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Musculoskeletal system

-- See Also the narrower term Bones

Here are entered comprehensive and systematic works on the anatomy of the bony structure of man and its articulations; also comparative studies and discussions of bony structures of vertebrate groups other than man. Works on the comparative morphology, mechanics, etc. of the skeleton are entered under the heading Skeleton. Studies of skeletal remains are entered under Human remains (Archaeology); Animal remains (Archaeology)

-- See Also the narrower term Connective tissues


-- See Also the narrower term Joints

Here are entered works on articulations between two or more bones in general, as well as works on synovial or freely movable joints

-- See Also the narrower term Muscles

--individual muscles, e.g. Tensor tympani muscle; also subdivision Muscles under individual organs and regions of the body, e.g. Foot--Muscles; and headings beginning with the word Muscle

-- See Also Musculoskeletal Development

The morphologic and physiological changes of the MUSCLES, bones (BONE AND BONES), and CARTILAGE of the body, i.e., MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM, during the prenatal and postnatal stages of development
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