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Electroplating.   15

Electroplating baths -- See Plating baths

Electroplating -- Great Britain -- 19th century -- Catalogs. : Pattern book of goods manufactured by Philip Ashberry & Sons, Bowling Green Street, Sheffield. 1903 supplement  1903 1
Electroplating -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. : Handbook of industrial electroplating / by E.A. Ollard, and E.B. Smith  1947 1
Electroplating industry -- Environmental aspects : Removal of toxic Cr (VI) from wastewater / Tonni Agustiono Kurniawan  2012 1
Electroplating industry -- Environmental aspects -- Thailand -- Bangkok : Removal of toxic Cr (VI) from wastewater / Tonni Agustiono Kurniawan  2012 1
Electroplating -- Periodicals   3
Electroplating -- Safety measures.   2

Electroplating solutions -- See Plating baths

Electroplating -- Testing. : Science Bank: Chemistry: Electrochemistry (Electrolysis) - Ep 2 Of 7 / Director: Maude, Richard  1998 1

Electropolishing -- See Electrolytic polishing

electropolishing. : Advances in CMP/polishing technologies for the manufacture of electronic devices / edited by Toshiro Doi, Ioan D. Marinescu, Syuhei Kurokawa  2012 1

Electropop (Music) -- See Synthpop (Music)

Electroporació. : Electroporation in veterinary oncology practice : electrochemotherapy and gene electrotransfer for immunotherapy / Joseph A. Impellizeri, editor  2021 1
Electroporation   23
Electroporation -- Congresses : 1st World Congress on Electroporation and Pulsed Electric Fields in Biology, Medicine and Food & Environmental Technologies (WC 2015) : Portorož, Slovenia, September 6-10, 2015  2016 1
Electroporation -- Handbooks, manuals, etc   2
Electroporation -- Laboratory manuals   2
Electroporation -- methods   3
Electroporation -- Therapeutic use   3
Electroquímica.   2
Electroreceptors.   6

Electroretinographies -- See Electroretinography

Recording of electric potentials in the retina after stimulation by light

Electroretinography -- See Also Retina

The ten-layered nervous tissue membrane of the eye. It is continuous with the OPTIC NERVE and receives images of external objects and transmits visual impulses to the brain. Its outer surface is in contact with the CHOROID and the inner surface with the VITREOUS BODY. The outer-most layer is pigmented, whereas the inner nine layers are transparent
Electroretinography.   2
Electroretinography -- Methodology : Electrodiagnosis of retinal diseases / Yozo Miyake  2006 1
Electroretinography -- methods : Electrodiagnosis of retinal diseases / Yozo Miyake  2006 1
Electrorheological fluids   7
Electrorheological fluids -- Congresses   5
Electrorheological fluids -- Industrial applications : Electrorheological material and device design and preparation / Xiaopeng Zhao, Jianbo Yin and Hong Tang  c2008 1
Electroscope. : Scope: Aluminium  2011 1
Electroshock   8
Electroshock -- adverse effects. : Toxic psychiatry : why therapy, empathy, and love must replace the drugs, electroshock, and biochemical theories of the "new psychiatry" / Peter R. Breggin  1991 1

Electroshock Therapies -- See Electroconvulsive Therapy

Electrically induced CONVULSIONS primarily used in the treatment of severe AFFECTIVE DISORDERS and SCHIZOPHRENIA
  Electroshock therapy -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Electroslag process. : Electroslag remelting towards clean steel / Chengbin Shi, Jing Li, Shufeng Yang  2023 1
Electrospinning.   46
Electrospinning -- Periodicals : Electrospinning    1
Electrospinning -- Research   2

Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry -- See Spectrometry, Mass, Electrospray Ionization

A mass spectrometry technique used for analysis of nonvolatile compounds such as proteins and macromolecules. The technique involves preparing electrically charged droplets from analyte molecules dissolved in solvent. The electrically charged droplets enter a vacuum chamber where the solvent is evaporated. Evaporation of solvent reduces the droplet size, thereby increasing the coulombic repulsion within the droplet. As the charged droplets get smaller, the excess charge within them causes them to disintegrate and release analyte molecules. The volatilized analyte molecules are then analyzed by mass spectrometry
Electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.   5
Electrospray ionization mass spectrometry -- Congresses. : Biochemical and biotechnological applications of electrospray ionization mass spectrometry / [edited by] A. Peter Snyder  1995 1
Electrostatic accelerators. : Electrostatic accelerators : fundamentals and applications / R. Hellborg (ed.) ; with a foreword by Kai Siegbahn  2005 1
Electrostatic analyzers. : An introduction to electrostatic measurements / John Chubb  2010 1

Electrostatic apparatus and appliances -- See Also the narrower term Electric machines

Here are entered works on machines for generating static electricity by friction or induction. Works on dynamo-electric machinery are entered under Electric machinery
Electrostatic apparatus and appliances. : Design of miniaturized variable-capacitance electrostatic energy harvesters / Seyed Hossein Daneshvar, Mehmet Rasit Yuce, Jean-Michel Redouté  2022 1
Electrostatic atomization -- Methodology : Microdrops and digital microfluidics / Jean Berthier  2008 1

Electrostatic charging of space vehicles -- See Space vehicles Electrostatic charging

Space vehicles -- Electrostatic charging.   5
electrostatic devices : Advanced Dielectric Materials for Electrostatic Capacitors edited by Qi Li  2020 1
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