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Publisher Website The 2000-01 national recreational fishing survey : economic report / David Campbell and Jeffery J. Murphy
Publisher Website 2004 IUCN red list of threatened species : a global species assessment / edited by Jonathan E.M. Baillie, Craig Hilton-Taylor and Simon M. Stuart ; authors, Jonathan E.M. Baillie ... [and others] ; foreword by Hamdallah Zedan ; preface by David Brackett
Publisher Website 2007 national food handling survey : final report / [Campbell Research & Consulting prepared for] Food Standards Australia New Zealand
Publisher Website 2008 redistribution of the Northern Territory into electoral divisions : Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, Section 75 / Australian Electoral Commission
Publisher Website 2010 redistribution of Victoria into electoral divisions : Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, Section 75 / Australian Electoral Commission
Publisher Website "A Huge Learning Curve" TAFE Practitioners' Ways of Working with Private Enterprises. A National Vocational Education and Training Research and Evaluation Program Report / Roger Harris, Michele Simons and Julian Moore
Publisher Website Ability at work : tapping the talent of people with disability / Australian Public Service Commission
Publisher Website Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cancer control research report / authors: Miller, J. ... [and others]
Publisher Website Aboriginal spirituality : Aboriginal philosophy, the basis of Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing / Vicki Grieves
Publisher Website Aboriginal students and numeracy / Paul Watson ... [and others]
Publisher Website About time! : women in sport and recreation in Australia / the SenateEnvironment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts References Committee
Publisher Website Academic authorship, publishing agreements and open access : survey results / Anthony Austin, Maree Heffernan and Nikki David
Publisher Website Academic work in the twenty-first century : changing roles and policies / Peter Coaldrake, Lawrence Stedman
Publisher Website Acceptance, maintenance and support management of the JORN system : Department of Defence, Defence Materiel Organisation
Publisher Website Access all areas : report of the inquiry into Draft Disability (Access to Premises - Buildings) Standards / House of Representatives, Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs
Publisher Website Access to specialist medical outpatient care / Victorian Auditor-General
Publishers site: Volume 1
Publishers site: Volume 2
Access to public sector information : law, technology & policy / edited by Brian Fitzgerald
Publisher Website Accommodating Learning Styles : Relevance and Good Practice in VET / Peter Smith and Jennifer Dalton
Publisher Website Achieving safety change on Australian farms : using new and established pathways to improve adoption / Lyn Fragar, John Temperley, Julie Depczynski, Kirrily Pollock
Publisher Website The action plan for Australian birds 2000 / by Stephen T. Garnett and Gabriel M. Crowley