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Languages America History Congresses : Amerindiana : Neue Perspektiven auf die indigenen Sprachen Amerikas  2012 1
Languages America Research History : Relative clauses in languages of the Americas : a typological overview / edited by Bernard Comrie, Zarina Estrada-Fernández  2012 1
Languages America Terms and phrases : The grammar of body-part expressions : a view from the Americas / edited by Roberto Zariquiey, Pilar M. Valenzuela  2022 1
Languages and literature of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania : The poetry of Hanshan (Cold Mountain), Shide, and Fenggan / edited by Christopher Nugent ; translated by Paul Rouzer  2017 1
Languages & Literatures.   1820

Languages and vocational opportunities -- See Language and languages Vocational guidance

Languages Andalusia (Spain) : A descriptive and comparative grammar of Andalusi Arabic / edited by Institute of Islamic Studies of the University of Zaragoza  2012 1
Languages Andaman Islands (India) : Grammar of the Great Andamanese Language : an Ethnolinguistic Study  2013 1
Languages Andes Region   2
Languages Andes Region Maps : El castellano andino norperuano : una historia lingüística y social / Luis Andrade Ciudad ; traducción: Luis Andrade Ciudad  2020 1
Languages Andhra Pradesh (India) : Land, water, language, and politics in Andhra : regional evolution in India since 1850 / Brian Stoddart  2011 1
Languages Antwerp (Belgium) : Jazyková krajina jako kronika komplexity : etnografický pohled na superdiverzifikovanou společnost / Jan Blommaert ; z anglického originálu Ethnography, superdiversity and linguistic landscapes: chronicles of complexity ... přeložil Kryštof Herold  2022 1
Languages Apache Indians Arizona Fort Apache Indian Reservation : Lessons from Fort Apache : beyond language endangerment and maintenance / M. Eleanor Nevins ; with a new foreword by the author, Cline Griggs, and Mona Eleando  2023 1
Languages Apache Indians Arizona Fort Apache Indian Reservations : Lessons from Fort Apache : beyond language endangerment and maintenance / M. Eleanor Nevins  2013 1
Languages Apache Indians Arizona San Carlos Indian Reservation   2
Languages Appalachian Region   3
Languages Appalachian Region, Southern Dictionaries : Smoky mountain voices : a lexicon of southern Appalachian speech based on the research of Horace Kephart / Harold Farwell, Jr. & J. Karl Nicholas, editors  1993 1
Languages Arab countries : Applied linguistics in the Middle East and North Africa : current practices and future directions / edited by Atta Gebril  2017 1
Languages Arabian Peninsula   2
Languages Archives and archiving Sound : Research, records and responsibility : ten years of PARADISEC / edited by Amanda Harris, Nick Thieberger and Linda Barwick  2015 1
Languages Arnhem Land (NT) : An intruder's guide to East Arnhem Land / Andrew McMillan  2001 1
  Languages, Artificial -- 11 Related Subjects   11
Languages, Artificial.   7
Languages ASEAN : English as a lingua franca in ASEAN : a multilingual model / Andy Kirkpatrick  2010 1
Languages Asia   9
Languages Asia, Central : Historical linguistics and philology of Central Asia : essays in Turkic and Mongolic studies / edited by Bayarma Khabtagaeva with the assistance of Zsuzsanna Olach  2022 1
Languages Asia, Central History : The Hellenistic Far East : Archaeology, Language, and Identity in Greek Central Asia  2014 1
Languages Asia, Central Periodicals : Dil araştırmaları : uluslararası hakemli dergi  2007- 1
Languages Asia, Central Political aspects   2
Languages Asia Data processing Congresses : Proceedings    1
Languages Asia Data processing Periodicals : ACM transactions on Asian language information processing (Online)  2002- 1
Languages Asia Morphology   2
Languages Asia Periodicals : International journal of applied linguistics & English literature  2012- 1
Languages Asia Phonology : Phonologies of Asia and Africa : (including the Caucasus) / edited by Alan S. Kaye ; technical advisor, Peter T. Daniels  1997 1
Languages Asia Political aspects   2
Languages Asia, Southeastern   2
Languages Asia, Southeastern Bibliography : South-East Asia : languages and literatures, a select guide / edited by Patricia Herbert and Anthony Milner, South-East Asia Library Group  1989 1
Languages Asia, Southeastern Congresses   3
Languages Asia, Southeastern Conversation and phrase books English : South-East Asia phrasebook / David Bradley ... [and others]  1997 1
Languages Asia, Southeastern Conversation and phrasebooks English : South-East Asia phrasebook / David Bradley ... [and others]  1997 1
Languages Asia, Southeastern Maps : Language atlas of the Pacific area / general editors : S.A. Wurm and Shirô Hattori ; cartography, Theo Baumann  1983 1
Languages Asia, Southeastern Political aspects Congresses : Language, nation and development in Southeast Asia / edited by Lee Hock Guan, Leo Suryadinata  2007 1
Languages Asia, Southeastern Translating : Beyond translation : essays towards a modern philology / A.L. Becker. 47089  1995 1
Languages Asia Study and teaching Australia   3
Languages Asia Study and teaching (Higher) Australia : Maximizing Australia's Asia knowledge : repositioning and renewal of a national asset : a report / by the Asian Studies Association of Australia, Inc  2002 1
Languages Asia Verb phrase : Verb-verb complexes in Asian languages / edited by Taro Kageyama, Peter E. Hook, Prashant Pardeshi  2021 1
Languages Asian Americans : Beyond yellow English : toward a linguistic anthropology of Asian Pacific America / edited by Angela Reyes, Adrienne Lo  2009 1
Languages Assiniboine Indians Montana Fort Belknap Indian Reservation : The bearer of this letter : language ideologies, literacy practices, and the Fort Belknap Indian community / Mindy J. Morgan  2009 1
Languages Assyrians : Attributive constructions in North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic / Ariel Gutman. Volume 15  2018 1
Languages Assyrians Iraq Barwar : The neo-Aramaic dialect of Barwar / by Geoffrey Khan  2008 1
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