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Description ACLS Humanities E-Book collection focuses on the core disciplines of the humanities - literature, linguistics, history, art history, philosophy.
Subject area Humanities
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Other name American Council of Learned Societies
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ACLS Humanities E-Book Agriculture and the state in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia / Stephen K. Wegren
ACLS Humanities E-Book
ACLS Humanities E-Book
Andrea del Sarto : text and illustrations / S.J. Freedberg
ACLS Humanities E-Book Army politics in Cuba, 1898-1958 / Louis A. PĂ©rez, Jr
ACLS Humanities E-Book Aspects of the theory of syntax / Noam Chomsky
ACLS Humanities E-Book
ACLS Humanities E-Book
The Blue and the Gray : the story of the Civil War as told by participants / edited by Henry Steele Commager ; foreword by Douglas Southall Freeman
ACLS Humanities E-Book The Bulgarian Jews and the final solution, 1940-1944 / Frederick B. Chary
ACLS Humanities E-Book The cathedral of Bourges and its place in Gothic architecture / Robert Branner ; edited by Shirley Prager Branner
ACLS Humanities E-Book Celebrating women : gender, festival culture, and Bolshevik ideology, 1910-1939 / Choi Chatterjee
ACLS Humanities E-Book The closed world : computers and the politics of discourse in Cold War America / Paul N. Edwards
ACLS Humanities E-Book Commentary on the dream of Scipio / Macrobius ; translated with an introduction and notes by William Harris Stahl
ACLS Humanities E-Book Concrete and clay : reworking nature in New York City / Matthew Gandy
ACLS Humanities E-Book Conservation and the gospel of efficiency : the progressive conservation movement, 1890-1920 / Samuel P. Hays
ACLS Humanities E-Book Contending visions of the Middle East : the history and politics of Orientalism / Zachary Lockman
ACLS Humanities E-Book Conversion in American philosophy : exploring the practice of transformation / Roger A. Ward
ACLS Humanities E-Book The Copernican revolution : planetary astronomy in the development of western thought / Thomas S. Kuhn
ACLS Humanities E-Book Curative powers : medicine and empire in Stalin's Central Asia / Paula A. Michaels
ACLS Humanities E-Book Cybernetic revolutionaries : technology and politics in Allende's Chile / Eden Medina
ACLS Humanities E-Book The death of William Gooch : a history's anthropology / Greg Dening
ACLS Humanities E-Book
ACLS Humanities E-Book
Early Netherlandish painting : its origins and character / by Erwin Panofsky
ACLS Humanities E-Book Electrifying America : social meanings of a new technology, 1880-1940 / David E. Nye