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Author Nanomeeting (2009 : Minsk, Belarus)

Title Physics, chemistry and application of nanostructures : proceedings of the international conference, Nanomeeting--2009 : reviews and short notes : Minsk, Belarus, 26-29 May 2009 / editors, V.E. Borisenko, S.V. Gaponenko, V.S. Gurin
Published Singapore ; Hackensack, N.J. : World Scientific, ©2009


Description 1 online resource (xxiii, 643 pages) : illustrations
Contents Concentration profiles in heteroepitaxial nanoislands (invited) / D. Digiuni [and others] -- Electromodulation spectroscopy of semiconductor nanostructures : III-nitrides and dilute nitrides (invited) / R. Kudrawiec -- InGaP/GaAs heterointerfaces studied by cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy and their impact on the device characteristics (invited) / S. Nozaki [and others] -- Spin properties of nanodiamonds with NV-centers / V.A. Pushkarchuk [and others] -- Atomic and spin structure of single NV-centers near nanodiamond surface / V.A. Pushkarchuk [and others] -- Strong coupling of light with ID quantum dot chain : from Rabi oscillations to Rabi waves / G. Ya. Slepyan, Y.D. Yerchak, A. Hoffmann -- Rashba-related electron properties of a triple-terminal quantum dot structure / Yu Han, W. Gong, G. Wei -- Band structures of nonhydrogenated silicon nanowires / D.B. Migas -- Numerical investigations in the vibrational spectrum of a Cantor-layered chain II / R. Etienne -- Phonon-assisted tunneling theories applied to electronic conduction in nanowires of inorganic compounds / P. Pipinys, A. Rimeika, R. Sereika -- Coulomb gap and superlinear frequency dependence of resonance hopping AC conductivity / M.A. Ormont, I.P. Zvyagin -- Principles of singular value decomposition for resolution enhancement in near-field optics / M. Karelin -- Nanosized bosonic stripes : manifestations of their quantum nature in transition-metal oxides / A.V. Mitin -- Radiative and nonradiative transitions of carriers confined in Si nanocrystals / I.N. Yassievich [and others] -- Photovoltage generation in anodic alumina with built-in silicon clusters / A.A. Leshok [and others] -- Light-emitting Si nanostructures in SiO[symbol] layers formed by irradiation with swift heavy ions / G.A. Kachurin [and others] -- SiGe nanocrystal formation in PECVD grown SiO[symbol]Si/Ge/Si/SiO[symbol] multilayers / S. Ag̮an, A. Aydinli -- Raman scattering in ion-synthesized silicon nanocrystals non-uniformly distributed in SiO[symbol] and Al[symbol]O[symbol] / A.I. Belov [and others] -- Structural instability of annealed a-Si/a-Ge nanostructures / C. Frigeri [and others] -- High-ordered Ge nanocluster self-assembly during Ge-doped poly-Si deposition / A. Kovalevsky, D. Plyakin, A. Strogova -- Silicon overgrowth atop low-dimensional Mg[symbol]Si / K.N. Galkin, S.A. Dotsenko -- Redistribution of CrSi[symbol] nanocrystallites in silicon cap layers during MBE growth on Si(111) substrates / N.G. Galkin [and others] -- The morphology and optical properties of Fe, Cr and Mg silicide nanocrystallites buried in silicon by ion implantation, pulsed treatments and Si overgrowth / N.G. Galkin [and others] -- Quantum chemical simulation of structural stability and atomic diffusion in silicon nanotubes / V. Gusakov, J. Gusakova, N. Poklonski -- Saturable absorption effect in single-wall carbon nanotubes / A.M. Nemilentsau, S.A. Maksimenko -- Cluster nature of C-nanohorn solvent features / F. Torrens, G. Castellano -- Fullerene C[symbol] motion in (8,8) carbon nanotube / N.A. Poklonski [and others] -- Enhanced slowing down of electromagnetic waves in multi-wall carbon nanotubes / K. Batrakov, P. Kuzhir, S. Maksimenko -- Linearly polarized photoluminescence