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Description Collection of individual health titles originally published by Informa Healthcare and now available via Taylor and Francis.
Subject area Health Sciences and Allied Health
Other name Taylor and Francis ebooks (formerly CRCNetBase)
  Taylor and Francis ebooks (formerly Informa Healthcare collection)


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Taylor and Francis ebooks Acne vulgaris / edited by Alan R Shalita, James Q. Del Rosso, Guy F. Webster
Taylor and Francis ebooks Advanced aseptic processing technology / edited by James Agalloco, James Akers
Taylor and Francis ebooks An atlas of gynecologic oncology : investigation and surgery / edited by J. Richard Smith [and others]
Taylor and Francis ebooks Atlas of sleep medicine / [edited by] Lois E. Krahn, Michael H. Silber, Timothy I. Morgenthaler
Taylor and Francis ebooks Botulinum toxins in clinical aesthetic practice / edited by Anthony V. Benedetto
Taylor and Francis ebooks Cancer vaccines : from research to clinical practice / edited by Adrian Bot, Mihail Obrocea, Francesco Marincola
Taylor and Francis ebooks Cardiovascular catheterization and intervention : a textbook of coronary, peripheral, and structural heart disease / edited by Debabrata Mukherjee [and others]
Taylor and Francis ebooks Cellulite : pathophysiology and treatment / edited by Mitchel P. Goldman, Doris Hexsel
Taylor and Francis ebooks Clinical Andrology : EAU/ESAU Course Guidelines
Taylor and Francis ebooks Clinical guide to primary angioplasty / edited by Stephen Brecker, Martin Rothman
Taylor and Francis ebooks Complex cases in peripheral vascular interventions / edited by Martin Schillinger, Erich Minar
Taylor and Francis ebooks Comprehensive aesthetic rejuvenation : a regional approach / edited by Jenny Kim, Gary Lask, Andrew Nelson
Taylor and Francis ebooks
Taylor and Francis ebooks
Contraception today : a pocketbook for general practitioners and practice nurses / John Guillebaud
Taylor and Francis ebooks Contraception today : a pocketbook for general practitioners and practice nurses / John Guillebaud
Taylor and Francis ebooks Cosmeceutical science in clinical practice / edited by Neil S. Sadick [and others]
Taylor and Francis ebooks Cosmetics and dermatological problems and solutions : a problem based approach / Zoe Diana Draelos
Taylor and Francis ebooks Cosmetic bootcamp primer : comprehensive aesthetic management / edited by Kenneth Beer, Mary P. Lupo, and Vic A. Narurkar
Taylor and Francis ebooks Cystic fibrosis / edited by Julian L. Allen, Howard B. Panitch, Ronald C. Rubenstein
Taylor and Francis ebooks Developmental and reproductive toxicology : a practical approach / edited by Ronald D. Hood
Taylor and Francis ebooks Diabetic neurology / Douglas W. Zochodne [and others]