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Project Muse eBooks 5 grams : crack cocaine, rap music, and the War on Drugs / Dimitri A. Bogazianos
Project Muse eBooks Abject relations : everyday worlds of anorexia / Megan Warin
Project Muse eBooks Abolitionism and Imperialism in Britain, Africa, and the Atlantic
Project Muse eBooks Abundance from the desert : classical Arabic poetry / Raymond Farrin
Project Muse eBooks Accounting for violence : marketing memory in Latin America / Ksenija Bilbija and Leigh A. Payne, eds
Project Muse eBooks Accumulating insecurity : violence and dispossession in the making of everyday life / edited by Shelley Feldman, Charles Geisler, and Gayatri A. Menon
Project Muse eBooks The achievement of Wendell Berry : the hard history of love / Fritz Oehlschlaeger
Project Muse eBooks Across the river : on the poetry of Mak Dizdar / Rusmir Mahmutćehajić ; translated by Saba Risaluddin, with poetry translations by Francis R. Jones
Project Muse eBooks Acting for America : movie stars of the 1980s / edited by Robert Eberwein
Project Muse eBooks The actor within : intimate conversations with great actors / Rose Eichenbaum ; [foreword, Aron Hirt-Manheimer]
Project Muse eBooks Acts of recognition : essays on medieval culture / Lee Patterson
Project Muse eBooks Adapted for the screen : the cultural politics of modern Chinese fiction and film / Hsiu-Chuang Deppman
Project Muse eBooks Addiction and art / edited by Patricia B. Santora, Margaret L. Dowell, Jack E. Henningfield
Project Muse eBooks The adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane / by Alain René Le Sage ; translated by Tobias Smollett ; edited by O M Brack, Jr. and Leslie A. Chilton
Project Muse eBooks The adventures of Roderick Random / Tobias Smollett ; introduction and notes by James G. Basker, Paul-Gabriel Boucé, Nicole A. Seary ; the text edited by O M Brack, Jr
Project Muse eBooks Affect and artificial intelligence / Elizabeth A. Wilson
Project Muse eBooks Affective narratology : the emotional structure of stories / Patrick Colm Hogan
Project Muse eBooks African American actresses : the struggle for visibility, 1900-1960 / Charlene Regester
Project Muse eBooks African Americans doing feminism : putting theory into everyday practice / edited by Aaronette M. White
Project Muse eBooks The African diaspora in the U.S. and Canada at the dawn of the 21st century / edited by John W. Frazier, Joe T. Darden, and Norah F. Henry
Project Muse eBooks African women writing resistance : an anthology of contemporary voices / edited by Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez [and others]
Project Muse eBooks Afro-Mexico : dancing between myth and reality / Anita González ; photographs by George O. Jackson and José Manuel Pellicer ; foreword by Ben Vinson III
Project Muse eBooks After apartheid : reinventing South Africa / edited by Ian Shapiro and Kahreen Tebeau
Project Muse eBooks After collapse : the regeneration of complex societies / edited by Glenn M. Schwartz and John J. Nichols
Project Muse eBooks After representation? : the Holocaust, literature, and culture / edited by R. Clifton Spargo, Robert M. Ehrenreich
Project Muse eBooks After we die : the life and times of the human cadaver / Norman L. Cantor
Project Muse eBooks The afterlife of Austria-Hungary : the image of the Habsburg Monarchy in interwar Europe / Adam Kozuchowski
Project Muse eBooks Against the gallows : antebellum American writers and the movement to abolish capital punishment / Paul Christian Jones
Project Muse eBooks Aging together : dementia, friendship, and flourishing communities / Susan H. McFadden and John T. McFadden
Project Muse eBooks Ainu spirits singing : the living world of Chiri Yukie's Ainu shinʼ yosh / Sarah M. Strong
Project Muse eBooks Alain Robbe-Grillet : balises pour le XXIe siècle / sous la direction de Roger-Michel Allemand et Christian Milat
Project Muse eBooks Alan Lomax, assistant in charge : the Library of Congress letters, 1935-1945 / edited by Ronald D. Cohen
Project Muse eBooks Albert Murray and the aesthetic imagination of a nation / edited by Barbara A. Baker
Project Muse eBooks Aldo Leopold : his life and work / Curt Meine
Project Muse eBooks Aloys Fleischmann (1880-1964) : an immigrant musician in Ireland / by Joseph P. Cunningham and Ruth Fleischmann ; with an essay on the music by Seamas de Barra ; and contributions by Josef Focht, Andreas Pernpeintner and Ursula Nauderer
Project Muse eBooks An Alternative History of Hyperactivity : Food Additives and the Feingold Diet
Project Muse eBooks Ambientes : new queer Latino writing / edited by Lázaro Lima and Felice Picano
Project Muse eBooks The ambiguous allure of the west : traces of the colonial in Thailand / edited by Rachel V. Harrison and Peter A. Jackson
Project Muse eBooks American film cycles : reframing genres, screening social problems, & defining subcultures / Amanda Ann Klein
Project Muse eBooks America's first network TV censor : the work of NBC's Stockton Helffrich / Bob Pondillo
Project Muse eBooks American horror film : the genre at the turn of the millennium / edited by Steffen Hantke
Project Muse eBooks American iconographic : National Geographic, global culture, and the visual imagination / Stephanie L. Hawkins
Project Muse eBooks American patriotism, American protest : social movements since the sixties / Simon Hall
Project Muse eBooks Américo Paredes : in his own words, an authorized biography / Manuel F. Medrano
Project Muse eBooks American political plays after 9/11 / edited by Allan Havis
Project Muse eBooks American woman, Italian style : Italian Americana's best writings on women / edited by Carol Bonomo Albright and Christine Palamidessi Moore
Project Muse eBooks Amériques transculturelles / sous la direction de Afef Benessaieh = Transcultural Americas / edited by Afef Benessaieh
Project Muse eBooks Amy Levy : critical essays / edited by Naomi Hetherington and Nadia Valman
Project Muse eBooks Analyzing world fiction : new horizons in narrative theory / edited by Frederick Luis Aldama
Project Muse eBooks Ancient Greek lyrics / translated & annotated by Willis Barnstone ; introduction by William E. McCulloh ; drawings by Elli Tzalopoulou Barnstone
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