from GaN quantum dots embedded in AIN matrix / K.S. Zhuravlev, I.A. Aleksandrov, P.O. Holtz -- Luminescence properties of double band-emitting semiconductor nanocrystals capped with different thiols / M. Hardzei, M. Artemyev -- Electric field effects on optical properties of semiconductor nanorods / L.I. Gurinovich [and others] -- Formation of the PbS quantum dots in boron-silicate glass matrix / G.E. Rachkovskaya, G.B. Zakharevich, V.V. Golubkov -- Optical waveguides in glasses doped with lead sulfide quantum dots / A.M. Malyarevich [and others] -- Non-FRET emission quenching and electron wave function tunneling in excited nanocomposites "CdSe/ZnS quantum dots-porphyrins" / E.I. Zenkevich [and others] -- Photoinduced electron transfer in heterocomposites based on semiconductor CdSe quantum dots and quinones / E.I. Sagun [and others] -- Nanojet-induced modes in one-dimensional colloidal photonic crystals / A.M. Kapitonov -- Optical gain spectra and laser action of InGaN/GaN MQWs grown on silicon at pumping by femtosecond pulses / A.V. Danilchyk [and others] -- Exciton migration in luminescent molecular nanoclusters / A. Sorokin, R. Grynyov, Y. Malyukin -- Combined effect of local field and density of states enhancement near metal nanobodies in single molecule Raman spectroscopy / D.V. Guzatov, S.V. Gaponenko -- Plasmonic silver films application to enhancing of staining dyes secondary emission / N. Strekal, N. Paprukailo, S. Maskevich -- Memory in blinking dynantics of silver nanoparticles / E.P. Petrov, C. Bläul, P. Schwille -- Enhanced Raman scattering of ultramarine with nanosized Ag particles / E.V. Klyachkovskaya [and others] -- Localized surface plasmon enhancement at bimetallic planar nanostructures / A.D. Zamkovets, A.N. Ponyavina, L.V. Baran -- Structural peculiarities of fcc and bcc catalyst particles and fillings inside carbon nanotubes (nanofibers) studied by means of electron microscopy / B. Kulnitskiy, I. Perezhogin, V. Blank -- Thermodynamic modeling of nitrogen incorporation in GalnNAs nanolayers grown by molecular beam epitaxy / O. Chikalova-Luzina -- Etched ion tracks in amorphous Si[symbol]N[symbol] films / F.F. Komarov [and others] -- Electroconductive materials based on [symbol]-conjugated polymer films with metal nanoparticles / M.N. Nichick, S.A. Vorobyova, A.I. Lesnikovich -- Photoluntinescence of Tb[symbol]Y[symbol]Al[symbol]O[symbol] composites / N.V. Gaponenko [and others] -- Dichromatic luminescent images on the basis of porous anodic aluntina / Y.V. Hluzd, T.I. Orekhovskaya, N.V. Gaponenko -- Erbium excitation in the nanostructured amorphous silicon / O.B. Gusev [and others] -- Spectral investigations of dye modified silicon oxide nanostructures / H. Graaf, T. Baumgärtel, C. von Borczyskowski -- Porous anodising of aluminium films in the meniscal region / S. Lazarouk, D. Sasinovich -- Transport properties of Nb thin films deposited on porous Si substrates / M. Trezza [and others] -- Electric transport properties of overdoped NdCeCuO thin films / C. Attanasio [and others] -- Electrical properties of nanostructured vanadium oxide thin films on silicon substrates / V.V. Malyutina-Bronskaya [and others] -- Photoassisted scanning tunneling microscopy of Me-LPPP and MEH-PPV based nanocomposite films / A.E. Pochtenny [and others] -- Effect of dispersity and high pressure sintering temperature of titanium diboride on its physical and mechanical properties / V. Urbanovich [and others] -- Optical features in the Ge-Zr-O nanosystem / E.V. Frolova, Y.V. Bokshits -- Scanning probe microscopy of CoFeZr-alumina nanocomposites/ A. Saad [and others] -- Structure and magnetic properties of Sr[symbol]FeMoO[symbol] nanosized films / M.A. Kalanda [and others] -- Nanostructure