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Author Watson, Ronald R. (Ronald Ross), author.

Title Genetically modified organisms in food : production, safety, regulation and public health / Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy
Published Amsterdam : Elsevier Science, [2016]
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Contents 17.Are Ready for Market Genetically Modified, Conventional and Organic Soybeans Substantially Equivalent as Food and Feed? / J. Fagan -- Introduction -- Long-Term Studies of Food and Feed Products and Agrochemicals are Missing -- Soy Production is Dominated by Herbicide-Tolerant (HT) RR GM Soy -- The Daphnia magna Model -- Previous Studies in D. magna -- Materials and Methods -- Soy Samples and Characterization -- Feeding Studies in D. magna -- Results -- Glyphosate and AMPA Residues in the Soybeans -- Main Constituents of the Soy -- Individual Samples -- Discriminant Analysis -- Life-Time Feeding Studies in D. magna with the Different Soy Types -- Discussion -- Residues of Pesticides in the Soy -- Increases in MRL of Glyphosate in Food and Feed -- Toxicity and Health Relevance of Pesticide/Glyphosate Residues -- Nutritional Components -- Conclusion -- Acknowledgment -- References -- Section III Government Regulation and Litigation for GMO foods -- ̂
18.Consumer Acceptance and Willingness-to-Pay for Genetically Modified Foods with Enhanced Vitamin Levels / Xavier Gellynck -- Introduction -- Methods -- Search Strategy -- Study Selection -- Data Extraction -- Results -- Acceptance of GM Foods with Enhanced Vitamin Levels -- Willingness-to-Pay for GM Foods with Enhanced Vitamin Levels -- Determinants of Acceptance and Willingness-to-Pay -- Case Study: Information Effects on WTP for Folate Biofortified Rice -- Information Effects -- Conclusions -- References -- 19.Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms in Feed / Sule Ari -- Introduction -- GMO Feeds: General Characteristics, Regulations, and Health Issues -- Detection Methods of Genetically Modified Organisms in Feed -- Molecular Analysis -- Genomic DNA Extraction -- Conventional PCR Analysis for Identifying Plant Species -- Conventional PCR Analysis for Detection of GMOs -- Nested PCR Analysis for Determining GMO Events in Feed -- ̂
5.Nutritional Assessment of Genetically Modified Crops Using Animal Models / R.A. Herman -- Crop Composition, Nutritional Context, and the Suitability of Animal Studies -- Processed Products -- History of Animal Studies for Nutritional Assessment of Genetically Modified Crops -- Regulatory Assessments -- 42-Day Broiler Study -- 90-Day Rodent Study -- Other Animal Models -- Conclusion -- References -- 6.Noncoding RNA-Based Genetically Modified Crops: Concepts and Challenges / Shelly Praveen -- Introduction -- Various ncRNA-Based Silencing Platforms -- Apprehensions of Noncoding RNA-Based Genetically Modified Crops -- Persistence of ncRNAs -- Predictive Environmental Risk Assessment -- Impact on Plant Protection Measures -- Food and Feed Safety -- Nutritional Composition and Equivalency -- Conclusions and Future Directions -- References -- 7.Agrobacterium-Mediated Alien Gene Transfer Biofabricates Designer Plants / Vinod Goyal -- The Biology of Agrobacterium -- ̂
Agrobacterium-Mediated T-DNA Transfer Process -- Signal Recognition -- Bacterial Colonization -- Induction of Bacterial Virulence System -- Generation of the T-DNA Transfer Complex -- Transfer of T-DNA -- Integration of T-DNA into the Plant Genome -- Comparison of T-DNA Transfer to Conjugative DNA Transfer -- Factors Influencing Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation -- Osmotic Treatment of Explants -- Desiccation of Explants -- Culture Medium -- Antinecrotic Treatments -- Temperature -- Surfactants -- Antibiotics -- Promoters -- Selectable Markers -- Reporter Genes -- Advances in Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation -- Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Dicotyledonous Plants -- Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Monocotyledonous Plants -- Agrobacterium-Mediated In Planta Transformation -- Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Nonplant Organisms -- Challenges in Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation -- Applications -- Biosafety Aspects -- Summary and Future Prospects -- ̂
Alternative DNA Amplification Methods -- Final Remarks -- Acknowledgment -- References -- 13.Targeted Genetic Modification in Crops Using Site-Directed Nucleases / Josep M. Casacuberta -- Introduction -- Different Types of SDNs: From Meganucleases to Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) -- The Different Uses of SDNs -- What Has Already Been Done in Plants? -- How the Nuclease is Delivered in Plant Cells -- Comparison of SDN-Based Approaches to Currently Used Techniques in Plant Breeding -- SDNs to Obtain New Plants for Commercial Uses: Legal Framework -- Conclusions -- References -- Section II Social and Economic Context of GMO Foods -- 14.Agricultural Biotechnology and Public Attitudes: An Attempt to Explain the Mismatch between Experience and Perception / Philipp Aerni -- Introduction -- Overview on Perception, Policies, and Politics on GM Crops in Europe, USA, and the Rest of the World -- Europe -- USA -- Rest of the World -- ̂
