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Author Hemophilia Symposium (36th : 2005 : Hamburg, Germany)

Title 36th Hemophilia Symposium : Hamburg 2005 / editors, I. Scharrer, W. Schramm ; scientific board, I. Scharrer, W. Schramm ; chairmen, G. Auerswald [and others]
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2007


Description 1 online resource (xxxiv, 319 pages) : illustrations
Contents I. Epidemiology. HIV infection and causes of death in patients with hemophilia in Germany (Year 2004/2005 Survey) / H. Krebs, W. Schramm on Behalf of the Participating German Hemophilia Centers ; Development of the German Hemophilia Register / B. Haschberger, J. Hesse, M. Heiden, and R. Seitz ; National Hemophilia Registry : source of information about the quality of hemophilia medical care in a developing country / D. Lighezan, F. Vladareanu, V. Uscatescu, C. Petrescu, C. Jinca, D. Mihailov, M. Bătăneant, L. Pop, W. Schramm, and M. Serban -- II. Hemophilia therapy : management of bleedings and inhibitors. Regulation of Factor VIII life-cycle by receptors from LDL receptor superfamily / E.L. Saenko ; Update of the inhibitor-immunology-study / I. Wieland, C. Wermes, B. Eifrig, K. Holstein, H. Pollmann, B. Siegmund, A. Nimtz-Talaska, C. Niekrens, R. Eisert, A. Tiede, K. Welte, and K.-W. Sykora ; Therapy of acquired hemophilia : immunoadsorption and rituximab treatment for immunosuppression and substitution of coagulation factors / H.-H. Wolf, A. Harba, O. Dorligschaw, And H.-J. Schmoll -- III. Orthopedic treatment in hemophiliacs. Osteoporosis and hemophilia : is there a correlation and is there a problem? / A. Kurth ; Orthopedic evaluation of the lower extremity in 249 children : a multicenter trial / A. Seuser and E. Kusch ; Simultaneous bilateral total knee arthroplasty in hemophilic arthropathy / H.H. Eickhoff, F.W. Koch, G. Goldmann, H.-H. Brackmann, and J. Oldenburg ; Alternative therapy such as the acupuncture of the skull for hemophilic arthropathy / T.A. Wallny, H.-H. Brackmann, G. Gunia, P. Wilbertz, J. Oldenburg, and CN. Kraft ; Endoprosthetics of large joints in patients infected with HIV / B. Habermann, M. Krause, I. Scharrer, and A. Kurth -- IV. Hemostaseologic diagnostics. Factor VIII methods : which assay principle for which indication? / D. Peetz ; Global ECAT survey on Factor VIII inhibitor testing : results of an interlaboratory pilot study / P. Meijer, H. Verbruggen, J. Arnout, and M. Spannagl ; A practical concept for pre-operative identification and improved management of patients at risk for bleeding / J. Koscielny, S. Ziemer, H. Radtke, P. Sinha, A. Salama, and H. Kiesewetter -- V. Pediatric hemostaseology. Intravascular tissue factor in cord vs adult whole blood / G. Cvirn, M. Köstenberger, J. Kutschera, U. Ferstl, W. Muntean, P. Sedlmayr, G. Juergens, and S. Gallistl ; Perioperative coagulation screening in children : reasons and results / C. Bidlingmaier, F. Sax, and K. Kurnik ; Thrombin generation in children / A. Siegemund, S. Horneff, and R. Schobess -- VI. Free lectures. Working-group of the German Hemophilia Assistants : history, purpose and goals / K. Andritschke, H. Ringkamp for the Working Group of the German Hemophilia Assistants ; The endogenous thrombin potential as a new parameter for the perioperative monitoring in conjunction with endo-prosthetic supply due to hemophilic arthropathy / U. Scholz, A. Siegemund, T. Siegemund, and R. Scholz ; Identification of inhibitor epitopes in acquired hemophilia by phage display / CH. Königs, CH. Kessel, S. Scholz, M. Krause, I. Scharrer, and W. Kreuz ; Spectrum of molecular defects and mutation detection rate in patients with mild and moderate hemophilia / A N. Bogdanova, A. Markoff, U. Nowak-Göttl, R. Eisert, C. Wermes, H. Pollmann, A. Todorova, A. Eigel, B. Dworniczak, and J. Horst ; Recombinant Factor VIIa for major surgery in severe Factor XI deficiency : pharmacodynamic monitoring using thromboelastometry / H. Dehmel, J. Priesack, R. Eisert, and A. Tiede
