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Title Walter Gautschi. Volume 1 : selected works with commentaries / edited by Claude Brezinski, Ahmed Sameh
Published New York : Birkhäuser, 2013
Table of Contents
 List of Contributorsxi
pt. I Walter Gautschi 
2.Biography of Walter Gautschi / Ahmed Sameh5
3.A Brief Summary of My Scientific Work and Highlights of My Career / Walter Gautschi9
4.Publications / Walter Gautschi19
pt. II Commentaries 
5.Numerical Conditioning / Nicholas J. Higham37
5.1.Conditioning of Vandermonde Matrices37
5.2.Conditioning of Polynomials39
6.Special Functions / Javier Segura41
6.1.Computation of Special Functions42
6.1.1.Exponential Integrals, Incomplete Gamma Functions, and the Error Function42
6.1.2.Computing Special Functions by Gaussian Quadrature44
6.2.1.Orthogonal Polynomials and Their Zeros45
6.2.2.Gamma Functions46
7.Interpolation and Approximation / Miodrag M. Spalevic49
7.1.Attenuation Factors in Practical Fourier Analysis49
7.2.Pade Approximants Associated with Hamburger Series50
7.3.Convergence Behavior of Continued Fractions with Real Elements51
7.4.Moment-preserving Spline Approximation52
7.5.Convergence of Extended Lagrange Interpolation53
7.6.Experimental Mathematics Involving Orthogonal Polynomials53
7.6.1.Jacobi Polynomials53
7.6.2.Quadrature Formulae54
7.7.Exotic Weight Functions54
pt. III Reprints 
8.Papers on Numerical Conditioning59
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9.Papers on Special Functions247
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10.Papers on Interpolation and Approximation553
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10.10.[202] Experimental Mathematics Involving Orthogonal Polynomials, in Approximation and Computation --- In Honor of Gradimir V. Milovanovic (W. Gautschi, G. Mastroianni, and Th. M. Rassias, eds.), 117--134, Springer Optim. Appl. 42 (2011)676


Description 1 online resource
Series Contemporary mathematicians
Contemporary mathematicians.
Contents Preface -- Biography of Walter Gautschi -- A brief summary of my scientific work and highlights of my career -- Publications -- Numerical conditioning -- Special functions -- Interpolation and approximation -- Numerical conditioning -- Special functions -- Interpolation and approximation
Summary Walter Gautschi has written extensively on topics ranging from special functions, quadrature and orthogonal polynomials to difference and differential equations, software implementations, and the history of mathematics. He is world renowned for his pioneering work in numerical analysis and constructive orthogonal polynomials, including a definitive textbook in the former, and a monograph in the latter area. This three-volume set, Walter Gautschi: Selected Works with Commentaries, is a compilation of Gautschis most influential papers and includes commentaries by leading experts. The work begins with a detailed biographical section and ends with a section commemorating Walters prematurely deceased twin brother. This title will appeal to graduate students and researchers in numerical analysis, as well as to historians of science. Selected Works with Commentaries, Vol. 1 Numerical Conditioning Special Functions Interpolation and Approximation Selected Works with Commentaries, Vol. 2 Orthogonal Polynomials on the Real Line Orthogonal Polynomials on the Semicircle Chebyshev Quadrature Kronrod and Other Quadratures Gauss-type Quadrature Selected Works with Commentaries, Vol. 3 Linear Difference Equations Ordinary Differential Equations Software History and Biography Miscellanea Works of Werner Gautschi
Analysis Numerical Analysis
Mathematics of Computing
Approximations and Expansions
History of Mathematical Sciences
Ordinary Differential Equations
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references
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Subject Gautschi, Walter, 1927-
Gautschi, Walter, 1927-
Numerical analysis.
Mathematical Computing
MATHEMATICS -- Numerical Analysis.
Numerical analysis
Form Electronic book
Author Brezinski, Claude, 1941- editor.
Sameh, Ahmed, editor
Gautschi, Walter, 1927- Works. Selections
ISBN 9781461470342