Future Prospects -- References -- 3.Genetically Modified Food Animals: An Overview / Daman Saluja -- Introduction -- Genetically Modified Organisms -- Definition -- Advent of GMOs -- Methods for Introduction of Transgenesis -- Applications of Transgenic Animals -- Biological Research -- Xenotransplantation -- Biopharming -- Environmental Sustainability -- Food -- Concerns -- Future Directions -- References -- 4.Genetically Modified Aubergine (Also Called Brinjal or Solanum melongena) / Lalitha R. Gowda -- General Description of Brinjal -- Biochemical and Nutritional Properties -- Insect Pests of Brinjal -- Development of Insect-Resistant Bt-Brinjal -- Fruit and Shoot Borer Management in Bt-Brinjal -- Fungal-Resistant Dm-AMP1-Aubergine Plants -- Detection of Bt-Brinjal -- Current Regulatory Framework of India for Recombinant DNA Technology -- Food Safety Assessment of Bt-Brinjal -- Environmental Risk Assessment of Bt-Brinjal -- Commercialization of Bt-Brinjal -- References -- ̂
Public Attitudes and Trust in Institutions -- The Framing of the Public Debate -- Methodologies to Assess Public and Consumer Attitudes -- The Problem with Surveys that Measure Stated Consumer Preferences -- The Problem with Surveys that Measure State Political Preferences -- Why Concrete Experience with the Technology Matters -- Concluding Remarks -- References -- 15.Fishy Business: Genetic Engineering and Salmon Aquaculture / Brett Clark -- Introduction -- Salmon Decline: From Wild to Farmed Fish -- The Social and Economic Context of Genetically Modified Salmon -- Genetically Modified Salmon: A Smaller Ecological Footprint? -- Conclusion -- References -- 16.Consumer Behavior Regarding Genetically Modified Foods: A Mediator Model / Melania Salazar-Ordonez -- Introduction -- Theoretical Framework: A Mediator Model -- Research Methods -- Sample -- Methodological Issues -- Results: The Mediator Model -- Conclusions -- Acknowledgment -- References -- ̂
Ready-to-Use TaqMan® Real-Time PCR-Based Multitarget System -- Diagnostics for EE1 Event: To Ensure GM-Free Conservation of Germplasm -- Conclusion -- References -- 10.Biosensors for Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms in Food and Feed / Alex L. Simonian -- Introduction -- Standard Approaches for Detection of GMO -- GMO Biosensors -- Optical Biosensors -- Piezoelectric Biosensors -- Electrochemical Biosensors -- References -- 11.Genetically Modified Organism Analysis as Affected by DNA Degradation / Isabel Mafra -- Introduction -- DNA Quality and Purity: From Extraction to PCR Analysis -- Effect of Food Processing on GMO Detection -- Mechanical Processing -- Effect of Temperature -- Oil Extraction and Refining -- Final Remarks -- Acknowledgment -- References -- 12.Novel Strategies for Genetically Modified Organism Detection / Isabel Mafra -- Introduction -- Biosensors -- Electrochemical Biosensors -- Optical Biosensors -- Piezoelectric Biosensors -- Microarrays -- ̂
Machine generated contents note: Section I Development, Testing and Safety of Plant and Animal GMO foods -- 1.Soybean as a Food Source: Comparative Studies Focusing on Transgenic and Nontransgenic Soybean / R.A. Azevedo -- Introduction -- Some Comments about Transgenic Soybeans -- The Necessity of Using an Herbicide -- Genetic Modification of Soybean -- Glyphosate Resistance -- A Brief History of the Transgenic Soybean in Brazil -- Comparative Studies Involving Transgenic and Nontransgenic Soybean Seeds or Plants -- Bioaccessibility Studies -- Enzymes Involved in the Oxidative Stress -- Metabolites and (Metallo)proteins -- Trends -- Conclusions -- References -- 2.Genetically Modified Crops: Biosafety Regulations and Detection Strategies / Dawei Li -- Introduction -- Biosafety Measurement -- Labeling Issues -- Bt Gene and Stacked Traits -- Detection Strategies -- PCR and Real-Time PCR -- Biosensors -- Protein-Based Detection -- Immunoassays -- Immunostrip -- Immuno-PCR -- ̂
Summary Genetically Modified Organisms in Food focuses on scientific evaluation of published research relating to GMO food products to assert their safety as well as potential health risks. This book is a solid reference for researchers and professionals needing information on the safety of GMO and non-GMO food production, the economic benefits of both GMO and non-GMO foods, and includes in-depth coverage of the surrounding issues of genetic engineering in foods. This is a timely publication written by a team of scientific experts in the field who present research results to help further more evidenc
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Subject Genetically modified foods -- Production standards
Genetically modified foods -- Safety regulations
Genetically modified foods -- Health aspects
Food, Genetically Modified -- standards
Food Safety
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Form Electronic book
Author Preedy, Victor R., author.
ISBN 0128025301