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Foreign languages

-- See Language and languages

Here are entered works on language in general, works on the origin and history of language, and surveys of languages. Works dealing with the scientific study of human speech, including phonetics, phonemics, morphology and syntax, are entered under Linguistics

--individual languages and groups of languages, e.g. English language; Semitic languages; also subdivision Language under names of individual corporate bodies, names of individual persons, and under classes of persons, disciplines, types of newspapers and individual wars; and subdivision Languages under names of countries, cities, etc., and under ethnic groups

-- See Languages, Modern

Here are entered works which deal collectively with all modern living languages

--names of particular modern, living languages or groups of languages, e.g. Indo-European languages, African languages, Oriental languages; and subdivision Languages under names of continents, countries, cities, etc., e.g. Europe--Languages; Africa--Languages; Asia--Languages
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