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Communicable Disease Control

-- See Also Disease Eradication

Termination of all transmission of infection by global extermination of the infectious agent through surveillance and containment (From Porta, A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 5th ed)

-- See Also Disease Reservoirs

Animate or inanimate sources which normally harbor disease-causing organisms and thus serve as potential sources of disease outbreaks. Reservoirs are distinguished from vectors (DISEASE VECTORS) and carriers, which are agents of disease transmission rather than continuing sources of potential disease outbreaks

-- See Also Disease Vectors

Invertebrates or non-human vertebrates which transmit infective organisms from one host to another

-- See Also Infection Control

Programs of disease surveillance, generally within health care facilities, designed to investigate, prevent, and control the spread of infections and their causative microorganisms

-- See Also Infectious Disease Medicine

A branch of internal medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of INFECTIOUS DISEASES
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