VII. Poster. a) Hemophilia establishment of a web-based documentation system for quality assurance of hemophilia treatment in Mecklenburg/Western Pomeranian : a pilot study / B. Steiner, P. Bruhn, B. Berthold, D. Hähling, B. Meyer, A. Grainacher, F. Herrmann, U. Kyank, B. Gombert, C. Burstein, and M. Freund ; Successful angiographic embolization of recurrent elbow joint bleeds in one patient with severe hemophilia / A R. Klamroth, S. Gottstein, E. Essers, M. Orlovic, and M. Wilaschek ; Evaluation of thrombotic events in hemophiliacs undergoing major orthopaedic surgery without thrombosis prophylaxis / M. Krause, CH. Von Auer, A. Kurth, M. Böhm, L. Hovy, and I. Scharrer ; Motivating patients and parents to document treatment correctly / S. Jenkins ; Fit for Life Competition : Everyone's a Winner / A. Seuser, G. Auerswald, W. Eberl, S. Gutsche, P. Böhm, R. Klamroth, and A. Kurme ; Blood borne infections in hemophiliacs in a developing country : a single center experience / M. Serban, M. Pop, St. Jenariu, L. Pop, C. Jinca, D. Mihailov, S. Arghirescu, M. Bătăneant, and W. Schramm ; Hemophilia Center Frankfurt -- Twinning Center for Nairobi/Kenya / W. Miesbach, G. Asmelash, M. Boehm, and I. Scharrer ; Economic evaluation of orthopedic and surgical interventions in hemophiliacs : not only direct medical costs matter / D. Mihailov, M. Serban, R. Badeti, P. Tepeneu, W. Schramm, and D. Lighezan -- b) Inhibitors in hemophilia the occurrence of Factor VIII inhibitor in a patient with mild hemophilia A during treatment with interferon for chronic hepatitis / C W. Miesbach, B. Llugaliu, G. Asmelash, CH. Von Auer, and I. Scharrer ; Severe hemophilia A patient with high-titer inhibitor, use of TGA in the monitoring of bypassing therapy / A. Hluší, P. Nowák, V. Krčová, and L. Slavǐk ; EUREKA : an European registry for orthopedic surgery in hemophiliacs with inhibitors / A. Kurth -- c) Casuistics double balloon enteroscopy (DBE) with argon plasma laser coagulation (APC) for a patient with Heyde's syndrome / A. Trummer, F. Wiedbrauck, and S. Hollerbach ; Successful liver transplantation in a patient with anti-thrombocyte antibodies and severe hemophilia / A W. Miesbach, C. Zapletal, G. Asmelash, B. Llugalio, W.O. Bechstein, and I. Scharrer ; Peri- and postoperative course of 95 patients with von-Willebrand's disease / CH. Von Auer, K. Lotter, S. Heinsdorf, and I. Scharrer ; Pregnancy in a patient with congenital antithrombin deficiency / B. Maak, L. Kochhan, CH. Estel, and P. Heuchel ; Successful inhibitor-elimination with rituximab in acquired hemophilia A and a patient with a carrier status for hemophilia A : two case reports / P. Lages, A. Huth-Kühne, and R. Zimmermann ; An interesting family case of von-Willebrand-syndrome / S. Gottstein, R. Schneppenheim, U. Budde, and R. Klamroth ; Clinical manifestations of dysfibrinogenemia in relation to the fibrinogen gene mutation / W. Miesbach, V. Catania, M. Böhm, Th. Vigh, CH. Von Auer, and I. Scharrer ; Thrombin generation in a hemophilic newborn / P. Fritsch, D. Zach, G. Cvirn, K. Baier, M. Köstenberger, B. Leschnik, and W. Muntean -- d) Diagnostics rapid and sensitive detection of heterozygous deletions of one or more exons in hemophilia A females by multiplex PCR and DHPLC technique / A. Pavlova, J. Schröder, D. Delev, C.R. Müller, E. Seifried, and J. Oldenburg ; Molecular genetic analysis in patients with inherited Factor V deficiency / A. Pavlova, D. Delev, E. Seifried, and J. Oldenburg ; Expression analysis of C1-inhibitor mutants confirms causality of missense mutations for hereditary angioedema / T. Förster, C.R. Müller, and J. Oldenburg ; Expression of the [gamma]-Glutamyl Carboxylase (GGCX) containing the Arg485Pro mutation found in two unrelated VKCFD1 patients / S. Rost, A. Fregin, V. Mutucumarana, D. Stafford, C.R. Müller, and J. Oldenburg ; Concentration of soluble endothelial protein C receptor (EPCR) in plasma in relation to age, sex, BMI and hemostasis parameters / G. Siegert, P. Goez, H. Kostka, S. Gehrisch, E. Kuhlisch, and S.M. Schellong ; Thrombin generation is age-dependent in children as well as in adults / H. Haidl, C. Cimenti, B. Leschnik, D. Zach, and W. Muntean ; Effects of PFA-100 in preoperative screening for von Willebrand disease in 310 Patients / B. Roschitz, C. Weitzer, M. Lindinger, A. Wirnsberger, S. Gindl, M. Köstenberger, and W. Muntean ; Control of aspirin effect in chronic cardiovascular patients using two whole blood platelet function assays : PFA-100 and multiple electrode aggregometry / K.-W. Von Pape, M. Dzijan-Horn, J. Bohner, M. Spannagl, H. Weisser, and A. Calatzis -- e) Miscellaneous. Difficulties in the interpretation of the term "patient-related" in the scope of the introduction of a remuneration of additional payments according to the OPS / K.H. Beck, P. Dirschedl, M. Mohrmann, and B. Waibel ; Factor VIII as positive regulator of activated platelets / A. Sturm, A. Obergfell, U. Walter, and R. Grossmann ; Characterization of three novel mutations in the sodium binding site of coagulation Factor X / R.F. Strey, K. Wulff, W. Schröder, and F.H. Herrmann ; Characterization of a mutation in the 5' flanking region and a novel IVS7 splice site mutation in a patient with severe FVII deficiency / W. Schröder, K. Wulff, R. Tech, R. Grempler, A. Ruiz-Saez, and F.H. Herrmann ; On the molecular basis of warfarin resistance in rats / M. Hünerberg, S. Rost, A. Fregin, H.J. Pelz, C.R. Müller, and J. Oldenburg ; Influence of Factor VHR2 on endogenous thrombin potential and clinical phenotype in Factor VII deficiency / R.F. Strey, A. Siegemund, T. Siegemund, C. Schubert, G. Schuster, K. Wulff, and F.H. Herrmann ; Splice site mutations effect on the F8 mRNA splicing / O. El-Maarri, C. Klein, J. Junen, J. Schröder, C.R. Müller, and J. Oldenburg ; Species-specific variation of VKORC1-activity and resistance to warfarin / A. Fregin, S. Rost, C.R. Müller, and J. Oldenburg ; Various missense mutations in the Vitamin K Epoxide reductase complex subunit 1 (VKORC1) cause hereditary coumarin resistance / C. Geisen, S. Rost, G. Spohn, A. Fregin, M. Watzka, D.M. Dimichele, H. Haubelt, M. Heistinger, J. Kadar, B. Kemkes-Matthes, P. Lages, E. Lindhoff-Last, B. Luxembourg, H. Pollmann, R. Zimmermann, C.R. Müller, E. Seifried, and J. Oldenburg ; Establishment of an International Registry of Patients with Congenital FXIII Deficiency / V. Ivaskevicius, R. Seitz, H.P. Kohler, L. Muszbek, R.A.S. Ariens, E. Seifried, and J. Oldenburg ; The impact of freezing of plasma samples, AB0 blood group and acute-phase reaction on detecting mild Factor VIII deficiency and increased Factor VIII levels as a risk factor for venous thromboembolism / J. Bach, H. Haubelt, U. Seyfert, A. Vogt, P. Hoerdt, and P. Hellstern ; Thrombin generation in severely obese children / C. Cimenti, H. Mangge, B. Leschnik, H. Haidl, D. Zach, and W Muntean
Summary This book contains the contribution to the 36th Hemophilia Symposium, Hamburg 2005. The main topics are epidemiolgy, hemophilia therapy, orthopedic treatment in hemophiliacs, hemostaseologic diagnosis and pediatric hemostaseology. The volume is rounded off by numerous free papers and posters on hemophilia, inhibitors in hemophilia and diagnostics
Notes "Presentation: epidemiology, hemophilia therapy - management of bleedings and inhibitors, orthopedic treatment in hemophiliacs, hemostaseologic diagnostics, pediatric hemostaseology, free lectures."
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