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Middle East Presidents Election 2016 Press coverage United States : Global Media and Strategic Narratives of Contested Democracy : Chinese, Russian, and Arabic Media Narratives of the US Presidential Election  2019 1
Middle East Presidents History   2
Middle East Press & journalism c 2010 to c 2020 : Social media and the politics of reportage : the 'Arab Spring' / Saba Bebawi and Diana Bossio [editors]  2014 1
Middle East Press and politics : Reporting the Middle East : the practice of news in the twenty-first century / edited by Zahera Harb  2017 1
Middle East -- Press coverage.   2
Middle East Press History 19th century   2
Middle East Press History 20th century   2
Middle East Printing History Congresses   4
Middle East Prisons : Policing and prisons in the Middle East : formations of coercion / edited by Laleh Khalili and Jillian Schwedler  2010 1
Middle East Privatization : Joe Saddi interviews : Booz and Company. Public-private partnerships and cooperation in Middle East / produced by Prendismo  2010 1
Middle East Project management : The digital project management evolution : essential case studies from organizations in the Middle East / [edited by] Shafiz Affendi Mohd Yusof and Kamal Jaafar  2020 1
Middle East Propaganda   3
Middle East Propaganda, German 20th century Congresses : Jihad and Islam in World War I : studies on the Ottoman Jihad at the centenary of Snouck Hurgronje's "Holy war made in Germany" / edited by Erik-Jan Zürcher  2016 1
Middle East Propaganda History 21st century : Hybrid conflicts and information warfare : new labels, old politics / edited by Ofer Fridman, Vitaly Kabernik, James C. Pearce  2018 1
Middle East Prophets : Ancient prophecy : Near Eastern, biblical, and Greek perspectives / Martti Nissinen  2017 1
Middle East Prophets History   4
Middle East Prostitution   3
Middle East Prostitution History : Global women, colonial ports : prostitution in the interwar Middle East / Liat Kozma  2017 1
Middle East Protectionism : Estimation of trade protection in Middle East and North African countries / prepared by Maria-Angels Oliva  2000 1
Middle East Protectionism Econometric models : Trade in the Mashreq : an empirical examination / Rodolphe Blavy  2001 1
Middle East Protest movements   5
Middle East Protest movements History : The power and the people : paths of resistance in the Middle East / Charles Tripp  2013 1
Middle East Protest movements History 21st century   9
Middle East Proxy war : Understanding the new proxy wars : battlegrounds and strategies reshaping the greater Middle East / Peter Bergen, Candace Rondeaux, Daniel Rothenberg and David Sterman (editors)  2022 1
Middle East Psychology : An introduction to psychology for the Middle East (and beyond) / edited by Louise Lambert and Nausheen Pasha-Zaidi  2018 1
Middle East Public administration   5
Middle East Public administration Case studies : Progress in public management in the Middle East and North Africa : case studies on policy reform  2010 1
Middle East Public administration Public opinion   2
Middle East Public health   2
Middle East Public health Periodicals   2
Middle East Public investments : Making the most of public investment in MENA and CCA oil-exporting countries / Maria Albino-War [and others]  2014 1
Middle East Public law : Freedoms delayed : political legacies of Islamic Law in the Middle East / Timur Kuran, Duke University  2023 1
Middle East Public opinion   7
Middle East Public-private sector cooperation : From privilege to competition : unlocking private-led growth in the Middle East and North Africa / [Najy Benhassine, principal author]  2009 1
Middle East Public relations : Middle Eastern and African perspectives on the development of public relations : other voices / edited by Tom Watson  2014 1
Middle East Public schools : Effects of government mandates and policies on public education in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East / Cynthia Szymanski Sunal, Oluseyi Matthew Odebiyi, Kagendo Mutua ua  2022 1
Middle East Public schools History : TRANSFORMING PUBLIC EDUCATION IN AFRICA, THE CARIBBEAN, AND THE Middle East / edited by Cynthia Szymanski Sunal, Kagendo Mutua, and Oluseyi Matthew Odebiyi  2019 1
Middle East Public spaces : Urban challenges in the globalizing Middle-East : social value of public spaces / Simona Azzali, Silvia Mazzetto, Attilio Petruccioli, editors  2021 1
Middle East Public spaces Political aspects History 21st century : Spaces of participation : dynamics of social and political change in the Arab world / edited by Randa Aboubakr, Sarah Jurkiewicz, Hicham Ait-Mansour, and Ulrike Freitag  2021 1
Middle East Public welfare : Interpreting welfare and relief in the Middle East / edited by Nefissa Naguib and Inger Marie Okkenhaug  2008 1
Middle East Public welfare Cross-cultural studies : Social welfare in the Middle East / edited by John Dixon  2016 1
Middle East Public welfare Economic aspects : Social dictatorships : the political economy of the welfare state in the Middle East and north Africa / Ferdinand Eibl  2020 1
Middle East Publishers and publishing History Congresses   3
Middle East Punishment History : Talio esto : recherches sur les origines de la formule 'oeil pour oeil, dent pour dent' dans les droits du Proche-Orient ancien, et sur son devenir dans le monde gréco-romain / Jan Rothkamm  2011 1
Middle East Pyramids History To 1500 : Jenseitshoffnung in Wort und Stein : Nefesch und pyramidales Grabmal als Phänomene antiken jüdischen Bestattungswesens im Kontext der Nachbarkulturen / von Lothar Triebel  2004 1
Middle East, Qatar, Religious aspects of sexuality, gender & relationships. : Pregnancy and miscarriage in Qatar : women, reproduction and the state / Susie Kilshaw  2020 1
Middle East Queens Biography   2
Middle East Rabbinical literature History and criticism : Ladino rabbinic literature and Ottoman Sephardic culture / Matthias B. Lehmann  2005 1
Middle East Race discrimination : Global lynching and collective violence. Volume 1, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East / edited by Michael J. Pfeifer  2017 1
Middle East -- Race relations   2
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