of nitrogen-implanted silicon annealed at enhanced pressure / J. Bak-Misiuk [and others] -- Magnetic domain wall manipulation in nanostructures of (Ga, Mn)As / T. Figielski [and others] -- Influence of nitrogen on high-frequency permeability of soft magnetic nanoparticles embedded into alumina matrix / A.V. Larkin [and others] -- Synthesis and investigation of nanostructured Fe[symbol]Ni[symbol](P) columns deposited into porous polycarbonate matrix / R.S. Iskhakov [and others] -- The structure and the magnetic properties of cobalt nanoparticles in the high-porous amorphous carbon matrix / S.V. Komogortsev [and others] -- Co-Cu alloys synthesized by mechanical alloying from the powder precursors with excess enthalpy / L.A. Kuzovnikova [and others] -- Correlation of magneto resistance with IR magnetoreflectance for multilayer magnetic films / V.G. Kravets, D. Yu. Manko, A.A. Kryuchyn -- Photoluminescence and EPR spectra of manganese-doped cadmium sulfide nanoparticles / A.I. Savchuk [and others] -- Ultrafast magnetization dynamics of thin Au/Fe films : nonlinear optics studies / I. Razdolski [and others] -- The role of external factors for giant magneto resistance phenomenon in the polymer-ferromagnetic system / N.V. Vorob'eva, A.N. Lachinov -- Ferromagnetic composite EuO:Fe for the semiconductor spintronics : the mechanisms of high magnetization / A.S. Borukhovich [and others] -- Growth and properties of FeIn[symbol]S[symbol] single crystals / I.V. Bodnar [and others] -- Magnetic-field-induced modification of porous silicon surface and photoluminescence / V.A. Makara [and others] -- Magnetic properties of BeGeAs[symbol] doped with 3d-elements / A.V. Krivosheeva [and others] -- Current-voltage characteristics and tunnel magnetoresistance of CoFe/MgO/Si nanostructures / T.N. Sidorova [and others] -- The chemistry of nanosize defective breakdown path in ultrathin SiON and high-k gate dielectric materials (invited) / K.L. Pey [and others] -- Demonstration of shape and size control of applications relevant colloidally synthesized IV-VI nanoparticulate tin(II) sulfide / S.G. Hickey, C. Waurisch, B. Rellinghaus -- Colloidal aqueous synthesis of semiconductor Zn[symbol]Cd[symbol]Se/TGA nanocrystals with low Cd content / V. Lesnyak, A. Plotnikov -- Gels and aerogels from colloidal nanocrystals / N. Gaponik [and others] -- Laser and plasma assisted synthesis of composite nanoparticles in liquids / N. Tarasenko [and others] -- Colloidal synthesis of lanthanide ortho-phosphate nanophosphors for biological applications / O.G. Viagin [and others] -- Crystal structure of lead sulfide nanoparticies in thin films / S.I. Sadovnikov, A.A. Rempel, A. Magerl -- SAXS study of the Ce-Ti-doped silicate glasses / E.E. Trusova [and others] -- LB films based on phospholipids : self-organization and domain formation / G.K. Zhavnerko, V.E. Agabekov, G. Marletta
Investigation of horseradish peroxidase adsorption on gold and polystyrene sulfonate modified surfaces by quartz crystal microbalance technique / V.I. Shadryna, T.G. Shutava, V.E. Agabekov -- Spectral characteristics of biocompatible nanoparticies of noble metals / G. Aleksandrova [and others] -- Electrochemical deposition of nanostructured metal-oxide composites / T.V. Sviridova, D.V. Sviridov -- Structural features and magnetic properties of [symbol] nanocomposites / D. Kotsikau [and others] -- Ultrasound-provided synthesis of cobalt-containing nanoparticies / P.K. Elkin, G. Yu. Yurkov -- Template-directed formation of polycrystalline magnesium oxide nanorods / M. Pashchanka, R.C. Hoffmann, J.J. Schneider -- Ultrasonic effect on the morphology and activity of metal nanoparticles / D. Radziuk -- Impregnation of metal nanoparticles