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Description The World Trials Library includes complete sets of American State Trials, Howell's State Trials, and the Nuremburg Trials. It contains trial transcripts, critical court documents, and trial-related resources such as monographs which analyse and debate the decisions of famous trials, as well as biographies of many of the greatest trial lawyers in history. It also includes famous trials from Philadelphia's Jenkins Law Library, Cornell University, and the University of Missouri-Columbia's trials collections.
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World Trials Library A. Hartleben's Gerichts-Bibliothek
World Trials Library A. Peries, Adm'r de Bonis Non Cum T. a. of James Yard. Plaintiff in Error, v. Mariano de Aycinena, Executor of Juan Fermin de Aycinena, Defendant in Error: S.C., December Term, 1841, No. 12: Statement of Case
World Trials Library The Aaron Burr conspiracy : a history largely from original and hitherto unused sources / by Walter Flavius McCaleb
World Trials Library Aaron v. Cooper : Little Rock case
World Trials Library Abby Smith, and her cows with a report of the law case decided contrary to law / by Miss Julia E. Smith
World Trials Library Abduction of Juan Francisco Rey : a narrative of events from his own lips, from the time he left Havana, in company with Villaverde and Fernandez, until his return to the United States, embracing a relation of what occurred on his first departure from Havana, the intrigue and violence by which his abduction was accomplished in New Orleans, his voyage back to Havana on the Mary Ellen, his imprisonment there, and his release and return to the United States, together with a compilation of the testimony in the preliminary investigation before Judge Bright and Commissioner Cohen, and a review of the same / compiled and edited by Daniel Scully
World Trials Library Abraham Lincoln, Defendant : Lincoln's Most Interesting Lawsuit / Townsend
World Trials Library Abrege des Causes Celebres and Interessantes, Avec les Jugemens Qui les ont Decidees
World Trials Library Absolute money : a new system of national finance, under a co-operative government. / By Britton A. Hill
World Trials Library Abstract of laws relating to railroads of the states and territories in which the railways of the Union Pacific system are operated / compiled by the law department
World Trials Library Abstract of state trials, held, under Special Commission at Jyepoor, for the trial of the ex-Minister Sunghee Jotha Ram, his brother and son, and other persons implicated in a plot to subvert the local government : resulting in an assault upon the person of Major N. Alves, Agent to the Governor General, and the murder of Mr. Martin Blake, Assistant Agent to ditto: giving a general view of the proceedings of the Special Court before which the principal criminals were arraigned ; with selected portions of the documents produced, the written defences of Sunghees Jotha Ram and Hookum Chund ; a summary of the evidence, translation of several important papers, and extracts from the Calcutta Courier, having reference to the subject
World Trials Library Abstract of the case of James Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, etc., claiming the original Dukedom of Montrose, created in 1488 / as drawn up by John Riddell
World Trials Library Abuses of justice, as illustrated by my own case : disclosing various practices of the officers of criminal law : with a succinct account of several interesting trials, anecdotes of certain bankers, and hairbreadth escapes of the innocent and the guilty : being a vindication of the author from several charges of forgery / by John Mackcoull
World Trials Library Account at Large, of the Proceedings at the Sessions-House in the Old-Bayly, on the 24 of November 1681. In Relation to the Bill of High Treason, Prefer'd against the Earl of Shaftsbury
World Trials Library An account of Mr. Joyce's arrest for "treasonable practices", his examination before His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, his commitment to the Tower, and subsequent treatment : together with remarks on the speeches of Mr. Windham, &c. / by Jeremiah Joyce
World Trials Library An account of the arraignments and tryals of Col. Richard Kirkby, Capt. John Constable, Capt. Cooper Wade, Capt. Samuel Vincent, and Capt. Christopher Fogg : On A Complaint Exhibited by the Judge-Advocate on Behalf of Her Majesty Queen Anne, at a court-martial held on board the ship Breda in Port-Royal Harbour in Jamaica in America, the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 12th Days of October, 1702 For Cowardice, Neglect of Duty, Breach of Orders, and other Crimes, Committed by Them in a Fight at Sea, commenced the 19th. of August, 1702, off of St. Martha, in the Latitude of Ten Degrees North, near the Main Land of America ; Between the Honourable John Benbow, Esq ; and Admiral du Casse with Four French Ships of War. For which Colonel Kirkby and Captain Wade were Sentenc'd to be Shot to Death: Which said Sentence was Executed upon Them accordingly at Plymouth, on Board the Bristol Man of War. With a Particular Relation of the said engagement: And Death and Character of Admiral Benbow
World Trials Library Account of the Asylum for the Relief of Persons Deprived of the Use of Their Reason near Frankford, Pennsylvania : with the statistics of the institution from its foundation to the 31st 12th month, 1838 / by Charles Evans
World Trials Library An account of the Curtis homicide and trials of John E. Poindexter
World Trials Library Account of the Execution of Lieutenant R. Smith for the Murder of Capt. J. Carson. Letter to Ann Smith, alias Ann Carson; Together with a Remarkable Dream; Wich Heppened to Him on Thursday Night, Aug. 1, 1816, and His Confession, Dated the 10th of August,
World Trials Library Account of the murder of the late Mr. William Weare of Lyon's Inn, London, including the circumstances which first led to the discovery of the murder and the detection of the murderers, the depositions taken before the magistrates, the coroner's inquest, the trials of the prisoners and the execution of John Thurtell, at Hertford on Friday the 9th of January 1824, embellished with views of Gill's-hill Cottage, the pond in the garden where the body was concealed of Hill-slough near Elstree, where it was finally deposited and portraits of the prisoners, John Thurtell, Jos. Hunt and Wm. Probert, drawn by Mr. George Lewis with their autographs : illustrated with a ground-plan of Gill's-hill Cottage and garden and a map of the surrounding country / by George Henry Jones