exploring Student Teachers? Conceptions of the Relationship Between Theory and Practice in Learning to Teach / Knight  2017 1
Prediction of teacher success -- United States. : Teacher assessment and the quest for teacher quality : a handbook / edited by Mary M. Kennedy ; foreword by Marilyn Cochran-Smith  2010 1
  Prediction (Psychology) -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Prediction (Psychology)   21

Prediction Rule, Clinical -- See Decision Support Techniques

Mathematical or statistical procedures used as aids in making a decision. They are frequently used in medical decision-making

Prediction Rules, Clinical -- See Decision Support Techniques

Mathematical or statistical procedures used as aids in making a decision. They are frequently used in medical decision-making

Prediction, Social -- See Social prediction

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