into pre-formed clay matrix at different conditions of cavitation interface / V. Belova, H. Möhwald -- Thermal oxidation of molecular beam epitaxial deposited Sn nanoislands / P.I. Gaiduk, A. Nylandsted Larsen, J. Lundsgaard Hansen -- Oxidation behavior of micro- and nanostructured silicon powders / A.A. Kovalevsky, A.A. Shevchenok, A.S. Strogova -- Stabilization of nanoparticles on the surface of detonation nanodiamond / O.V. Popkov, G. Yu. Yurkov, A.S. Fionov -- Modification of the Cz silicon wafer properties by low-energy low-temperature hydrogen ion-beam treatment / O.V. Zinchuk, A.L. Pushkarchuk, A.V. Mazanik -- Development of the wet methods for synthesis of mesoporous titanium-silicate based composites / E.A. Trusova [and others] -- Features of the nickel electrochemical deposition into mesoporous silicon / A. Dolgyi, M. Balucani -- Influence of the porous silicon structure on its combustion and explosion / S.K. Lazarouk, A.V. Dolbik, V.A. Labunov -- SEM and XRD study of copper/porous silicon nanocomposites / A. Bondarenko, M. Balucani -- Electrochemical characterization of the cathodic nucleation of metals on silicon / D.K. Ivanou [and others] -- DFT study of the interaction between H[symbol] and Pd decorated graphene sheet / I. López-Corral [and others] -- Quantum chemical simulation of amorphism of solids / O.V. Khavryuchenko, V.V. Lisnyak, V.D. Khavryuchenko -- Theoretical study of adsorption of silver dimer on titanium dioxide surface : comparison of cluster and periodic models / A. Mazheika [and others] -- DFT calculations of Au[symbol] luminescence spectrum / V. Matulis, D. Palagin, O. Ivashkevich -- Excluded area behavior upon compression as a valuable tool for determination of micro- or nanoparticulate contact angles / D.O. Grigoriev, H. Möhwald -- Size effect in chemical reactions in nanoparticies / V.V. Levdansky, J. Smolik, P. Maravec -- Peculiarities of nanoparticies growth in low pressure spray pyrolysis / S.P. Fisenko, J.A. Khadyko -- Laser treatment of carbon films : towards electronics application (invited) / B.K. Tay, M. Shakerzadeh -- Nanomagnetic dot arrays fabrication based on electron beam drawing and its size effect (invited) / S. Hosaka [and others] -- Probe nanotechnology in electronics and nanosystems (invited) / V.K. Nevalin, I.I. Bobrinetskiy -- Magnetic nanocomposites in porous anodic alumina / A. Khodin, A. Vorobyova, E. Outkina -- Thermal CVD synthesis of carbon nanotubes in swift heavy ion tracks of silicon dioxide / A.V. Petrov [and others] -- Synthesis of vertically aligned arrays of mixed single/multi-walled carbon nanotubes by CVD method with the volatile catalyst / V. Labunov [and others] -- Features of non-lithographic formation of periodical nanostructures on silicon / A.N. Belov [and others] -- Protective coating for the hydrogen storage materials / T.N. Borodina [and others] -- Defects in porous anodic alumina films formed on high-purity aluminium / T.V. Molchan [and others] -- Features of silicon anisotropic etching in aqueous KOH solutions / A.E. Usenka, A.V. Yukhnevich -- Theoretical modelling of tip-induced manipulation of C[symbol] on the Si(001) surface / N. Martsinovich, L. Kantorovich -- Fabrication of silver nanostructures over anodic aluminum oxide for efficient surface-enhanced Raman scattering / S.N. Terekhov [and others] -- Nanostructured silver films on meso- and macroporous silicon layers as a substrate for surface-enhanced Raman scattering / S.N. Terekhov [and others] -- Formation of Bi-substituted yttrium iron garnet nanosized films / L.I. Gurskii [and others] -- Light-controllable coatings for corrosion protection / E.V. Skorb [and others] -- Microsized hollow capsules on the basis of biodegradable polyelectrolytes / K.S. Hilevskaya, E.A. Gracheva, T.G. Shutava -- Scanning force microscopy study of activated human platelets interaction with leucocytes and red blood cells / L.V. Kukharenko [and others] -- K562 cells study with scanning force and confocal laser scanning microscopy / L.V. Kukharenko [and others] -- Test structure for SPM tip shape deconvolution / A.N. Belov [and others] -- Processes in superconductor-ferromagnet nanostructures : current status and future prospects (invited) / M. Yu. Kupriyanov -- Toward nanosensor technology : materials, methods and mechanisms (invited) / A. Gurlo -- Nanoarray of biomolecules with a nanoimprinted inert hydrogels for developing nanobiosensor / T. Kawai, B.K. Lee -- Some physical limits for miniaturization of electronic devices / W. Nawrocki -- Nano-LED with broad band of modulation / I. Protsenko, K. Krotova -- Far infrared lasers without inversion based on intersubband transitions in semiconductors / M.F. Pereira -- Vertical type of organic transistor based on poly(diphenylenephthalide) / A.R. Yusupov [and others] -- Monte Carlo simulation of electron transport in deep submicron MOSFETs with three 40 nm gates / O.G. Zhevnyak [and others] -- Efficiency enhancement of ETA-cells fabricated by silar deposition / S.A. Gavrilov [and others] -- 1.5 [symbol]m ultrafast all optical modulator based on GaAs/(AIGa)[symbol]O[symbol] / O.V. Buganov [and others] -- Quantum detector of noise based on superconductor nanostructures / V.L. Gurtovoi [and others] -- The components for producing detectors, modulators, transformers of radiation using film compositions with nanocrystals / O. Goncharova, V. Gremenok, E. Zaretskaya -- Platinizing of porous silicon for electrodes of micro fuel cells / K. Kholostov [and others] -- Theoretical comparison of dilute-nitride "W" and "M" InAsN/GaSb mid-infrared laser diodes / M. Debbichi [and others] -- Effect of [symbol] nano-heterostructure on its sensitivity to methane / M. Ivanovskaya [and others] -- Fabrication of nanocrystal LEDs by layer-by-Iayer deposition / T. Otto [and others] -- Electroluminescence in laser diode nanostructures [symbol] as under uniaxial compression / E.V. Bogdanov [and others] -- Nanoporous alumina panels for backlight enhancement in liquid crystal displays / V. Yakovtseva [and others] -- Generating functionality on the nanometer and subnanometer scale in polymers for sensing in real-life environments / P.A. Lieberzeit [and others] -- Synthesis and characterization of nanograined [symbol] sandwiched layers / S.S. Nair [and others] -- The equivalent circuit of spin-dependant transport in double-barrier resonant tunneling structure / A. Korolev, A. Danilyuk -- Humidity and temperature sensor properties of p-Si/polyimide/C[symbol] nanostructures with swift heavy ion tracks / A.V. Petrov [and others] -- Vacancy and vacancy-oxygen clusters in EPI-Si p+-n diodes irradiated with MeV electrons at elevated temperatures / S.B. Lastovskii [and others]
Summary The book presents invited reviews and original short notes with recent results obtained in fabrication study and application of nanostructures, which are promising for new generations of electronic and optoelectronic devices. Recent developments in nanotechnology, nanoelectronics, spintronics, nanophotonics, nanosensorics and nanobiology are presented
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Nanostructures -- Industrial applications
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Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings
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Author Borisenko, V. E. (Viktor Evgenʹevich)
Gaponenko, S. V. (Sergey V.), 1958-
Gurin, V. S
World Scientific (Firm)
ISBN 9789814280365