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Non-Public-Owned City Hospitals -- See Hospitals, Urban

Hospitals located in metropolitan areas

Non-Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic -- See Also Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic

Works about clinical trials that involve at least one test treatment and one control treatment, concurrent enrollment and follow-up of the test- and control-treated groups, and in which the treatments to be administered are selected by a random process, such as the use of a random-numbers table

Non-refoulement -- See Refoulement

--subdivisions Forced repatriation and Refugees under individual wars, e.g. World War, 1939-1945--Forced repatriation; World War, 1939-1945--Refugees
Non-refoulement. : Accessing asylum in Europe : extraterritorial border controls and refugee rights under EU law / Violeta Moreno-Lax  2017 1
Non-Regulation. : Harmonising Regulatory and Antitrust Regimes for International Air Transport  2018 1
Non-relational databases.   34

Non-relativistic quantum mechanics -- See Nonrelativistic quantum mechanics


Non-renewable natural resources -- See Nonrenewable natural resources

non representational theory. : Atmospheres and the Experiential World : Theory and Methods  2018 1

Non-reservation boarding schools -- See Off-reservation boarding schools


Non-reservation schools -- See Off-reservation boarding schools


Non-resident use of libraries -- See External use of libraries

Here are entered works on service to users of libraries from outside the core group the library is intended to serve

Non-resistance to evil -- See Evil, Non-resistance to


Non-resistance to government -- See Government, Resistance to

Non-résolubilité (logique mathématique) : Degrees of unsolvability : structure and theory / Richard L. Epstein  1979 1

Non-response (Statistics) -- See Nonresponse (Statistics)


Non-Ribosomal Peptide Biosynthesis -- See Peptide Biosynthesis, Nucleic Acid-Independent

The enzymatic synthesis of PEPTIDES without an RNA template by processes that do not use the ribosomal apparatus (RIBOSOMES)
  Non-royalty plays -- 2 Related Subjects   2

Non-self -- See Anātman


Non-self-adjoint operators -- See Nonselfadjoint operators

  Non-self-governing territories -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Non-self-governing territories.   3
Non-self-governing territories -- Economic conditions : Surpassing the sovereign state : the wealth, self-rule, and security advantages of partially independent territories / David A. Rezvani  2014 1

Non-Smokers -- See Also Smokers

Persons with a history or habit of SMOKING

Non-social-realist art Soviet Union -- See Dissident art Soviet Union


Non-Specific Immunity -- See Immunity, Innate

The capacity of a normal organism to remain unaffected by microorganisms and their toxins. It results from the presence of naturally occurring ANTI-INFECTIVE AGENTS, constitutional factors such as BODY TEMPERATURE and immediate acting immune cells such as NATURAL KILLER CELLS
ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES -- Non-Sports Cards.   3

Non-standard analysis -- See Nonstandard mathematical analysis

  Non-state actors (International relations) -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Non-state actors (International relations)   66
Non-state actors (International relations) -- Africa : Limited Statehood and Informal Governance in the Middle East and Africa / edited by Ruth Hanau Santini, Abel Polese, Rob Kevlihan  2020 1
Non-state actors (International relations) -- Case studies.   6
Non-state actors (International relations) -- Central America : Alternative governance in the Northern Triangle and implications for U.S. foreign policy : finding logic within chaos / authors, Douglash Farah, Carl Meacham  2015 1
Non-state actors (International relations) -- Colombia. : Un actor no estatal en el escenario internacional : el caso de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, FARC-EP, 1966-2010 / Luis Fernando Trejos Rosero  2015 1
Non-state actors (International relations) -- Congresses : Responsibilities of the non-state actor in armed conflict and the market place : theoretical considerations and empirical / findings edited by Noemi Gal-Or, Cedric Ryngaert and Math Noortmann  2015 1
Non-state actors (International relations) -- Cross-cultural studies : The ending of tribal wars : configurations and processes of pacification / edited by Jürg Helbling and Tobias Schwoerer  2021 1
Non-state actors (International relations) -- East Asia : Negotiating governance on non-traditional security in Southeast Asia and beyond / Mely Caballero-Anthony  2018 1
Non-state actors (International relations) -- Europe. : Fragmented state power and forced migration : a study on non-state actors in refugee law / by Eeva Nykänen  2012 1
Non-state actors (International relations) -- Indonesia : Transnational Islamic actors and Indonesia's foreign policy : transcending the state / Delphine Allès  2015 1
Non-state actors (International relations) -- Middle East   3
Non-state actors (International relations) -- Research. : Tracing the role of non-state actors and relevance of United Nations venues through a grounded theory approach / Jan Lüdert  2019 1
Non-state actors (International relations) -- South America : Security in South America : the role of states and regional organizations / Rodrigo Tavares  2014 1
Non-state actors (International relations) -- South Asia   2
Non-state actors (International relations) -- Southeast Asia   2
Non-state actors (International relations) -- Syria. : Violent non-state actors and the Syrian Civil War : the ISIS and YPG cases / Özden Zeynep Oktav, Emel Parlar Dal, Ali Murat Kurşun, editors  2018 1
Non-State entities.   6

Non-state entities (International relations) -- See Non-state actors (International relations)


Non-steroid anti-inflammatory agents -- See Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents

  Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents -- 2 Related Subjects   2

Non-Steroidal Anti-Rheumatic Agents -- See Antirheumatic Agents

Drugs that are used to treat RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS
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