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Publisher Website Australian Indigenous knowledge and libraries / edited by Martin Nakata and Marcia Langton
Publisher Website Australia's tropical rivers - data audit / NGIS Australia
Publisher Website Australia's tropical rivers : program plan and prospectus 2005-2010 / Land & Water Australia
Publisher Website Australia's uranium : greenhouse friendly fuel for an energy hungry world : a case study into the strategic importance of Australia's uranium resources for the Inquiry into developing Australia's non-fossil fuel energy industry / House of Representatives Standing Committee on Industry and Resources
Publisher Website Background document for the threat abatement plan : to reduce the impacts of tramp ants on biodiversity in Australia and its territories
Publisher Website Behavioural economics and public policy : roundtable proceedings : Melbourne, 8-9 August 2007
Publisher Website Benchmarking : a manual for Australian universities / K.R. McKinnon, S.H. Walker, D. Davis
Publisher Website Best practice approaches to minimise functional decline in the older person across the acute, sub-acute and residential aged care settings / developed by the Clinical Epidemiology and Health Services Evaluation Unit, Melbourne Health
Publisher Website Best practice processes for university research commercialisation : final report / by Australian Centre for Innovation, Howard Partners, Carisgold
Publisher Website Best practice regulation handbook / Australian Government
Publisher Website The best start : report on the inquiry into the health benefits of breastfeeding / House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health and Ageing
Publisher Website Better housing better health in Leeds : cost-benefit analysis of improving living conditions / Geoff Green, Bernard Stafford, Paul Pugh
Publisher Website Better medication management for aboriginal people with mental health disorders and their carers : report on research conducted in the Port Lincoln region
Publisher Website Between a rock and a hard place : the science of geosequestration / House of Representatives Standing Committee on Science and Innovation
Publisher Website Beyond bandaids : exploring the underlying social determinants of Aboriginal health : papers from the Social Determinants of Aboriginal Health Workshop, Adelaide, July 2004 / edited by Ian Anderson, Fran Baum and Michael Bentley
Publisher Website Beyond common sense : a report on the barriers to adoption of safety in the agriculture industry / [prepared by O'BrienRich Research Group]
Publisher Website Beyond petrol sniffing : renewing hope for Indigenous communities / The Senate Community Affairs References Committee
Publisher Website Beyond sandy blight : five Aboriginal experiences as staff on the National Trachoma and Eye Health Program / Jilpia Jones ... [and others]
Publisher Website Beyond Taylorism : regulating for innovation : some ideas for discussion for the National Innovation Agenda
Publisher Website A bibliometric analysis of biological sciences research in Australia / Paul Bourke, Linda Butler and Beverley Biglia, Research Evaluation and Policy Project, Research School of Social Sciences, the Australian National University