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Author Nanomeeting (2003 : Minsk, Belarus)

Title Physics, chemistry, and application of nanostructures : reviews and short notes to Nanomeeting 2003 : Minsk, Belarus, 20-23 May 2003 / editors, V.E. Borisenko, S.V. Gaponenko, V.S. Gurin
Published River Edge, N.J. : World Scientific, ©2003


Description 1 online resource (xxi, 574 pages) : illustrations
Contents Correlation of morphology and electrical conduction in nanostructred perylene pigment films / A.N. Lappo, A.V. Misevich, A.E. Pochtenny, O.M. Stukalov and G.K. Zhavnerko -- Effect of doping concentration on the electron-phonon coupling in degenerate silicon film / P. Kivinen, A. Savin, P. Torma, J. Pekola, M. Prunnila and J. Ahopelto -- Conduction of nanowires formed between metallic electrodes / W. Nawrocki and M. Wawrzyniak -- Oxidized silicon nanoclusters: a theortical study / M. Luppi and S. Ossicini -- About the impurity effect in the SiO[subscript 2]:nc-Si system / D.I. Telelbaum, O.N. Gorshkov, S.A. Trushin, A.N. Mikhaylov, D.G. Revin, D.M. Gaponova, S.V. Morozov, G.A. Kachurin and S.G. Yanovskaya -- Composite nanostructures based on porous silicon host / V. Bondarenko, G. Troyanova, M. Balucani and A. Ferrari -- Nanoporous anodic oxide on aluminum -- titanium alloys / S.K. Lazarouk and A.A. Leshok -- Birefringence and photonic band gap in porous alumina films / V.A. Melnikov, G.M. Zaitsev, L.A. Golovan, V. Yu. Timoshenko, P.K. Kashkarov, S.A. Gavrilov and D.A. Kravchenko -- Anisotropic light scattering by porous anodic alumina / A.A. Lutich and I.S. Molchan -- Photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy of erbium incorporated with iron in oxidized porous silicon / V. Bondarenko, N. Kazuchits, M. Balucani and A. Ferrari -- Impurity states in implanted porous anodic alumina / N.N. Cherenda, G.V. Litvinovich and A.L. Danilyuk -- Evidence for energy transfer between Eu[superscript 3+] and Tb[superscript 3+] in porous silicon matrix / A. Moadhen, H. Elhouichet, B. Canut, C.S. Sandu, M. Oueslati and J.A. Roger -- Electroluminescent xerogels fabricated in porous anodic alumina / I.S. Molchan, N.V. Gaponenko, D.A. Tsyrkunov, J. Misiewicz, R. Kudrawiec, V. Lambertini and P. Repetto -- Periodic nanostructures fabricated by anodic oxidation of valve metal films / V. Sokol, A. Vorobyova and E. Outkina -- Optical spectroscopy of porous composites with Si nanocrystals / A. Gorchinskiy -- Magnetic properties of nanoparticles formed in sol-gel films by ion irradiation or thermal processing / J.C. Pivin and E. Vincent -- Deposition of nanoparticles on a cold substrate from a laminar gas flow / S.P. Fisenko and A.I. Shnip -- Commensurate long-period nanostructures in alloys / S.V. Eremeev, O.I. Velikokhatnyi, I.I. Naumov, A.I. Potekaev, V.V. Kulagina and V.N. Udodov -- Chromatic polarization conversion of terahertz radiation by a density-microstructured two-dimensional electron system / V.V. Popov and O.V. Polischuk -- Exciton-phonon coupling of localized quasi-2D excitons in semiconductor quantum well heterostructures / I.V. Bondarev, S.A. Maksimenko, G. Ya. Slepyan, I.L. Krestnikov and A. Hoffmann -- Lattice matching between bulk Ru[subscript 2]Si[subscript 3] and nanocrystalline RuSi[subscript 2] / L.I. Ivanenko, V.L. Shaposhnikov and E.A. Krushevski -- Nanocluster superlattices grown at solution surfaces / S. Sato, S. Wang, S. Kinugasa, H. Yao and K. Kimura -- Excitonics of I-VII semiconductors / C.S. Sunandana -- Photoluminescence studies on CdS nanoclusters fabricated in Langmuir-Blodgett Films / E.A. Bagaev, K.S. Zhuravley, L.L. Sveshnikova, I.A. Badmaeva and S.M. Repinsky -- Immunolabeling of membrane proteins and cells by highly fluorescent cadmium selenide nanocrystals / M. Artemyev, V. Oleinikov, D. Klinov, I. Bronstein, W. Offen, A. Sukhanova, J. Devy, H. Kaplan and I. Nabiev -- Luminescent coding by quantum dots: microcapsules loaded with semiconductor nanocrystals / A. Rogach, N. Gaponik, I. Radtchenko and H. Weller -- In vitro bioactivity testing of ZrO[subscript 2] nanopowders prepared by MW-assisted hydrothermal synthesis / F. Bondioli, S. Braccini, C. Leonelli, G.C. Pellacani, G. Lusvardi and G. Malavasi -- Copper nanoparticles within amorphous and crystalline dielectric matrices / V.S. Gurin, D.L. Kovalenko and V.P. Petranovskii -- UV-visible characterization of gold clusters and nanoparticles in beta zeolite / I. Tuzovskaya, N. Bogdanchikova, M. Avalos, A. Simakov and A. Pestryakov -- Manganese carbonate particles preparation by colloidal aggregation for hollow polyelectrolyte capsules fabrication / Yu. A. Fedutik, A.A. Antipov and G.B. Sukhorukov -- Impurity molecule trapping in growth of nanoparticles by deposition from gas phase / V.V. Levdansky, J. Smolik and P. Moravec -- Formation of nanopores and coagulation of nanograins in cemented tin films / T.N. Vorobyova and A.S. Tselesh -- Comparative DFT calculations of silver clusters / V.E. Matulis and O.A. Ivashkevich -- DFT calculations of copper clusters / V.E. Matulis and O.A. Ivashkevich -- Electrochemical deposition of metal selenide clusters on selenium surface / D.K. Ivanov, N.P. Osipovich, S.K. Poznyak and E.A. Streltsov -- Investigation of monolayers by potentiodynamic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy / G.A. Ragoisha and A.S. Bondarenko -- Self-forming of silicon surface nanorelief near edges of chemical masks during anisotropic etching / K.A. Soldatenko and A.V. Yukhnevich -- Formation of silver nanoparticles from a (2,3-dyhydroxy-4,6-di-tert-butylphenylthio- )acetic acid silver complex / M.C. Parfenova, V.E. Agabekov, A.A. Chernyavskaya, N.V. Loginova and G.I. Polozov -- Formation of thin sol-gel nanocomposite Ag-GeO[subscript 2] films / S.V. Serezhkina, G.P. Shevchenko and S.K. Rakhmanov -- Sol-gel synthesis of Fe-containing silica glasses / A.A. Boiko, E.N. Poddenezhny, V.A. Boiko and L.V. Sudnik -- Structure and optical properties of CdSe[subscript x]Te[subscript 1-x] in glass matrix / I.V. Bodnar, V.S. Gurin, A.P. Molochko and N.P. Solovei -- Formation and optical properties of ultrafine I-III-VI[subscript 2] particles in silicate glass matrices / I.V. Bodnar, A.P. Molochko and N.P. Solovei -- Structure evolution during laser sintering of fine powders / M.K. Arshinov and A.N. Tolochko -- Peculiarities of electrochemical synthesis of nanosized SiO[subscript 2] films / I.L. Baranov, L.S. Stanovaya and L.V. Tabulina -- Inorganic particles formation in nanoengineered polymer capsules / D.G. Shchukin and G.B. Sukhorukov -- Nanocrystalline perovskite-like Sr-Ba-Fe-Co oxides: stability under reducing conditions / M.I. Ivanovskaya, L.S. Ivashkevich, A.S. Lyakhov, I.I. Azarko, V.V. Zyryanov and N.F. Uvarov -- Synthesis and behavior of monomolecular films from 2,4-heneicosanedione and its metallocomplex / I.V. Paribok, G.K. Zhavnerko, V.E. Agabelkov and T. Ondarcuhu -- Cluster mechanisms of nanocrystal formation / N.K. Tolochko and A.Z. Myaldun -- Multimode SPM methods for nanometer resolution study of Langmuir-Blodgett films / L.V. Kukharenko, G.K. Ilyich, V.M. Anishchik, V.V. Grushevski and G.V. Krylova -- Structure and nanohardness of PVD composite nanosized Ti-Zr-N films / V.V. Uglov, V.V. Khodasevich, S.V. Zlotski, Zh. L. Prikhodko and S.N. Dub -- Synthetic approach for preparation of nanometer-sized non-linear optical advanced materials / V.V. Lisnyak, N.V. Stus, R.M. Barabash, S.A. Alekseev, M.S. Slobodyanik, P. Popovich and D. Stratiychuk -- Germanium quantum dots in SiO2: fabrication and characterization / A. Nylandsted Larsen, A. Kanjilal, J. Lundsgaard Hansen, P. Gaiduk, N. Cherkashin, A. Claverie, P. Normand, E. Kapelanakis, D. Tsoukalas and K.-H. Heinig -- Mechanisms of island vertical alignment in Ge/Si(001) quantum-dot multilayers / V. Le Thanh -- Enhanced luminescence of lanthanides from xerogels in porous anodic alumina / N.V. Gaponenko -- Advanced scanning probes as applied to self organized organic systems / H. Fuchs -- New precise nanostructures: semiconductor shells and their well ordered arrays / V. Ya
Prinz -- Characterization of nanocrystalline silicon films by beam induced current in the scanning tunneling microscope / E. Nogales, B. Mendez, J. Piqueras and R. Plugaru
Summary This book contains invited review papers and short notes presented at the International Conference on Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures (Nanomeeting 2003)
Analysis Nanomeeting
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Subject Nanostructures -- Congresses
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Nanostructures -- Industrial applications
Solid state chemistry
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings
Form Electronic book
Author Borisenko, V. E. (Viktor Evgenʹevich)
Gaponenko, S. V. (Sergey V.), 1958-
Gurin, V. S.
ISBN 9789812796738