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Motoneuron transmission -- See Neuromuscular transmission

  Motoneurons -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Motoori, Norinaga, 1730-1801. : Remembering paradise : nativism and nostalgia in eighteenth-century Japan / Peter Nosco  1990 1
motor. : The Routledge handbook of the computational mind / edited by Mark Sprevak and Matteo Colombo  2018 1
  Motor ability -- 4 Related Subjects   4
Motor ability.   208
Motor ability and intelligence. : Skilled Performance : Perceptual and Motor Skills  1976 1
Motor ability -- Congresses   9
Motor ability -- Effect of drugs on.   2
  Motor ability in children -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Motor ability in children.   183
Motor ability in children -- Comparative studies. : A comparative study of perceptual motor problems in four different environmental school settings / by Cheryl L. Hite  1978 1
Motor ability in children -- Congresses.   4
Motor ability in children -- Handbooks, manuals, etc   3
Motor ability in children -- Longitudinal studies. : Comparison of the development of the overarm throwing patterns of good and poor performers (girls) / by Francine Singer  1961 1
Motor ability in children -- Physiological aspects.   2
Motor ability in children -- Psychological aspects.   4
Motor ability in children -- Study and teaching.   2
Motor ability in children -- Study and teaching (Preschool)   2
Motor ability in children -- Study and teaching (Primary)   2
Motor ability in children -- Study and teaching -- Wales : Physical development  2007 1

Motor ability in children Testing -- See Also the narrower term Test of Gross Motor Development

Motor ability in children -- Testing.   8
Motor ability -- In infancy & childhood : Helping clumsy children / edited by Neil Gordon and Ian McKinlay ; foreword by Marcel Kinsbourne  1980 1
Motor ability in infants.   11
Motor ability in infants -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. : Helping babies help themselves : from in your arms to standing alone / Vickie Meade, PT, DSc, MPH, PCS, Janette Heath Osborne, DipPhys, APA ; drawings by Christina Frank  2012 1
Motor ability in youth.   2
Motor ability in youth -- Czech Republic : Životní styl české mládeže : pohybová aktivita, standardy a normy motorické výkonosti / Antonín Rychtecký, Pavel Tilinger  2017 1
Motor ability -- Juvenile fiction. : Try again Sally Jane / story by Mary Diestel-Feddersen ; illustrations by Yvonne Ashby  1989 1
Motor ability -- Periodicals   6
Motor ability -- Physiological aspects.   3
Motor ability -- Physiological aspects -- Congresses : The Use of tools by human and non-human primates / edited by A. Berthelet and J. Chavaillon  1993 1
Motor ability -- Physiology. : Perspectives of motor behavior and its neural basis / editors, M.-C. Hepp-Reymond, G. Marini  1997 1
Motor ability -- Physiology -- Study and teaching   2
Motor ability -- Psychological aspects.   3
Motor ability -- Research.   5
Motor ability -- Study and teaching.   3
Motor ability -- Study and teaching (Early childhood) : The little book of fine motor skills : helping children to get a grip! / by Sally Featherstone ; illustrations by Kerry Ingham  2010 1
Motor ability -- Study and teaching (Primary) : Body work : developing movement skills / Jackie Brooks and Sue Orton  2002 1
Motor ability -- Testing.   12
Motor ability -- Testing -- Congresses : Studies in Perception and Action XII : Seventeenth International Conference on Perception and Action  2013 1
Motor ability -- Textbooks.   2
Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994 Queensland : Pre-court personal injuries procedure in Queensland : Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 (QLD) ; Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation ACT 2003 (QLD) ; Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994 (QLD) / Ashley G. Jones  2010 1

Motor Activities -- See Motor Activity

Body movements of a human or an animal as a behavioral phenomenon
  Motor Activity -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Motor Activity.   78
Motor Activity -- physiology   22

Motor and Equipment Wholesalers Association -- See Also the later heading Automotive Service Industry Association


Motor Aphasia -- See Aphasia, Broca

An aphasia characterized by impairment of expressive LANGUAGE (speech, writing, signs) and relative preservation of receptive language abilities (i.e., comprehension). This condition is caused by lesions of the motor association cortex in the FRONTAL LOBE (BROCA AREA and adjacent cortical and white matter regions)

Motor Apraxia -- See Apraxias

A group of cognitive disorders characterized by the inability to perform previously learned skills that cannot be attributed to deficits of motor or sensory function. The two major subtypes of this condition are ideomotor (see APRAXIA, IDEOMOTOR) and ideational apraxia, which refers to loss of the ability to mentally formulate the processes involved with performing an action. For example, dressing apraxia may result from an inability to mentally formulate the act of placing clothes on the body. Apraxias are generally associated with lesions of the dominant PARIETAL LOBE and supramarginal gyrus. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp56-7)
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