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Cold Temperature

-- See Also Cryopreservation

Preservation of cells, tissues, organs, or embryos by freezing. In histological preparations, cryopreservation or cryofixation is used to maintain the existing form, structure, and chemical composition of all the constituent elements of the specimens

-- See Also Cryosurgery

The use of freezing as a special surgical technique to destroy or excise tissue

-- See Also Cryotherapy

A form of therapy consisting in the local or general use of cold. The selective destruction of tissue by extreme cold or freezing is CRYOSURGERY. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)

-- See Also Hypothermia

Lower than normal body temperature, especially in warm-blooded animals

-- See Also Hypothermia, Induced

Abnormally low BODY TEMPERATURE that is intentionally induced in warm-blooded animals by artificial means. In humans, mild or moderate hypothermia has been used to reduce tissue damages, particularly after cardiac or spinal cord injuries and during subsequent surgeries

-- See Also Refrigeration

The mechanical process of cooling
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